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COMENIUS-EPEITE This project was financed with the support of the European Commission. This publication [communication] engages only its author, and the.

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1 COMENIUS-EPEITE This project was financed with the support of the European Commission. This publication [communication] engages only its author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which could be made information which is contained there. PowerPoint carried out by the class CAP2 Teacher : E. ROUSSILLON December 2011

2 Public transports: three subway lines and two of tram Regional transport: RENFE AIRPORT VALENCIA Accessible by bus, taxi and subway A through flight Paris-Valencia lasts approximately 2 hours Price by low cost companies : Paris-Valencia Between 40 and 150euros Price by train from 200 to 400 euro HOW TO GO TO VALENCIA opened and cosmopolitan town, in east center of Spain, is 1000km far from Paris

3 VALENCIA The geographical position in center of mediterranean bow makes of Valencia an ideal city for the investment and the new business start-up Tourist activity also developed in a important way because of its situation on the Costa del Azahar. This name evokes the wide sandy fringe which develops in the Northland in the South of Valencia. CapitalValence Spoken language : castillan valenciano Status of autonomy in July 10th, 1982 Sit in the Parliament 33 members 17 senators President Alberto Fabra Density: 206,3 hab./km2 Total surface : 23 305 km2 Autonomous community of VALENCIA Lined in the North by Aragon, on West by Castilla-La Mancha, on South by the Murcia, on East by Mediterranean Sea. A region which knew how to modify itself in a short time and made a commitment in way of modernity and development without giving up culture, traditions and way of life which, for a long time, characterize it. This very sunny coast, protected of winds by the mountains, became one of the big centers of summer tourism in Spain. Sea resorts, buildings, training unusual landscape.

4 VALENCIA. Valencia is situated on the edge of the coast, on east of Spain. 800 000 inhabitants. Arenas Discover this city : brightened up in the very beautiful beaches, culinary pioneer, sophisticated metropolis, mattering cultural center, historic treasure, architectural mosaic and warm atmosphere The city is situated on the banks of Turia in a very fertile zone : huerta.(garden) Very studied system of irrigation, established by Romans and perfected by the Arabs, orange trees, lemon trees exported towards all Europe.. THE ALBUFERA on the Costa del Azahar (=coast of the orange blossom)

5 ADMINISTRATION 50 Provinces in the country, 17 autonomous regions having a certain independence with regard to the power The autonomous community groups include the provinces of Valencia, Alicante and Castellón. Its capital is : Valencia. Palace of seat of regional Government Town hall

6 VALENCIAS PORT flag of Americas cup Marina Valencia : capital of a rich province with its agriculture and its industrial activities (shipbuilding, metal industry, furniture, chemistry, paper, textile industries), which serves its very active port, the Grao, especially for the exports (citrus fruits, gardenproducts, wines, etc.). Industrial port

7 Climate If you are looking for sun, Spain is the ideal destination! Warm summers: very moderate winters : between 10 and 20 The precipitation: are rare in summer, as in all the mediterranean Sea, and a little more plentiful in autumn as well as at the end of the winter and at the beginning of the spring. Annual average is 17,8 °C. August 27th, 2010: record temperature of 43 °C Celebrate light of Valencia, which gives a special color to the landscape. Semi-arid mediterranean climate More than 3 000 hours of sun in a year

8 Cultural road Valencia is the third most big city of Spain, situated on the edge of the coast of Mediterranean sea. This beautiful city is an important culturals and industrials center A very rich and varied culture because of its welcome: Iberian, Celtic, Latin people, Visigoths, Arabic during the numerous centuries of its history. Architecture shows this polymorphic culture of the cities of South, in spanish language and other aspects too. The jewel of European civil Gothic All region is steeped in history: Gothic Monuments and baroque Monuments, churches and offers also a futuristic environment

9 THE OLD TOWN Lonja of Seda UNESCO world heritage 1996. Quarters towers Micalet cathedrals tower Spain is a part of these countries which knew how to ally wealth Architectural in the magnificences of their natural frame Show curiosity and go off to explore an exceptional heritageholdings! Ceramic museum

10 Gothic art, Baroque art : cultural and historic wealth of the city BASILIQUE DE NUESTRA SEÑORA DE LOS DESAMPARADOS (Notre-Dame of the Abandoned) set up on the former roman forum

