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How we talk about music Especially 20th century music.

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1 How we talk about music Especially 20th century music

2 All music, like art, is composed of elements and how these elements are combined produces the different sounds and musical styles….

3 The elements of music are: Melody Harmony Texture Tone color / timbre Dynamics Rhythm

4 Melody Succession of pitches / notes Horizontal arrangement of music The movement of sound in time Not the lyrics

5 Scales Originally western European music had modal scales based on Greek theory of mathematics (second selection on Introduction to Music) Later tonal scales became the norm Blues scales combine western and African scales of flatted thirds, sixths and sevenths with standard western octave

6 Harmony Relationship between and among pitches Vertical arrangement of pitches / notes Whats happening musically at 1 particular time 3 or more pitches that blend together form a chord

7 Tone color / timbre Quality of sound that a voice or instrument makes

8 Dynamics Loudness or softness of the sounds

9 Rhythm Meter – the organization of time Duration – the length of time Articulation – how the time is divided Accent – which beat is emphasized syncopation Polymeter, polyrhythm

10 Texture Complex sound which is governed by tone color, rhythm, pitch and harmony 3 types Monophony – one sound of 1 or more voices/instruments Polyphony – meant to hear multiple sounds at the same time (Ex. Counterpoint) Homophony – melody accompanied by chords producing a blended sound

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