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Year 9 Options 2012 GCSE Health and Social Care (Double Award)

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1 Year 9 Options 2012 GCSE Health and Social Care (Double Award)

2 The course is delivered through a mixture of practical and theory lessons. In theory lessons students learn about human development, health and fitness and factors which affect good health. HOURS PER WEEK5 LESSONS A WEEK EXAMINATIONSGCSE GCSE ENTRY LEVELSLEVELS 1 + 2 GRADES A*- G AVAILABLE COURSEWORK60% FINAL EXAMINATION1 IN Year 10 1 IN Year 11

3 Coursework forms a major part of this subject. Most of which is done in school. It forms 60% of your final grade. It is vital that students perform well in this area. The course is made up of the following units: Unit 1: Health, social care and early years provision. Unit 2:Human Growth and Development. Unit 3:Maintaining Health and well-being. Unit 4:Promoting Health and Well-being Unit 1 and Unit 4 are controlled assessment tasks. This means that you do the work in the classroom but under supervision by the teacher and a record of the time you have used is recorded. Unit 2 and Unit 3 are examinations, one which will be taken in Year 10 and one which will be taken in Year 11.

4 Students are encouraged to become independent learners incorporating a variety of skills. Students are encouraged to try new skills (Literacy, IT) and progress and perform successfully.

5 What qualities do Health and Social students need to have? Good teamwork skills Have a keen interest in the health and social care services and how they operate. Enjoy studying a subject that is relevant to your life and experiences. Want to find out more about what affects health. Want to study a course that is active and enjoyable. Have an interest in working in social/childcare

6 Whats good about Health and Social Care? Health and Social care lessons have a nice atmosphere, there is 5 hours a week so plenty of time to do the work. Most of the work done is on the computer and there is rarely a lot of handwriting to be done. The teachers let you get on with the work so you become more independent. Our lessons are exciting and relaxed. Everyone in our class enjoys Health and Social and no one has regretted taking it.


8 By the end of the course students would have developed their knowledge, skills and understanding about Health and Social Care

9 For more information contact Mrs. Roberts and Miss Shepherd

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