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SHJC Anniversary Ball Israel at 65 Honoring Paul & Sue Kaye Lisa & David Travis Randi Alexander Saturday, April 20, 2013 11 Iyar 5773.

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1 SHJC Anniversary Ball Israel at 65 Honoring Paul & Sue Kaye Lisa & David Travis Randi Alexander Saturday, April 20, Iyar 5773

2 Men’s Club It is our Privilege to Honor Susan and Paul Kaye
Susan and Paul Kaye Lisa and David Travis and Randi Alexander Your Time, Effort and Dedication to our Synagogue is Truly Inspirational South Huntington Jewish Center Men’s Club

3 Saturday night, April 20, 2013 11 Iyar 5773 Dear Friends, It is my great pleasure to join in our congregation’s Anniversary Ball celebrating “Israel at 65” and honoring Susan & Paul Kaye, Lisa & David Travis and Randi Alexander. This evening gives us the opportunity to celebrate our love for Israel. How privileged we are to live in the generation that has witnessed the rebirth of the Jewish homeland after two thousand years of exile and persecution! How very proud we are of the amazing country Israel has become in the past sixty-five years – its beautiful land infused with such a rich history, its vibrant economy, its many technological and cultural achievements, the strength and resiliency of its people, its unwavering pursuit of peace despite the many forces which seek to undermine that effort. How blessed we are by the presence of the State of Israel in this world – a haven for the Jewish People, a beacon of hope for all humanity, a source of Jewish pride and identity! At the same time our celebration of “Israel at 65” gives us a wonderful opportunity to honor some very special people who have done so much to help our synagogue community over the years – our long-time and very active members Susan and Paul Kaye and Lisa and David Travis – and the Director of our Early Childhood Program, Randi Alexander!! Each one them has done so much to help our synagogue over the years! Each one of them has brought their own special talents, personalities, hard work and love of people to our synagogue community. Our presence here tonight is just a small way of saying “thank you” to Susan and Paul, Lisa and David, and Randi, for all that they have done – and continue to do – to make our congregation the very special synagogue that we believe it to be. And, in agreeing to be honored this evening, they once again help our synagogue to flourish in the days to come. I can think of no words more appropriate to express the feelings in our hearts on this special day than the traditional prayer for those who serve the community. May God who blessed our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah, bless this entire congregation, together with all holy congregations: Them, their sons and daughters, their families, and all that is theirs; along with those who unite to establish synagogues for prayer, and those who enter them to pray, and those who give funds for heat and light, and wine for Kiddush and Havdalah, bread to the wayfarer and charity to the poor; and all who devotedly involve themselves with the needs of this community and the Land of Israel. May the Holy One, reward them, remove sickness from them, heal them, and forgive their sins. May God bless them by making all their worthy endeavors prosper, as well as those of the entire people Israel. And let us say, Amen. With much love, respect and pride as we celebrate this wonderful evening, Ian S. Jacknis Rabbi

4 April, 2013 Iyyar, 5773 Dear Friends, We are ecstatic to join together in the hora tonight with our incredible honorees, Susan and Paul Kaye, Lisa and David Travis and Randi Alexander to celebrate our love and dedication to Israel at 65 and the South Huntington Jewish Center. With your unceasing energy our vibrant growing community is very blessed to make an indelible impact on the lives of all who come here to pray and study. We would like to personally thank everyone involved in making our community such a success. Through many acts you have furthered our dedication to the fulfillment of the rabbinic teaching of building our world based on the three things on which it rests – on Torah (learning), Avodah (worship), and G’milut Hasadim (acts of loving kindness). Susan, Paul, Lisa, David and Randi, your involvement is a true testament to the survival of the Jewish people and bears witness to the devotion, love, generosity and spirit of the South Huntington Jewish Center. Our community is blessed with much talent taking part in our many programs and services throughout each year. Your continued leadership and voice is important to us. With our voices joined together in song and prayer we can be a great chorus paving the way for the continuance and growth of sacred Jewish music and Torah in future generations. On behalf of Emily, Ella, Maya and myself we wish Yasher Koah, Hazak u’Barukh and Todah Rabah to all. Thank you for being such a connected part of our South Huntington Jewish Center family and greater community. Kol Haneshamah T’halel Yah! Halleluyah! Let every soul praise God! Halleluyah! Hazzan Brian Baruch Shamash

