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School of Dentistry and the Oral Health Centre of WA

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1 School of Dentistry and the Oral Health Centre of WA
Winthrop Prof. Paul Abbott Director of Postgraduate Studies & Research

2 Isolating Epithelial Cells of Malassez for Therapeutic Analysis Marisa de Pinho
Background: Epithelial cells are notoriously very difficult to grow – need to enhance this growth Aim is to isolate, cultivate and purify epithelial cells of Malassez from human PDL fibroblasts Mediums to be investigated: EpiLife® (Invitrogen) – human epithelial cell medium Keratinocyte-SFM® (Invitrogen) – keratinocyte serum free medium KBM-Gold® (Lonza) – keratinocyte cell basal media MCB® – specific epithelial cell of Malassez medium

3 Assoc. Prof. Tony Phan

4 Tissue Engineering & Regeneration
(over view only) This is a good representation of the tissue engineering the translational science and how the different areas of research come to together. Fa-Ming Chen, Yan Jin. Tissue Engineering Part B: Reviews. April 2010, 16(2):

5 The SLURP family of Proteins
Secreted mammalian Ly-6/Urokinase-type plasminogen activator receptor-Related Protein Lymphocyte Antigen 6 (Ly-6) Superfamily Function: cellular differentiation cell growth cell survival motility Glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) -membrane linked The novel proteins we are investigating are the SLURP family… subfamily of Ly-6 – elaborate,

6 Flexcell System Flexcell CPU Vacuum pump Dr Danny Yang - PhD student
We have established our lab according to the manufactuer’s guide for flexcell system setup. The blue arrow is the vacuum pump which under the control of the Flexcell CPU the red arrow deliver assigned parameters to silastic membranes where mechanical stimulus are transduced to our cell cultures. Flexcell CPU Vacuum pump

7 Tissue Regeneration in Oral Health:
The effect of NGF and EGF on periodontal and pulp healing of replanted molars in a rat model Dr Estabelle Ang - Postdoc. Fellow

8 Autotransplantation of Teeth Premolar  Incisor site
Winthrop Prof. Paul Abbott

9 Managing Bone Resorption and External Inflammatory Root Resorption
On referral 1 yr - Ca(OH)2 3 mths - Led. 6 mths - Led. Winthrop Prof. Paul Abbott

10 Using Endodontic Medicaments to Treat Root Resorption
Pre-operative RCF - 15 mths 4 yrs - Review Winthrop Prof. Paul Abbott

11 Investigations into the Use of Interim Restorations During Endodontic Treatment
Jensen A-L, Heffer RM, Hsu H-S, Abbott PV. Graduate Endodontic Program School of Dentistry University of Western Australia

12 Willytec Chewing Simulator

13 Willytec Chewing Simulator
+ Dye

14 Results 10 15 (60%) 25 Group GIC During mastication - 2 Band
Structural Integrity Group Intact Debonded GIC 10 15 (60%) Band 25 During mastication - 2 Bacteria + Dye - 1 Dye only - 1 During de-mounting - 1 During access cavity prepn to test CW Bacteria only - 3 Dye only - 2 Neither - 6

Prof. Paul Ichim in collaboration with W/Prof. Xiaozhi Hu (Mechanical Engineering, UWA) ARC Discovery grant “Development of a hydroxyapatite-containing ceramic composite core dental implant system with effective variable elastic properties” II. DEVELOPMENT OF A NEW ENDODONTIC POST SYSTEM Prof. Paul Ichim in collaboration with Dr. Patrick Schmidlin (Faculty of Dentistry, Zurich). This project is funded by Ada Bartholomew research grant. III. DEVELOPMENT OF AN INDIRECT ASESSMENT OF CLINICAL COMPETENCY OF DENTAL STUDENTS Prof. Paul Ichim, A/Prof. Jennifer Bazen and W/Prof. Andrew Smith. External partners: School of Dentistry, University of Minessota. The project aims at delivering a competency-based clinical assessment in which the student performance is determined longitudinally by measuring the time spent by the faculty in assisting the student.

16 Assoc. Prof. Mithran Goonewardene
Orthodontics Group Assoc. Prof. Mithran Goonewardene

17 Histomorphometric Analysis of Bone Surrounding Loaded Microimplants
Dr Angela Pathmanathan Aims: To assess the changes in bone surrounding self-threaded and self-tapping implants over time. To assess which implants have a more effective response that can be used during orthodontics to achieve ideal movement of teeth over a shorter time period. 

18 Cephalometric investigation assessing the skeletal stability following Orthognathic Surgical Rotation of the Occlusal Plane Dr Rob Hamilton

19 Manipulation of Occlusal Plane

20 AIM Cephalometric investigation of the skeletal stability following orthognathic surgical treatment involving: Counter-clockwise Clockwise No-rotation

21 Student: Dr Chris Duigou
Orthodontic Treatment Effects of Rapid Maxillary Expansion Appliances and Facemasks on Class 3 Patients Student: Dr Chris Duigou Aims: To investigate the treatment effects of using rapid maxillary expansion devices and facemasks on Class 3 patients. To investigate candidate gene assessment to predict treatment response

22 The Value of Digital Model Diagnostic Set-up in Treatment Planning Complex Interdisciplinary Treatment Cases. Roy Goonewardene Mike Razza Mithran Goonewardene Kevin Murray

23 The value of a diagnostic set-up in treatment planning is generally acknowledged yet this has not been scientifically tested. Aim: To compare the efficacy of using both plaster and digital diagnostic casts for presentation of complex treatment plans to a group of restorative dentists. Moreover, the acceptability and value of using firstly a wax and plaster diagnostic set-up and secondly, digital models and setup will be evaluated. Relate years as a dentist/ IT familiarity and usage

24 + Paper/Film/Plaster Plaster/Wax setup
Repeat in Digital Format (on laptop computer)

25 School of Dentistry Main Research Fields Dental Public Health
Dental Traumatology Education & Assessment Simulation Teaching Endodontics Materials Science Periodontics Oral Cancer Oral Medicine & Oral Pathology Orthodontics Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Tissue Regeneration and Auto-transplantation

26 Thank you


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