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School Recognition Program A+ Awards Meeting September 22, 2010.

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1 School Recognition Program A+ Awards Meeting September 22, 2010

2 Purpose of Meeting 1. Clarify rules, roles, & procedures. 2. Provide perspective. 3. Answer common questions related to A+ funds.

3 School Grades Released For Elementary and Middle Excellent News for SCPS!

4 A / B Schools 98% 98%

5 Qualified for A+ Funds 82% 82%

6 A+ Recognition Funds How Much for SCPS? Last Year: Last Year: $3,169,703 $3,169,703

7 How Much Per School? Last Year Elementary Schools: $ 38,527 - $78,961 Middle Schools: $ 74,539 - $117,647 Middle Schools: $ 74,539 - $117,647 High Schools: $ 44,747 High Schools: $ 44,747

8 The Purpose of A+ Funds? Reward and Sustain Substantial Academic Improvement & High Academic Achievement

9 Common Questions! Who Who decides how to spend it? What What can we do with it? When When can we get it? How How do we get it?

10 Who Decides How to Spend It? School Advisory Council (SAC Voting Members) & School Staff (Current Year)

11 Who Counts More?

12 Neither One: Theyre Equal Partners Decision making power is not based on the number of individuals making up either group. SAC has 50% and the Staff has 50% of the decision making power in developing and approving the Joint Spending Plan.

13 How Do They Do It? Cooperate to Generate a Jointly Developed Plan ~Local School Decision~

14 How Does It Work? Everybody Gets a Say *** Not Everybody Gets their Way

15 What Can We Do With It? 1. Award Bonuses to Faculty & Staff. 2. Hire Temporary Personnel. 3. Purchase Educational Equipment & Materials.

16 Who Can Get a Bonus? 1.Current 1.Current - SCPS Personnel working at the school this year. Former 2. Former - SCPS Personnel who worked at the school last year.

17 Annual Question Clarified 1.School administrators are considered part of the schools staff when it comes to A+ funds. 2. They do not get a bonus or supplement from the state or the district for being an A school.

18 Celebrate Success ! 1.Keep in mind everyone contributes to a schools success. 2.Keep whats fair at the center of the decision making. 3. Beware of unintended messages.

19 Past vs. Present Employees? Super Bowl Ring Analogy Won itGet it Team Members that Won it …Get it!

20 No Matter What Happens After the Season! reward Its a reward for being a team member. gift Its not a gift of placement.

21 Variable Bonus Option *Recognizes Everyones Contribution. *Awards Proportional Bonuses. *Amount Based on Staffing Point Values. *Eliminates Ambiguity *Reduces Bad Feelings.

22 What About Two Bonuses? Address in your A+ Processing Plan Windfalls werent intended to be a part of the School Recognition Program.

23 SCPS - Three Step Process 1. Develop A+ Processing Plan for approval. 2. Use processing plan to develop a Budget for A+ Expenditures. 3. Submit A+ Budget for approval.

24 A+ Processing Plan 1.Describe how Joint Plan will be developed. 2. Identify committees (if any) and their roles. 3.Clarify procedures for resolving conflicts.

25 Processing Recommendations 1. Be Open and Inclusive. 2. Agree on Procedures from Outset. 3. Be Clear on How Final Decision will be Made. 4.Have Conflict Resolution Procedures in Place.

26 Why the SCPS Process? 1. Insure the A+ Processing Plan and the A+ Budget comply with the law. 2. Provide assistance to schools when needed or requested.

27 The Principals Role 1. Provide Leadership. 2. Facilitate the Process. 3. Insure Procedures are Followed.

28 Temporary Personnel To assist in maintaining or improving student performance: Examples: Teachers; Assistants; Professional Development and Consultant Fees; 6th period supplements; Substitutes for professional development or school improvement activities. Non-Examples: Security Officers; SROs; DARE Officers; Custodians; Travel Expenses; and Conference Registration Fees.

29 Educational Equipment/Materials To assist in maintaining or improving student performance: Examples: Books; Subscriptions; Computers; Software; Maps; Globes; Calculators. Non-Examples: Food; Shirts; Parties; Student Performance Rewards, Field Trips, Landscaping; Cafeteria Tables; Book Cases, Playground Equipment; Plaques/Ribbons.

30 A+ Expenditures A+ Expenditures 2009-2010 Bonuses Equipment Personnel $3,103,484 $55,271 $10,948 Amount $3,103,484 $55,271 $10,948 97.91% 1.74% 0.35% Percentage 97.91% 1.74% 0.35%

31 Is There a Decision Timeline? Yes! Previous Years it was November 1 st Senate Bill 4 Change To February 1st

32 Prior to February 1 st The Schools Plan School controls the funds. Free to choose who, what, and how much to allocate.

33 After February 1st? The States Plan State controls the funds. FS 1008.36(3) directs all funds to be equally distributed to all classroom teachers currently teaching in the school.

34 What Does That Mean? Classroom Teachers Only Does not include guidance counselors, media specialists, deans, or any other staff members.

35 What Does That Mean? Current Teachers Only Limited to the current years teachers. Includes teachers new to the school. Excludes teachers no longer at the school.

36 Whats Been Done Before? Last Year 1. 100% gave bonuses to teachers, non- instructional staff, and custodians. 2. 100% (48 of 48) included administrators. 3. 98% included food service staff.

37 Additional Considerations Not Subject to Bargaining or Grievances Recommend Spent in Fiscal Year Requires Timely Entry of Data Sooner is Better than Later

38 SCPS Pay Dates Will be announced After Funds Are Received From the Department of Education

39 Payroll Deadlines Friday Prior to Payday (Noon) Process Completed (Keyed at School)


41 Office of School Improvement Joan Robinson (320-0022) Anna-Marie Cote (320-0504)

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