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Education Jobs Act 2012 Supplemental Funding Colorado Department of Education.

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1 Education Jobs Act 2012 Supplemental Funding Colorado Department of Education

2 The Education Jobs Act (Ed Jobs) of 2010 authorized $10 billion in assistance to States for the purpose of saving or creating jobs related to early childhood, elementary, and secondary education. Colorado received approximately $160 million in support under the Ed Jobs Act, of which $155 million has been distributed during fiscal years 2011 and 2012 to Colorado school districts and The Charter School Institute. $5.1 million is available for distribution to district’s during the final quarter of fiscal year 2012 Education Jobs Act of 2010 - Overview

3 F unds may be used only for school-level employee compensation and benefits necessary to: Retain existing employees. Recall or rehire former employees. Hire new employees. Funds may not be used for general administrative expenses, fiscal services, and human resource services. LEAs have a level of discretion in how to use Ed Jobs Funds. Education Jobs Act of 2010 - LEA Allowable Uses

4 Compensation, benefits, and other expenses include: Salaries Performance Bonuses Health Insurance Retirement Benefits Incentives for Early Retirement Pension Fund Contributions Tuition Reimbursement Student Loan Repayment Assistance Transportation Subsidies Reimbursement for Childcare Expenses Education Jobs Act of 2010 – Allowable Expenditures

5 Teachers and other school-level employees include: Principals Assistant Principals Academic Coaches In-Service Teacher Trainers Classroom Aides Counselors Librarians Interpreters Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapists Security Officers Maintenance Workers Nurses Cafeteria Workers Education Jobs Act of 2010 – Eligible Personnel

6 LEAs may use Ed Jobs funds to support school level authorized activities from the beginning of fiscal year 2012. This supplemental round of funding will not affect state share funding – it is supplemental LEAs may use the funds through September 30, 2012. CDE is strongly encouraging districts to expend and draw down funds by June 30, 2012. Education Jobs Act of 2010 – Performance Period

7 Education Job Act of 2010 Recommendations Similar to the original Ed Jobs funding, districts are encouraged to identify General Fund expenditures for benefits associated with instructional building level staff and “reclassify” these expenditures to this supplemental federal funding source. These funds will then free up funds for other uses because they are supplemental in nature. Adopt a Supplemental Budget Resolution (if necessary) pursuant to CRS 22-44- 110(5). Per pupil amounts are included in the allocation worksheet to assist the district with charter school allocations. These amounts may be from district funds to avoid federal reporting for the charter schools. Example: allocate additional General Funds in an amount equal to the Supplemental Ed Jobs that the charter school would be entitled to and then the district records expenses for all Ed Jobs funding.

8 Request for Funds (RFF) available for download from the CDE website. ( ental%20Jobs%20Bill%20RFF%20Final.xls) ental%20Jobs%20Bill%20RFF%20Final.xls Email the completed RFF directly to the Grants Fiscal Management Team inbox: Make sure to complete the request for funds portion and the FTE reporting section of the RFF. Incomplete forms will be returned. The assurance form on file will act as the certifying document for the district’s Ed Jobs expenditures. You may request a copy of your signed assurance form if needed. Contact Adam Klett via phone or email. Education Jobs Act of 2010 – Request for Funds

9 Funds are subject to Section 1512 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which requires sub recipients to report the FTE impact related to the expenditure of these funds when used to support salary. The Ed Jobs supplemental RFF and 1512 reporting section have been condensed into one document. Sub recipients are not required to complete FTE calculations if all funds are expended on eligible employee benefits. Use only line 3 of the FTE calculation section of the RFF if funds are used exclusively for benefits. Be sure to maintain proper documentation related to the transfer or expenditure of these funds. Adequate detail needed to support the requirement that expenditures must be made at the school level. Education Jobs Act of 2010 – Reporting

10 Adam Klett Public School Finance Unit Grants Fiscal Management Team 303-866-6905 Marti Rodriguez Public School Finance Unit Grants Fiscal Management Team 303-866-6769 Education Jobs Act of 2010 – Contact Information

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