5 This year SHJC honors four very special members as well as our outstanding early childhood director. It is no surprise that this group of honorees asked that we focus this year’s gala celebration on Israel’s 65th anniversary as an independent state, rather than on them. Their desire to center the limelight elsewhere is typical for each of this year’s honorees. Each and every one has, and continues to give to our community humbly, benevolently and altruistically. The officers and the board of trustees unanimously and unabashedly want to thank each of our honorees for your time, your energy, your generosity and your unrelenting devotion to our shul and the Jewish Community at large. Paul & Sue Kaye, we are in awe of you both. Each time we hear Paul’s story and how he personally helped to ensure the realization of the Jewish State of Israel, we are mesmerized. And Sue, as a past SHJC president who continues to be a regular, and regularly recite haftarah, and regularly author the SHJC Sisterhood Queen Esther Purim spiel, and continuously chair our Cantor’s concert, and continue to always be here for us. What can we say? Todah rabah rabah! Lisa & David Travis, you both are an inspiration to us all. Between early childhood liaising, Crystal caterer representing, Sisterhood gift shop selling, Torah reading, and more, your involvement, interest and infectious outlook are an example to be emulated by us all. Don’t ever stop raising the bar for the rest of us to follow. Randi Alexander, nana to our children, dedicated supporter of and loyal to our congregation and community, we thank you! We depend upon you to care for, to teach, and to partner with us as we raise our children in their formative years to be good, smart, Jewish, caring individuals. Having chosen to trust our children in your care for almost a decade, we have silently expressed our belief in you. It is now time to praise you from the rooftop! You have succeeded in helping to raise a generation of Conservative Jewish youth. We are in awe. Todah rabah. I would also like to say thank you to the Gala and Journal committees for all your hard work and making this evening a truly wonderful reality. Kol hakavod! And thank YOU for joining us on this special occasion; I truly hope you have wonderful time. May we all continue to go from strength to strength – m’chayil l’chayil. Judith Kunoff, SHJC President



8 Yasher Koah to all who gave their time to make this evening a success.
Martin Hauser, Fund Raising Vice President Lisa and David Travis Susan and Paul Kaye Randi Alexander Willa Gerber Cheryl Haiken Judith Kunoff Gwen Lichtman Mindy Maze Hillary Needle Michelle Statfeld A very special thank you to SHJC’s wonderful support staff Your loyalty, hard work and commitment to SHJC is invaluable Carla Amato Pedro Flores Carol Frisa Elissa Spiegel Don Stanton Special Thanks to Michael Bass of Flowers by Burton & Son for his continued support to SHJC

9 South Huntington Jewish Center
2600 New York Avenue Melville, New York 11747 Rabbi Ian S. Jacknis Hazzan Brian Shamash Officers President Executive Vice President Finance Vice President Education Vice President Ritual Vice Presidents Membership Vice President House Vice President Co-Treasurers Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Programming Vice President Fundraising Vice President Past President Sisterhood President Men’s Club President Nursery School Liaisons Judith Kunoff Willa Gerber Michael Bunsis Karen Lippman Jeffrey Kreinces Robert Oberstein Leora Lanz Sharon Schwartz Steven Schwartz Jim Dale L.G. Nadler Cheryl Haiken Gwen Lichtman Almarie Kralstein Martin Hauser Randi Chavis Joan Perelmutter Marc Gerber Lauren Gidseg Jamie Paul Board of Trustees Keith Archer, Yvonne Cort, Shari DeLouya, Samantha Diamond, Hillary Kalb, Marty Kunoff, Mindy Maze, Maxine Peresechensky, Peter Rothman, Lois Rothstein, Roz Rudofsky, Peri Schacknow, Pam Schwartz, Lawrence Sherman, Phyllis Simon, Meyer Steinberg, Lisa Travis, and Amy Zuker

10 Lisa and David Travis Mazel Tov! Our very best wishes
to our dear friends Lisa and David Travis on this most deserving honor! We are thrilled to be able to share this special night with you May you continue to be an inspiration to the Jewish Community Mazel Tov! Susan and Glenn Cohen Randi and Fred Sosnick

11 To our family and friends,
thank you so much for coming to share and be with us at this Gala Ball and for all your years of support, love and friendship. To our children, Alli, Emily and Daniel, thanks for enriching our lives and bringing us so much joy, happiness, love and laughter. To our SHJC family, it has been a pleasure and a privilege to be part of the growth and prosperity of SHJC over the years, to celebrate many simchas with you, and to provide many years of service to help make SHJC such a strong and loving community. Mazel Tov to our co-honorees: Sue and Paul Kaye and Randi Alexander Lisa & David Travis

12 The Majewski Family Mazel tov Susan & Paul Kaye Lisa & David Travis
Anniversary Ball Israel at 65 Mazel tov Susan & Paul Kaye Lisa & David Travis Randi Alexander Our synagogue would not be the success it is without their endless love, support & dedication! The Majewski Family