11 History of the purse of Silk Baroque Style Gothic architecture, work of Father Comte The building possesses three bodies: lounge of contracts, main tower and, finally, "Consolat del Mar". The most known image for the group is " Salted of Contratación " (helical columns). Central tower with two floors (once upon a time a prison) "Consolat del Mar shows a facade with 40 medallions which symbolize the bust of illustrious characters, like Roman emperors. Building classified by Unesco

12 National parks, natural reserves By sea: Dehesa del Saler, pines and dunes where we find valuable natural sorts. Túrias garden is a space fitted out with zones of leisure, games for children, sports facilities, and with ample areas of gardens where to enjoy nature in center of city. Valencia contains spaces natural as the Natural reserve of Albufera (Arabic name which means the small sea) and Dehesa del Saler (pasture of saltworks), as well as numerous parks : for example Botanical garden (more than 200 years old, Gardens of Viveros (which include Gardens of Montroy) or Gardens of Turia. Albuferas park a Natural reserve in valencian Community : a lagoon separated from Mediterranean Sea by a high dune. There are ricefields, marshy and more than 250 species of birds. Alqueria de la Comtessa village near five national parks and near panoramic and ecological valuable places

13 Farming Olivier: quality olive oil of best quality AOC(PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN) for only one rice, cultivated for the 13th century! Cereals and arboriculture, almond trees, cherry trees, carob trees, terrace cultivations Rice and wines are exported by Valencia all around the world Cotton fields show the wealth of these lands of the South Huerta Irrigated zone Citrus with such a luxuriant vegetation Mediterranean regions are the domains of irrigated productions of fruits, vegetables, and rice.

14 RICE A round and homogeneous grain, which preserves a beautiful uniformity in cooking. There are three varieties of rice in the region: Bahía, Senia and Spray-painted it. The most renowned: Bomba, a small and short rice, of pearl aspect, recommended for typical dishes of the mediterranean cooking such as paella. Which other town of Europe can offer you 200 dishes of rice? It would be a shame to pass beside the following alternatives: rice cooked in a fish aroma, black rice with ink of cuttlefish, rice in oven (` Al horno'); rice in crust ( covered with egg and cooked in oven). DONT FORGET : AOC(PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN) "Arroz de Valencia" origin and quality of the rice guaranteed. Rice, paëlla and what more?

15 ECONOMY Valencia: its geographical position in center of mediterranean bow supports investment and new business start-up. Business and tourism are the pillars of economy. Numerous industrial activities in its very active port (" the Grao ") Iron products are also exported by Valencia. The sectors of chemical, shipbuilding and brewery employ the main part of population. Industry of pottery is an important part of the branch of industry of Valencia.

16 Craft business Traditional business : a special charm in the streets of the city: silversmith's trades, booksellers, or antique stores. You can buy typical small business crafts in the city: the traditional ranges painted with hand (with exotic ivory or wooden small strips): speciality of the small business crafts An important wooden production of objects such as guitars or castanets. Nowadays the traditional work of silk and leather and the furs, was adapted to the small business crafts of "Fallas". Specialized stores products elaborated with hook and wicker. Ceramic production among the the oldest traditional products of the city. Pottery and the typical china of the city: in blue on white with metallic glints.

17 HOTEL TRADE Business Hotel Cool Hotels, Pensions, Apartments between 30 and 60 at night. Inns Hotel trade outdoor Useful addresses : Spanish national service of the tourism Phone.: 01 44 29 40 43, rue Decamps, 75116 Paris Embassy of Spain 22, avenue. Marceau, 75008 Paris to Phone.: 01 44 43 18 00 General Consulate of Spain

18 Valencia : rising square of gastronomy At breakfast : coffeemilk · At 3 pm, the lunch consists in a first plate (salad) or a soup, then a complete dish with meat, cereal and vegetables or paella, fabada, etc. Dessert is often constituted by fruits or dairies (custard tart, etc.), but never cheese. Dinner, as we know it, is a lighter meal than lunch ! Drinks: Sangria Granizado de lemon (limons granity) Horchata tapas autour dun comptoir en marbre.

