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Our concern is a respected name in television production and other creative services Our goal is to entertain, enlighten and educate the viewers through our cutting edge services Bringing the story, message, idea or image to the people - locally or globally - is not just our mission, it's our passion. Located in Chennai, India, We utilize the full power of advanced technology, tools and techniques to craft your production. Our team consists of some of the industry's sharpest strategists and creative professionals. Over the years, the professionals at our concern have brought to life several widely corporate movies, ad films, documentaries

3 ABOUT THE PROJECT A Successful New Tamil Film Project titled as
“Oru Thozhan Oru Thozhi ” This Project is a Small Budget movie with New Faces The Script Travels between the life of Two Friends who living in a Township village. The Story is a reality Screenplay with comedy love and action Definitely this Script will make a good and success name in the Film Market.

4 ABOUT THE PROJECT There are two heroes in this subject. We select two heroes as an introducing hero, all the other artiste in this movie are also new to the film industry, because the story needs only new faces without any prior intro to the audience. The heroine of the film is also new face The shooting spot is in and around rajapalayam where the story happens. The Technicians in the Film are Film Graduates , and having well experience in Film making. We the Team will Execute the Project in a successful way with Professionalism.

5 ARTISTS & TECHNICIANS HERO-1 : New Face Hero-2 : New Face
DIRECTOR :P.Mohan, D.F.T CAMERA :Shiva M.A,D.F.T EDITING :Krithiga-M.C.J; D.F.T MUSIC :K.P.Krish ART :Saravanan DESIGNS :SreeSuryaCreations STUNT :JaguvarThangam P.R.O :‘Mounam’ Ravi Executive Producer: V.N.Bagavathsing,M.A;D.F.T LYRIC WRITERS :Thentamil, Mohan HERO-1 : New Face Hero-2 : New Face HEROINE-1 : New Face Heroine-2 : New Face MAIN SUPPORTING ARTISTS “Poo Kandasamy” - is the only known comedian artiste in this Project All the other supporting artiste are new to the screen


7 BUDGET OF THE FILM Oru Thozhan Oru Thozhi
Pre-Production : ,50,000.00 Artist Payment : ,50,000.00 Technician Payment : ,00,000.00 Production Expense : ,00,000.00 Post-Production Expense : ,00,000.00 Miscellaneous : 2,00,000.00 Total Expense ,00,000.00

Total Budget of the Film 75,00, LK Total shooting days 100 days Shooting Expense 50,00, LK For Post Production so far we invest 10,00, LK For Completion of Post Production Work we need 15,00, LK

9 OUR RETURNS PLAN Funding, we expecting through Private Investors
Business Method Calculating on the total amount of business (except the budget amount the balance amount will be the profit share) Equal Profit share for Investors (according to their investing amount 50%/50%),50% For Investor and 50%for the Executing Company Security(according to the Investment amount) Rights of the film, all area rights, audio and satellite rights

10 BUSSINESS DETAILS First copy value: 75, 00 , 000.00
TamilNadu area rights – there are 7 areas Foreign, Singapore and Malaysia (FMS) 85, 00 , 10, 00 , Satellite Rights 30, 00 , Total Returns 1,25, 00 , The Profit amount is 50, 00 , The Selling Price to other states like Andhra, Kerala and Karnataka 10, 00, Audio rights 5, 00 ,000.00 The Total Amount of our business The Percentage of the Profit is 65, 00 , Above 90%

11 BUSSINESS DETAIL These are our business details and all values are in approximate and the expense to make the film will not exceed from our budget and the return value we quoted in the paper is all a minimum value and definitely we have the confident that we will get more.

12 CONTACT US Address: #7B,Directors colony, Kodampakkam,
MOB: MAIL-ID: Official Mail-Id: Address: #7B,Directors colony, Kodampakkam, Chennai-24,TamilNadu, India


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