Thank you to this year’s honorees Randi Alexander Susan and Paul Kaye Lisa and David Travis for all they do for our synagogue community Gwen, Stu, Lauren, & Joelle Lichtman

15 mazal tov and “yasher koah” to
We want to wish a mazal tov and “yasher koah” to Lisa and David Travis and to Randi Alexander We are humbled and touched by the honor South Huntington Jewish Center has bestowed upon us. Over the years, we have loved being part of a synagogue which is truly our home away from home. For the friendships we have made, for the opportunities we have had to add to the well being of this shul, and for the many joyous occasions we have been able to experience here, we want to thank everyone who made them all possible, both past and present. Tonight we feel what we Jews call “nachas.” You know what that is don’t you? It’s when you “kvell.” Susan and Paul Kaye

16 MAZAL TOV TO Lisa and David Travis and Susan and Paul Kaye

17 South Huntington Jewish Center Anniversary Ball Israel at 65 Honoring
Israel at 65 Honoring Susan & Paul Kaye Lisa & David Travis Randi Alexander Mazal Tov! Thank you for being the very special people who you are! Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for our synagogue community! May you continue to go “Me-hayil el hayil” – “from strength to strength.” Rabbi Ian & Suri Jacknis Noam, Yael & Nava

18 Susan and Paul Lisa and David Randi
You make us Kvell! Oh, in case you don’t speak Yiddush that is when you Shep Nachas! Thank you for making our Jewish musical dreams come true. Lisa and David You fill our lives with many Gifts, and many we would like to buy  Randi You bring peace, joy and learning into the souls of our young children as you cultivate and celebrate the growth and accomplishments of each of our students and teachers. To all of our friends, Your love and commitment to South Huntington Jewish Center and the State of Israel shines a new light on Zion and our people. Harninu Lelohim Uzenu! Sing with joy to God, our strength! With Much Love, Hazzan, Emily, Ella and Maya Shamash

19 David & Lisa: keep the bar high for us all to follow! We salute you.
Sue & Paul: you are simply an amazing, inspirational couple! We look up to you. David & Lisa: keep the bar high for us all to follow! We salute you. Randi: from Shalom, to the Y, and SHJC, Ayelet & Maayan would not have been the same without you! A well deserved honor. All our love, The Amiran Family Judith, Yoram, Ayelet & Maayan

20 Mazel Tov to our Honorees
Susan and Paul Kaye Lisa and David Travis and Randi Alexander Thank you for your continued dedication to the South Huntington Jewish Center Ed and Roz Rudofsky Willa and Marc Gerber and families

21 Susan and Paul Kaye Temple Hillel of North Woodmere
Salutes Our very special friends Susan and Paul Kaye The State of Israel The South Huntington Jewish Center Lisa & David Travis and Randi Alexander Rabbi Steven M. Graber Cantor David Guber Ritual Director Steven Blitz Education Dir. Evie Berkowitz President Robin Laurentz

22 Mazel Tov and Yasher Koah to SUSAN & PAUL KAYE LISA & DAVID TRAVIS
RANDI ALEXANDER May you continue to go from strength to strength Lorraine and Alan Reid

23 Susan and Paul Kaye We love you!
We are thrilled to honor our parents, Susan and Paul Kaye May you continue to be a source of strength to the Jewish Community. Yasher Koah on all your achievements We love you! Your Family, The Kayes The Ahronheims The Dorfmans The Dresners The Turners

24 Mazel Tov! Paul & Susan Kaye Our very Best Wishes to
On This Most Deserving Honor. We are thrilled to be able to Share this Special Night with You! Mazel Tov! ] Brad & Aliza Warren & Cindi and Fran Cohn

25 Congratulations Randi! We are so proud of you and your service to the
We are so proud of you and your service to the Jewish Community Amy and Alex Glickman & Family Joanne and Joel Stein

26 may you all continue to use your positive energies
“To be part of a community, to shape it, and to strengthen it, is the most urgent, the most vital obligation facing the Jewish individual” Elie Wiesel Susan and Paul Kaye Lisa and David Travis and Randi Alexander Yasher Koah… may you all continue to use your positive energies as you have done, leading, inspiring and making a difference. Lynne Kurtzman and Family Monique and Alan Mensch and Family Maxine Peresechensky and Family Sherri and Bruce Sherman and Family

27 MAZAL TOV Miss Randi With love from all your students!

28 Lisa & David Mazel Tov Your Dedication To Each Other, To Your Family,
To Your Friends, To Judaism & To South Huntington Jewish Center Is An Inspiration To Us All! We Applaud You Both On An Honor Well Deserved With Love & Friendship, Julie & David Bolton Susan & Marty Ehrlich Robyn & Marc Lion Michelle & Brian Statfeld