19 Traditional catering manchego Fideuà Other speciality similar to the dishes of rice: fideuà ( pronounce it [fide' wa]): elaborated in fishermen's families, vermicelli replace rice. These last ones are cooked in a fish stock, sometimes decorated with pieces of cuttlefish or squid, and lemon. Paëlla CHEESE Pork Bold and modern, the city of Valencia can boast a simple cooking, healthy and very tasty. Cuisine of natural products from the sea and market gardening Paella, orxata (horchata en castillan),and fideùa represent typical meals. Agua de Valencia : cocktail with cava (or champagne), orange juice, vodka and gin.

20 culinary specialities, regional dishes Taste : paella with meat or shells or mixed fish black rice (in the ink of squid) fish eels: one of the very typical meals horchata Typical drink Come with us on the wines road: delicious white, red wines : Appellation dOrigine Alicante, Utiel- Requena and Valence.

21 : Sports facilities Zones of games as Gullivers park Gulliver Football club Club of Basket Ball Place of arts Reina Sofía Arrival of course of Spain ( bicycle) Universidad : one of the most important and old universities of Province of Valencia, as in all Spain; and "Politecnica". Turias garden Racing circuit HOT LINES :- Emergencies : 112 National police force: 091 Police of the city: 092 Civil guard : 062 Fire brigades: 080 Red Cross: 963 67 73 75 HOW TO LIVE, STUDY and ENTERTAINMENT in Valencia

22 Numerous sports activities: boats with sail and regatta international, riding school, flight in ultralight. The various public and private facilities in Valencia where you can practice swimming, tennis, or mini - golf. The ability to watch a game of pelota Valencia full supply of leisure! Museum of Sciences SPORTS and LEISURE Trekking Arenas Flamenco Golf El Saler Aquatic sports Oceanographic museum

23 CULTUREL EVENTS Biennal event of Valencia, Mostra de Valencia (cinema) « Fallas " in march Concerts, shows, film in open air, in the gardens of the PALAU of the mùsica " Internacional festival of música Antigua of Valencia " Internacional of Música Contemporánea " Festival of dances in the streets. New technologies have also their celebration in August : Campus party " the biggest meeting of internet users. Hemispheric : cinéma 3D Such an eye on the water! LAS FALLAS chewed paper characters

24 TRIP INFORMATION World-renowned long, fine sand beaches (100 km of coast), orange groves deployed in the infinity. Two sharply different landscapes: the coast (strong density in km2) stressed by the seaside concentrations of the summer, and the mountains. Alluvial lands are particularly fertile, convenient to it in the irrigable cultures which display their mosaic of greenery Hinterland : unrecognized. Mountainous bow, wild gorges, a landscape of vast pine forests, prehistoric caves and rock paintings. Valencia : third city of Spain, a big mediterranean, pleasant city, bathed in light, sweetness of its climate Old district: wide avenues, palm trees, ficus, srengthened doors, churches, narrow streets lined with stores, Gothic houses,elegant patio of which we sometimes perceive. Adresses utiles Office national espagnol du tourisme Tél. : 01 44 29 40 43, rue Decamps, 75116 Paris Consulat dEspagne 165, bd Malesherbes, 75017 Paris Ambassade d'Espagne 22, av. Marceau, 75008 Paris Tél. : 01 44 29 40 Papiers : aucune formalité pour les ressortissants de l'Union européenne. Ayez tout de même sur vous une pièce d'identité ou un passeport en cours de validité. Monnaie : leuro, Langue : Espagnol Décalage horaire : Aucun

25 The region of Valencia: un landscape which begins with the overalls of sea, on Costa del Azahar (coast of orange blossom) An underestimated hinterland where abound hills, and a big variety of bushes or species belonging to the mediterranean flora. The city offers you: beach, walk in the old town, visits of museums. Why dont get on a bicycle to cross it? LAlbufera MEET YOU IN VALENCIA! Why visit to this city??? Spain is a country which possesses a very rich and very varied culture. This polymorphic culture shows itself in the architecture of the cities of the South, in Spanish language and other aspects. Ifachs Penyal in valencian Community Rock of 332 m, raised in front of the Mediterranean Sea. Totally isolated by quite other relief, as put there by the hand of a giant. (2 hours to reach it). From there, you will have a magnificent sight on Costa Blanca.

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