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The Diary of Mary Berg: Growing up in the Warsaw Ghetto

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1 The Diary of Mary Berg: Growing up in the Warsaw Ghetto

2 Miriam Wattenberg From Lodz, Poland
Fled to Warsaw Mother (Lena), Father (Shya) & Sister (Anna) Father owned an art gallery Wealthier family Mother is an American born citizen Gave whole family protection and privileges

3 Mary Berg’s Diary Written in 12 spiral notebooks
Used a code language First published February 1945 (before the war was over) Warsaw Ghetto: A Diary Shortened last name to Berg Protect family and friends alive in Poland

4 Warsaw Ghetto First formed November 1940 Importance of wealth: bribing
Mary only 15-years-old Importance of wealth: bribing Housing, education, labor camps and jobs Surrounded by terror, but led normal lives Formed illegal classes Went to restaurants Mary and friends formed a club: Lodz Artistic Group Raise relief funds: put on plays

5 Pawiak Prison Citizens of neutral countries were interned
European and American countries Mother in contact with a Gestapo agent July 17, 1942: Interned as American citizens With Polish born husband and daughters Living conditions Many families within cell Mattresses filled with straw Two meals a day July 22, 1942: The Great Deportation Saw over 300,000 Jews being deported

6 Vittel Internment Camp
January 18, 1943: Vittel, France Roomed in hotels Luxuries of spas Hospital Movies and entertainment Shops Parks Classes The Red Cross Monthly packaged food Mary volunteered Children’s art classes and playtime

7 America March 19, 1944: Selected for an exchange with German prisoners in the United States Will not go back to Poland Remembrance of friends and family killed Post 1950s: Disassociated herself from the diary To forget the past Adult life is unknown

8 Holocaust & Genocide Education
Few diaries/journals been saved Who experienced living in ghettos or concentration camps Survivors passing away Not published again until 2007

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