29 Congratulations  to my dear friends Sue and Paul Kaye Bonnie Guthartz

30 M’ chal l ‘Chal and Todah Rabah
Yasher Koah to Susan & Paul Kaye Lisa & David Travis Randi Alexander We celebrate our honorees and congratulate them for their tireless devotion and extraordinary effort in the continued success of SHJC. May they go from strength to strength. M’ chal l ‘Chal and Todah Rabah for all that you have done. Our gratitude to your service is immeasurable. The Schwartz-Pervil/Ben-David Families Paula, Paul, Sara, Beth & Ron

31 on this well deserved honor. Arlene & Richard Sirlin
Mazel Tov to Susan & Paul Kaye, Lisa & David Travis and Randi Alexander on this well deserved honor. Arlene & Richard Sirlin

32 We Salute the SHJC Honorees
Susan & Paul Kaye Lisa & David Travis Randi Alexander ROBERT J. FREGENTI, CIC President R.J. FREGENTI ASSOCIATES/ IMC. 350 Jericho Turnpike Jericho, NY 11753 Tel: (516) Ext. 16 Fax: (516) Insurance Financial Services

33 Randi Alexander The Liaisons of South Huntington Jewish Center
would Like to Congratulate Our Wonderful Director of Early Childhood Programs Randi Alexander We admire your hard work,unwavering dedication and kind heart. Your leadership and compassion provides comfort to parents and endless smiles to our children.   Mazel tov on your well deserved honor Early Childhood Liaisons Lisa Travis Cheryl Haiken Shari DeLouya Samantha Diamond Stacey Miller Michelle Statfeld Stacy Fishlow Hilary Kalb Michelle Chozahinoff Michelle Zakarin Robyn Stern Amy & Jon Tannenbaum Lauren Gidseg Jamie Paul Cindy Somer

34 Dear Lisa, Every Single Wednesday, We Dare Not Miss A Day
To Get Together With The Women We Love And Play Mah Jongg All Day The Food Is Delicious, We Strive To Win Some Hands But Spending Time With Our Girlfriends Is Most Important In The End Dear Lisa, A woman of valor, who can find? Far beyond pearls is her value. Her husband's heart trusts in her and he shall lack no fortune. She spreads out her palm to the poor and extends her hands to the destitute. She opens her mouth with Wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. Her children rise and celebrate her; and her husband, he praises her: "Many daughters have attained valor, but you have surpassed them all.“ We Salute You For Your Dedication to SHJC We Are Proud To Call You Our Friend & Our Fellow Mah Jonggian, Natalia Appenzeller Carol Blass Julie Bolton Susan Cohen Susan Ehrlich Allison Elkin Janet Fitterman Jill Katz Rochelle Jamick Debra Kahn Aimee Leff Robyn Lion Jerri Meliso Shari Silverman Dana Simon Lisa Walsh Alyse Reiffman Randi Sosnick Allison Quinto Michelle Statfeld



37 In honor of The South Huntington Jewish Center and Susan and Paul Kaye
Mazel Tov to our Honorees! Susan and Paul Kaye Lisa and David Travis Randi Alexander So sorry we cannot be there to celebrate with you It has been a pleasure working alongside all of you in our wonderful community SHJC Enjoy your special evening, Almarie & Evan Kralstein In honor of The South Huntington Jewish Center and Susan and Paul Kaye Farmingdale, NY Ronni and Ed Seidenberg

38 Mazel Tov and Yasher Koah The Kreinces Family Lisa & David Travis and
Mazel Tov to,  Susan & Paul Kaye Lisa & David Travis and Randi Alexander Thank you for all of your good work on behalf of South Huntington Jewish Center Congratulations, Keith & Debbie Archer, and Family Mazel  Tov and Yasher Koah  The Kreinces Family

39 Sunday,May 5, 2013 The Israeli Jazz and Film Festival at SHJC
The festival includes award winning Israeli short films, delicious Israeli food and live jazz music. Presenting the celebrated Roni Ben-Hur and his renowned jazz ensemble, featuring vocalist, Amy London Tickets are $18/$10 students.  Advance purchase is recommended.  To order tickets by phone, call the synagogue office at or visit

40 Mazel Tov In Honor of To Life long prosperity, happiness and peace
Always…! Wendy & Alan Lefkowitz & Family Lois & Howard Rothstein & Family In Honor of Lisa and David Travis Mazel Tov Love, Allison, Emily, Daniel and Mom CONGRATULATIONS Honorees Thank you for your devoted service to South Huntington Jewish Center Cheryl and Herb Schwartz And Family

