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Photo Emulation Understanding Subject, Form and Content in Composition.

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1 Photo Emulation Understanding Subject, Form and Content in Composition

2 Composition: The combination of multiple parts into a unified whole…where line, shape, texture, value and color work together as a team –As one element becomes dominant, another becomes subordinate. A dialogue is created by positive and negative shapes, and opposing forces add vitality rather than creating confusion. Through composition, we can create order, enphasize critical information and evoke an emotional response.

3 Start to interpret design and think about the balance of SUBJECT, FORM, and CONTENT. Pick 10 artist's examples and emulate (def.- To strive to equal or excel, especially through imitation) them with photography. This will become a kind of scavenger hunt- finding props in your house, calling friends to pose, and driving around for the right scene. Sometimes what you have in your mind will be replaced by a better, spontaneous image.

4 Warning: do not be fooled by subject-subject comparisons or intentionally misleading or vague titles. The best student examples will come when you read the title, dimensions and media and really look at the artwork. For example, look at Gustav Klimt's "Salome" and compare it to Aubey Beardsley's "Salome with the Head of John the Baptist." Klimt's is nearly 6" tall and Beardsley's is smaller than a textbook. Because of Klimt's greater size and similarity to human scale, I think the artist means to show a more empathetic view. In the real painting, you can stand face-to-face with his Salome.

5 Crop each photograph to the approximate frame proportions or shape. Make a list of your emulations with the reference so we can discuss them during the critique. After the critique you will need to load them to our blog.

6 Tom Wesselman's "Barbara and Baby" is nestled in an oval.

7 Jerome Paul Witkins' "Jeff Davies" nearly bursts out of the narrow frame.

8 The next two are versions of Piero della Francesca's "Madonna of Mercy (center panel of a tryptych)." Two dogs play the patrons or lesser characters, even placed the compostion in front of a piece of furniture that had a similar curving shape in the background. After the shot, the two dogs broke out of character and started snarling at each other. Another shot was quickly taken. As it turns out, the bottom image is better. Its not as static and it seems funny to have this "madonna of mercy with the wild dogs" In your work, be ready for something spontaneous to happen.





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