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Film the Pianist.

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1 Film the Pianist

2 Producend by: Screenplay by: -Alain Sarde -Robert Benmussa
-Roman Polański -Alain Sarde -Robert Benmussa Screenplay by: -Ronald Harwood

3 Music by: Production Designer: Costume Designer: -Allan Starski
-Wojciech Kilar Production Designer: -Allan Starski Costume Designer: -Anna Sheppard

4 Co producer: Actor: -Gene Gutowski Władysław Szpilman -Adrien Brody
Capitan Wilm Hosenfeld- Thomas Kretschmann Dorota –Emilia Fox Szpilman’s mother–Maureen Lipman Halina - Jessica Kate Meyer Regina –Julia Rayner Michał Dzikiewicz, Dorota’s husband- Valentine Pelka Polka – Nina Franoszek Szpilman’s father- Frank Finalay Henryk – Ed Stoppard Janina Godlewska –Ruth Platt Jurek – Michał Żebrowski Lednicki – Cezary Kosiński Doktor Ehrlich – John Bennett

5 The pianist it's a drama movie directed by Roman Polański is staging of Władysław’s Szpilman Diary. Produced in cooperation French-German-British-Polish in The picture was begun 19 February and finished 16 June The pianist has received a lot of prizes on the international festivals: won 3 Oscars (Director, Actor, Adapted Screenplay), the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Festival, 2 BAFTA (Best Film, Best Director) and 7 of the Caesars.

6 Something about the Pianist
The director of the film “The Pianist” is Roman Polański. This film is a biography of Władysław Szpilman, who is a musician and a Jew. The author of the film soundtrack is George Kilar, photographs for the film were taken by Paweł Edelman. The role of the main character is masterfully played by a young, less than thirty years old actor, Adrien Brody. The film has made a huge impression on me. This is a very realistic composition showing the life on occupied Poland, in the difficult years of It captures the atmosphere of those times very well. The fact that in the films some incidends from the director’s life are used, similar to those of Szpilman, greatly contributed to the success of the movie. The films not easy in the reception.

7 It requires from the audience a great attention and concentration
It requires from the audience a great attention and concentration. It is by no means a lightweight composition. It raises a very difficult issue of the Holocaust, shows the dramatic fate of the Jewish population. It shows the cruel actions of German soldiers – humiliation of prisoners, their abuse and finally the mass extermination of Jews in death camps. The film is maintained in an extraordinary atmosphere intensified by a good music. In the background of the terrible events of Warld War II the romantic sounds of Chopin’s works can be heard. It contains a huge emotional charge and brings the audience extreme feelings of great terror, pity, sorrow. I think that nobody will remain indifferent to the film adaptation of the history of Władysław Szpilman and I strongly recommend watching it.


9 Prepared: -Karolina Kozioł -Marlena Kozioł -Ewa Wojtanowska
-Alicja Bieńkowska -Martyna Wójtowicz -Kamil Labok -Mateusz Sikorski -Witold Wątroba -Mateusz Kupiec

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