41 Congratulations and all our love THE SIEV/WEINSTEIN FAMILY
65 YEARS A BLOOMING FLOWER AGAINST ALL ODDS PHYL AND BOB SCHER Dear Sue & Paul, Congratulations and all our love Janice & Howard Marilyn & Barry Mazel Tov to the Honorees Phyllis & Elliot Pellman MAZEL TOV TO ALL OUR HONOREES THE SIEV/WEINSTEIN FAMILY Joel and Toba Aaron, Alana and Joshua

42 Mazel Tov To All! Susan & Jerry Schultz In Honor of Sue and Paul Kaye
Susan & Jerry Schultz In Honor of Sue and Paul Kaye Basya and Andrew Lowinger Mazel Tov to our good friends David & Lisa Thank you so much for your commitment and leadership at South Huntington Jewish Center All Our Love Debbie, Kevin, Rachel, Bradley and Matthew Weltmann In Honor of our dear friends Susan and Paul Kaye Trailblazers, Role Models and Inspirational Leaders to ALL! Love, Tracey and Keith Drayer Yasher Koah to our 2013 Anniversary Ball honorees Susan & Paul Kaye~~Lisa & David Travis~~Randi Alexander Thank you to SHJC for giving us the opportunity to give service to our community Love, Karen, Eric, Ben and Jack Lippman

43 God And Learning Always
Our Gala God And Learning Always Frieda and Sidney z’l Barbara z’l and Eileen Paley Dear Miss Randi, Congratulations on your well deserved honor! Your tireless passion and unwavering commitment to pre-school education is an inspiration to all. Love, Marcia, Lee, Dana & Brian “All the Honor” Belongs to you for the good work you do Hélène and Stan Weinberg Mazal Tov Randi! Your Friends at The Mid-Island Y JCC Well earned, Well deserved Mark and Claudia Travis Lindsey & Dave Garfield Holly & Brandon Spurlock Dear Aunt Susan and Uncle Paul, Congratulations to two very special people who have made such a difference in so many ways. We are so proud of you. With our love and admiration, Didi, Howie, Sammi, Justin and Micki United Cesspool Service, Inc. Fax: Cesspool Pumping Bulk Hauling Line Cleaning Sewer Jetting Camera Inspection Installations 24 Hour Emergency Service Mazal tov to all the honorees Thank you for your commitment to the South Huntington Jewish Center Elissa Spiegel

44 Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to In Honor of Sue and Paul Kaye
Dear Sue and Paul, We are so proud that you are our friends, because you both are special to us and the Jewish community. We love you. Ellie and Jack With best wishes to all our honorees May you continue to inspire our SHJC community with your tremendous dedication and commitment Sharon and Jed Albert Mazel Tov to 2 great people Sue and Paul Kaye Mark Dorfman Congratulations and best wishes to our well-deserving honorees.   Thank you for enriching the life of our synagogue. Sheila & Bob Oberstein Yasher Koah & Mazel Tov to Susan and Paul Kaye, Lisa and David Travis & Randi Alexander From, Phyllis Simon & Meyer Steinberg Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to Randi Alexander Carla Amato Tamar Bursky Judy Densen Lynn Eisenberg Carol Frisa Susan Ingber Andrea Lapidus Cathy Lazar Toni Martin Beverly Nord Mazel tov to our wonderful honorees! Yvonne Cort, Dennis Cohn and family In Honor of Sue and Paul Kaye FRYER DERMATOLOGY, PLLC Jennifer Fryer, MD Eric J. Fryer MD Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery 150 Broadhollow Road Northern Blvd Melville, NY Bayside, NY 11361 (631) (718)

45 We want to extend our gratitude to all the generous donors
for helping to make our Anniversary Gala a success Bagel Boss The Bakery Ben’s Delicatessen Austin Blumstein and the NY Mets El Al Airlines Executive Limousine Four Points by Sheraton Plainview Fruitco. Corp Hotel Indigo East End Huntington Limousine Jeff and Melissa Kreinces J. Lowy Skullcap Manhattan Theatre Club Marlin Art Martha Clara Vineyards Mayfair Jewelers SHJC Texas Hold’em Committee Suffolk Theater of Riverhead United States Tennis Association Danny Waizman's School of Flying YES Network Z Hotel


47 Your praise, Adonai our God will be proclaimed by all Your works,
Your pious ones, the righteous, who do Your will; And all Your people, the House of Israel, will joyfully thank and bless, praise and glorify Your name. Hallel

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