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Monaco Systems 100 Burtt Rd. Andover, MA 01810 978-749-9944

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1 Monaco Systems 100 Burtt Rd. Andover, MA 01810 978-749-9944

2 Agenda Introduction Overview of Color Management Benefits Return on investment Tools Product Demo Questions Door prize

3 Introduction The problem – Does your print match what you see on your monitor?

4 What is Color Management? Technology that enables you to predict the color of your digital image. Technology that maximizes the color range (Gamut) of all your devices such as digital cameras, monitors and printers. Without it: You are shooting in the dark.

5 Profiles Transformational mapping between devices to ensure color accuracy Need profiles for all your devices Fine tune for ink and paper types

6 Who needs it? Everyone that is working with a color image or a color document. Industries such as: Graphic Arts, Photo, Medical, Textile, Plastic, Entertainment, Coatings…

7 Why? All devices are NOT created equally Without profiles, devices are blind

8 How do profiles work? Identify the color characteristics of your devices Use profiles to communicate color between devices Digital Camera/Scanner to Monitor Monitor to Printer Printer to Printer

9 The Benefits of profiles Improved Quality Realize the full potential of your devices Improved Productivity Streamline your workflow Predictability

10 $$$$ The Benefits of profiling Lowered ink and media consumption Reduced time and energy More efficient use of resources Consistent, high quality = more business

11 How do we get….


13 Profile your monitor

14 Profile input & output devices Print color swatches on the printer. Measure the values with a scanner or spectrophotometer. This measures the color values as the toner or ink mix together and stick on the media. gital Imaging

15 Tools - Hardware & Software Monaco Software MonacoEZcolor (monitor/scanner/printer) MonacoOPTIX (monitor) Color measuring hardware Scanner Colorimeter Color references IT8 targets Other targets

16 Monaco Systems Products What They Do Build ICC profiles for color devices Improve color matching Provide accurate soft proofing & digital proofing Create optimized output for your printing device What They Dont Do Apply ICC profiles (except ColorWorks) Fix bad images or provide gamut that isnt available Correct devices that are out of calibration

17 Monaco Systems Products MonacoEZcolor Low cost ICC profiling solution Uses your flatbed scanner to build ICC profiles Provides profile editing capabilities for customizing your ICC profiles High quality profiles for home use and some professional applications

18 Recommended Reading X-Rite Color Guide and Glossary EPSON Color Managed Workflow for EPSON Scanners and Printers – available as a PDF from website Photoshop Printing Tips – Avoiding Common Pitfalls MonacoEZcolor Guide to Color Management

19 Recommended Books Real World Color Management (Peachpit Press) Photoshop 7 Artistry (New Riders Press) GATF Practical Guide to Color Management

20 Seminars Check our website Palm Beach Photographic Seeing is Believing Introduction to Digital Photography Production - NYC

21 Special Offers GTI Lightbooth Free book ( Real World Color Management (Peachpit Press) ) with MonacoEZcolor bundle ($548) – call sales @ 888-749-9944 and mention MVCC

22 Product Demo MonacoEZcolor/MonacoOPTIX

23 Color Management Seminar Thank you

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