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Introduction to Colour Management DOHM Digitisation of Heritage Materials.

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1 Introduction to Colour Management DOHM Digitisation of Heritage Materials

2 The same image displayed on three different, uncalibrated systems Colour is always device dependent!!!

3 Human Vision - Colour Dot colour 1Dot colour 2 SAME COLOUR!!!

4 Human Vision - Brightness Grey and White SAME SHADE OF GREY!!!

5 Human Vision - Contrast THE SQUARES ARE GREY!!!

6 Concept of White Light White light is composed of all visible colours White lightPrism White light components

7 Human Eye Spectral Sensitivity There are three types of colour sensitive photo-receptors (cones) in the human eye. They are mostly sensitive to blue, green and red spectrum of light.

8 Light sources

9 RGB - Red, Green, Blue

10 Computer Monitors Magnified LCD monitor CRT monitor 1 pixel Colour perception by the eye

11 CMYK Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK

12 CMYK print

13 Colour spaces and gamut GAMUT - range of colours that a colour system can display, capture or print

14 ICC profiles How they work Monitor Original Image STANDARD COLOUR SPACE Printer Profile attached to image Profiles used to correct output colours (colours converted from capture device colours into the special universal standard space colours) (colours converted from the special universal standard space into output device colour space) ICC colour profile - information about how digital devices subjectively see colours

15 Colour Management basics Calibrate monitor Calibrate input devices (scanners & cameras if applicable) Calibrate output devices (printers)

16 Professional colour calibration Special software and hardware is used to calibrate devices and ensure correct colour

17 Practical Colour Management Calibrate the monitor using an appropriate device (eg. Spyder Express, GretagMacbeth). Follow the prescribed procedure carefully. Check in computers DISPLAY PROPERTIES > ADVANCED > COLOR MANAGEMENT that the created profile has been installed and is selected as default. If not, install it manually. When you view images or want to print them out, make sure that you open them in software that uses ICC colour management (eg. Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, FastStone), and colour management is switched on.

18 Benefits of system calibration Consistent colour - print matches the original Reduced time to obtain good colour results Images look the same on different computer systems and monitors Much better chance of reproducing accurate colours in the future (better archival properties)

19 QPCard 201 How to use it? Go to and watch the instructional video

20 Colour links International Color Consortium (ICC) – ColorVision - ment1.php Microsoft - color/default.mspx

21 Andrew Stawowczyk Long Phone: Skype: andrewstawowczyklong

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