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The Golconda Lodge No 3249 EC Secunderabad. Officers for the year – 2012-13 W.Bro. Atul Khanna Worshipful Master W. Bro. D.P.Ranade I.P.M & Secretary.

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1 The Golconda Lodge No 3249 EC Secunderabad

2 Officers for the year – 2012-13 W.Bro. Atul Khanna Worshipful Master W. Bro. D.P.Ranade I.P.M & Secretary Bro.Sqn.Ldr.Jagdish SinghSenior Warden Bro. Felix GeorgeJunior Warden W. Bro.Anna GandikotaChaplain W. Bro. L.ShankarTreasurer W. Bro. Maj.R.K.SinghD of C Bro. C J SrikantSenior Deacon Bro. Anil Singh Pande Junior Deacon W. Bro.V.JawaharCharity Steward W. Bro. Dr.Col.G.B.SethiAlmoner W. Bro.I.S.Sethna Organist W. Bro. S. Rajender Asst. DOC W. Bro.Dilip VidurAsst. Secretary Bro Hemanth ReddyInner Guard Bro.Jatindar SinghTyler

3 Installation Bro Atul Khanna installed on the Eastern chair of this lodge by W Bro D P Ranade on Friday, February 3 rd 2012 at St. Johns Hall. The ceremony was graced by the presence of W Bro V J Bharath then District Grand Past DC as representative of the RW District Grand Master, RW Bro T A Devagnanam.

4 Membership As onDuring the yearAs on Membership1.2.2012AdditionExit1.2.2013 Non Resident 2--2 Resident 214322 Honorary 1--1 Total 244425

5 CommitteeMember Mentor CommitteeW Bro Dr Col GB SethiW Bro V Jawahar Charity CommitteeW Bro M J ParekhBro Felix George Audit committeeW Bro A GandikotaW Bro M J Parekh `

6 Labour 12 Regular meetings 1 Emergency meeting 2 Brethren Initiated, Passed and Raised Golconda Lodge also did passing of 2 candidates and raising of 1 candidate of St Johns Lodge 434 EC

7 Masonic Education Visit of W Bro T V Srinivasan – Brethren of Lodge had the benefit of listening to the District Grand Orator in the December regular meeting. The topic was spirituality in masonry. Brethren from the St Johns lodge were also invited to this meeting. Visit of W Bro Duleep Sahadevan – Brethren of our Lodge were invited to the regular meeting of St Johns Lodge in month of November where they had opportunity to interact with the District Grand Mentor. He threw light on How to practice Masonry in real life. He also tested the observation power of brethren by organizing a small competitive game.

8 Masonic Education Masonic Quiz by W Bro L Shankar – A quiz was organized by W Bro Shankar to test the knowledge of brethren. All the present brethren participated and enjoyed the learning it imparted.

9 Masonic Education Candidates Handout on Freemasonry by W Bro Col Dr G B Sethi – A hand out was compiled by W Bro Col Dr G B Sethi and distributed amongst brethren. The handout was very well compiled and gives fair idea to an aspiring candidate. The handout will serve as a well documented guide for all the Mentors.

10 Masonic Education Common Code of Conduct of a Mason by W Bro Maj R K Singh – This two and half page handout which gives those tiny bits of information which are worth many Megabytes and a must read for any Mason.

11 Out of the total 11 meetings held this year (excluding election and installation meetings) in 9 meetings, the ceremony (initiation / passing / raising) was held and in 1 meeting Masonic Education given by W Bro T V Srinivasan Masonic Education

12 Administration Lodge Held 9 PC meetings during the year. Long overdue subscription from overseas brethren was collected to the tune of Rs.18000/- District Grand Lodge and United Grand Lodge dues were paid along with respective returns.

13 Administration The newly approved Bye-Laws were printed in regular booklet form and circulated. The Regalia which bore a old look were laundered and now sport a pleasant look. The Centenary Plaque refurbished and re-installed.

14 Activities Participation at DGL Meet Our Lodge was represented by 7 Brethren at the Half Yearly meet at Thanjavur and by, 5 Brethren at Annual Investiture meeting of the District Grand Lodge of Madras.

15 Activities The lighter moments At the Banquets at Thanjavur

16 Sight Seeing at Thanjavur

17 Activities Reciprocal Visits to St Johns Lodge It was a fine display of brotherhood as the brethren contributed in reciprocal participation in lodge workings of each other and attended Installation Meetings

18 Activities Family Get Together One day picnic of the brethren with their families to Himayat Sagar. Evening get together at RSI Visit to Kasturba Trust with families.

19 Charity Kasturba Trust nominated as the charity of the year. The charity fund touched a figure of Rupees One Lac. In kind donations were distributed to Kasturba inmates.

20 Charity A day at Kasturba Trust with inmates

21 Charity Steel Almirahs and Ceiling Fans were bought and donated to Kasturba Trust

22 Charity Lodge as usual, contributed Rs.5000/- to the District Grand Charity fund. The brethren of Lodge unanimously decided to contribute RS.5000/- for Bro.Sudershanam on his completing 40 years service to the Masonry.

23 Finance Lodge finances are comfortable. Sufficient Capital Fund is available under all three heads, i.e. Administration, Fellowship and Charity.

24 Election Election meeting held on 11 th January 2013 Worshipful Master Bro Maj A Rangchand Treasurer W Bro L Shankar TylerBro Jatindar Singh

25 Acknowledgements For Efficient Administration W Bro D P Ranade, Secretary W Bro L Shankar,Treasurer For Masonic Education W Bro L Shankar, W Bro Col Dr G B Sethi W Bro Maj. R K Singh For Facilitation of Rehearsals W Bro Maj R K Singh

26 Acknowledgements For Charity Events W Bro M J Parekh For Organizing family meets RSI Bro Sqn Ldr Jagdish Singh Himayath Sagar Bro D Sridhar Babu

27 Conclusion To conclude, the Lodge had a good Masonic year with peace, harmony and fellowship prevailing throughout the year.

28 Thank you

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