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Prospective Member Informational Presentation

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1 Prospective Member Informational Presentation

Jack and Jill of America, Inc. endeavors to be the premier family organization in America focused on youth leadership and development. As National Vice President, on behalf of the National Executive Board, I thank you for your interest in our wonderful organization. The following presentation is intended to provide an overview to increase your understanding of the J&J organization so that you can make an informed decision prior to seeking membership. Tamara Turnley Robinson National Vice President “Achieving Excellence, Inspiring Greatness, Motivating Our Youth to Lead and Serve”

3 Agenda Jack and Jill of America, Inc.
History Organization and Structure National Regional Chapter Organization Facts Jack and Jill of America Foundation Member Expectations

4 History Founded in January 1938 with 20 founding mothers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Marion Stubbs Thomas Incorporated in 1947 in Delaware as a non-profit organization Currently over 220 Chapters, in 37 states in all regions of the country from Maine to Alaska Over 10,000 mothers, and 30,000 Family Members

5 Jack and Jill of America, Inc.
The objects of our nonprofit organization are: To create a medium of contact for children which will stimulate growth and development To provide for children a constructive educational, cultural, civic, health, recreational and social program The aims of our organization are: To aid mothers in learning more about their children by careful study. To seek for all children the same advantages which we desire for our own. To support all National legislation aimed at bettering the conditions of all children. Our Honorary Member Marion Wright Edelman

6 Jack and Jill of America, Inc.
Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated is an African-American organization of mothers who nurture future leaders by strengthening children ages 2-19 through chapter programming, community service, legislative advocacy and philanthropic giving. We believe every child, with proper guidance and opportunity can be a leader. It is the oldest and largest African American family organization in the United States. The organizational structure has National, Regional and Local levels with officers and committee leaders at each level. PLEASE INSERT CHAPTER INFORMATION HERE: The XXX chapter was founded in 19XX. We currently have XXX families with XXX children.

7 Jack and Jill of America, Inc.
National Jack and Jill Emblem ™: Pledge: “To support the aims of the National Organization Motto: “Let’s work, let’s play, let’s live together” WEBSITE:

8 Jack and Jill of America, Inc.
2010 – 2012 National Theme “Achieving Excellence, Inspiring Greatness, Motivating Youth to Lead and Serve!” National Program Thrust AIM for Healthier Lifestyle AIM for Youth Leadership Development AIM for Youth Financial Literacy Recreational and Social Educational Cultural Community Service Legislative

9 Organization Structure
President Vice President Regional Director Treasurer Secretary Member-at-Large Chapters Program Director Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Editor Executive Director Headquarters Staff

10 National Executive Board
National Officers “Achieving Excellence, Inspiring Greatness, Motivating Youth to Lead and Serve” Tara Joseph-Labrie President, Central Region Tamara Turnley Robinson Vice President, Southeastern Region Allison Copeland Recording Secretary, Mid-Atlantic Region Terri Parker Treasurer, Eastern Region Cheryl Beal Anderson Program Director, Mid-Western Region Jacqueline Nash Corresponding Secretary, South Central Region Brenda Lacy Davis Editor, Far West Region

11 Structure – The Sevens Central President Eastern Vice President
Seven Regions each with a Director, Treasurer, Secretary & Member-at-Large: Central Eastern Far West Mid-Atlantic Mid-Western South Central Southeastern Seven National Officers One Per Region: President Vice President Program Director Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Editor

12 Chapters Jack and Jill Chapters Are The Heart of our Organization
Currently over 200 chapters across seven regions Chapter Membership Size ranges from 15 to over 100

13 Membership Requirements
Jack and Jill of America, Inc. 2010 – 2012 National By Laws To maintain membership, a member must be in good standing. Good standing means a mother must be active and financial. Active is defined as participating in local chapter activities, sponsoring age-group activities and supporting the Foundation. 1:4 Requirement: An active member shall be required to attend one national convention or one regional conference or one regional area workday or cluster within each four- year period for the duration of her membership tenure. Financial is defined as having paid all chapter, regional and national dues, assessments and fees.

14 Jack and Jill of America
Foundation J&J Foundation chartered in 1968 Further Confirmed Visionary Leaders Commitment to service to children formed the genesis Since inception, J&J, Inc. engaged in significant fundraising and support for a variety of charities but had no voice on their boards J&J Foundation is our Philanthropic Arm Executive Director – Paid Position Volunteer Board of Trustees, includes officers from Jack and Jill, Inc.

15 Expectation of Members
Meet participation and financial obligations Attend chapter meetings regularly Attend chapter events (social & service) Host age group activities Chapter dues and assessments Attend Regional and/or National Meetings (1:4) Get Engaged Immediately Chapter Committees Volunteer for committee that will match your skills/passion

16 Expectations of Members
Continue to Focus on Children Personalize the Success of your Chapter Generously Share your Unique Talents, Skills and Resources Focus on Effective Community Outreach Help Manage Chapter Finances Effectively Pay Dues and Assessments on Time Support Regional and National Initiatives

17 Summary Jack and Jill is a Unique Organization
The Difference is the Children The Joy and the Challenge are the Children We inspire / motivate youth to become leaders We provide youth enrichment activities Cultural, Social, Educational, Health, Legislative We ‘do great things for kids’ – through our Foundation and chapter service activities

18 Chapter Information Please customize by inserting chapter officers, activities, photos, etc.


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