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Website Dental Pictures

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1 Website Dental Pictures

2 Normal dental radiographic appearance of premolar teeth

3 Tooth root abscess

4 Tooth Resorption in a cat

5 Tooth resorption in a dog

6 Severe feline gingivostomatitis

7 Before and after composite restoration of a canine tooth.

8 Applied orthodontic acrylic device to correct malocclusion of the mandibular canine teeth

9 Before and after canine tooth restoration.

10 Severe periodontal disease…this is what we want to avoid!

11 Persistent deciduous tooth
Persistent deciduous tooth. These teeth must be extracted as soon as they are evident or risk significant periodontal problems.

12 These radiographs were from different patients and all three had normal appearing gingiva and crowns. Radiographic evidence of pathology showing severe bone loss, tooth infection (abscess), and the below dental radiograph shows a non-vital pulp (dead tooth).

13 Endodontic Procedure (root canal) – Using Light Speed System by Discus Dental

14 Pathological fracture of the mandible

15 Maxillary screw expansion device applied to correct incisor alignment.

16 Discolored tooth no. 404 secondary to pulp trauma

17 Bilateral impaction of mandibular canines. Tooth no
Bilateral impaction of mandibular canines. Tooth no. 304 has a dentigerous cyst developing around it. Both caine teeth were extracted and Consil® was applied to the sockets and the tissues sutured. Note the absence of premolars overlying 304. 304 404

18 Crown reduction (an endodontic procedure) in a feline to lessen the affects of biting.

19 Cleft Palate in 3 mo. old puppy
Post surgical repair of cleft palate

20 Metal crown to protect remaining canine tooth secondary to a tooth crown fracture and root canal in a police dog.

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