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Film Analysis Moneyball.

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1 Film Analysis Moneyball

2 Film Study Project: Gathering Information
Character: Questions to consider while gathering information about your “character” How is the character introduced to the audience? Is there an element of mystery to the character’s personality that the audience discovers as the plot unfolds? What details are provided in the images that help define the character’s personality? (Consider props, dialogue, character motivations & actions and significant music cues)

3 Character Archetypes Are there familiar character archetypes in the film? (UNDERDOG) Are the characters stereotyped? What contributes to the reality of the character? Are there any aspects of characterization that would seem strange, implausible or exaggerated in the “real” world?

4 Editing Audience reaction to characters & events are shaped by the length of shots, the rapidity of cuts, etc. How is tension created through editing? How does the director use editing to convey a chaotic state of affairs? How do longer takes contribute to the unfolding of events? How does editing contribute to an objective point of view?

5 Lighting Are scenes brightly lit? Shadowed or Darkness? Does lighting focus on a character or object? Why? Is the lighting realistic? Symbolic? Designed to draw attention to detail? Are shadows used to conceal, dramatize or symbolize aspects of a character, action or theme?

6 Music How does music define the mood, atmosphere and tone of a scene? Does music comment on a character? Does music define or identify characters or contribute to irony or humor? Does music assist the transition of time?

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