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THE COVER OF THE YEAR. The cover of the Year is the international competition of printed publications in which all Russian top editions participate, including.

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2 The cover of the Year is the international competition of printed publications in which all Russian top editions participate, including regional and foreign papers which are spread over Russia. The first competition like that took place in 2000 with the support of UNESCO. In our days the competition is also backed up by the Ministry of Culture and Mass Communication of the Russian Federation. The cover of the Year is not just getting awards by editions participating in it, but first of all it is a competition of global importance. A lot of cover people take part in this ceremony: cinema, theatre, television and show-business stars, representatives of business and political elite, famous sportsmen and artists, who can be both prize-handlers and prize-winners.

3 " The cover of the year " is in constant development and every year together with the participants searches for new interesting forms as carrying out of the competition, and solemn ceremony of rewarding. This contest sets itself as an object to catch and analyze a new covers design tendencies and it gives a chance to specialists and Internet audience to get to know the covers of editions on the site We hope that That cover of year contest will be interesting and useful both for the contestants and for the people who keeps an eye on magazines style. We wish you good luck and new triumphs

4 The Cyclops - a unique prize of competition The Cover of the year is developed and made by The jeweller house " Petor Privalov The Cyclops personifies an information whirlwind from which the original image is born. The eye of a Cyclops symbolizes special vision the intuition which is lighting up creativity Prizes are made of bronze with a gold covering and jewels The author of idea of a prize, the chapter of The jeweller house Petor Privalov Marina Korotaeva

5 The first stage of voting will go off online on the site where the contest program will be formed. The second stage is the voting of judges who represent leading advertisers, the major distributors of published editors, broadcasting media, well known photographers, designers and artists. In 2002 the session took place in the hotel Metropol, from 2001 to 2003 and in 2006 – in Savoy, from 2004 to 2005 – in the President The ceremonies of awards from 2001 to 2004 were held in the theatre The New Opera and Mossoviet, and in 2005 for the first time the ceremony took place in Big Circus on Leninskye Gory and assembled 3.5 thousand people. In 2006 the ceremony was in the Children Music Theatre by N.I. Sac. In 2007 the ceremony took place in Moscow House of Music. The national actor of Russia Evgeniy Petrosan Jury session

6 During the ceremony of rewarding at various times stepped onstage different famous people: Zhanna Agalakova, Julia Bordovskih, Tina Kandelaki, Olga Groznaya, Valdis Pelsh, Alexander Shirvindt, Dmitrij Dibrov, Svetlana Konegen, Konstantin Mihajlov, Vladimir Etush, Vladimir Ilyin, Marat Basharov, Maria Mironova, Lyudmila Chursina, Alexey Nilov, Anna Terehova, Chulpan Hamatova, Maria Shukshina, Irina Apeximova, Evgeniya Kryukova, Iosiph Kobzon, Philip Kirkorov, Oleg Gazmanov, Alexander Bujnov, Valerij Meladze, Valeria, Lolita, Zemfira, Vyacheslav Petkun, the duet Chaj Vdvoem, the group Smislovie Gallyucinacii, Larisa Latinina, Pavel Bure, Maxim Dunaevskij, Alexander Byalko, Andris Liepa, Sergej Zverev, Andrej Malahov, Anastasia Volochkova, Anastasia Zavarotnyuk, Vladimir Zeldin, Anne Veski, Jasmine, the group Uma Turman, Sergej Penkin, Marianna Maximovskaya (Ren-TV), Anastasia Chernobrovina (RTR), Alexander Anatolyevich (MTV), Andrej I (1st channel), Mikhail Dorozhkin, Svetlana Svetlichnaya, Marina Golub, Alexander Nevskij, Oksana Korostishevskaya, Andrej Chernishev, Alexander Peskov, Irina Chaschina, Maria Butirskaya, Natalya Rogozina, Jurij Grimov, The Missis of the World 2006 Sophia Arzhakovskaya, Angelina Vovk, Anastasia Sidoran, Vladimir Vishnevskij, Nikas Safronov, Olga Shelest, Ilya Shiyan, Lajma Vajkule, Valerij Syutkin, Alexej Glizin, Tina Karol, Kamalia, LAMA, the group Plazma, Bosson (Sweden), Alena Visockaya, Stas Pieha, Masha Fedorova, Artur Gulkarov, the dancing ballet-group Todes and so on.

7 This year the competition is held in 11 nominations: 1.Socio-political and business publications 2.Men and their hobbies 3.Publications for youth 4.Womans world: family, fashion, beauty, hobbies 5.Entertainment and educational publications 6.Specialized publications 7.Architecture, design, real estate, landscape 8.Active rest, travelling and sports 9. The best web site 10.Publications for children 11.Book publications. Special nominations also exist: First night, Aniversary, Luxurious life, Business style, B2B, A singing cover, Charisma in business, A Cover-star, Media Man (Media Woman) and others.


9 In previous years among the winners of the competition there were magazines and newspapers: Argumenti i facti, Burda, Digital Photo, Domovoj, FHM, Ona, Gala, Harpers Bazaar, Interior plus design, Karyera, Medved, Officiel, Ogonek, Om, L'Optimum, Penthouse, Pinguin, Profil, Salon of Real Estate, Smart Money, Sobesednik, Vlast, Vokrug Sveta, Voyage, Zdorovye, Zhenskoe Zdorovye, and others.

10 Annually within the limits of competition Cover of the year our partners do promotion of their brands and give memorable gifts to winners Whisky Black Label Watches Rivaldy

11 The ceremony of awards is translated on central TV channels: from 2000 – TV-6, from 2001 – TV Centre; informative support on radio channels: Eho Moskvi, Europe Plus Maximum, Monte Carlo; also on the internet:,,,,,, and on web sites of editions-participants of the competition as well. The information about the competition is printed in all the participant magazines and highlighted in TV news programms.


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