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SESSION 2.2 Programme of Assessment Grades 10 - 12.

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1 SESSION 2.2 Programme of Assessment Grades

2 Programme of Assessment Grades Outcome To provide an overview of assessment requirements for Grades


4 Assessment – Gr 10, 11, 12 Informal Daily assessment Monitor learners progress Improve teaching Scaffold learning Stepping stones to tasks in Programme of Assessment Not required to record Mainly formative Formal Programme of Assessment Systematic way of evaluating learner progress Used for promotion / certification Recorded Mainly summative

5 Programme of Assessment Grades Includes –Examinations –Tests –Other tasks such as written or practical assignments, etc. –Practical Assessment Task – certain subjects Specified number for each subject = total number required, not minimum Collectively should cover Learning Outcomes and Assessment Standards Submit to School Management end of previous year – used to draw up assessment plan for school

6 25% 75% Tasks during school year End of year

7 Annual Assessment Grades 10 and 11 Tasks during the year = 25% End-of-year examination = 75% (Includes PAT) All assessment is internal / school-based Grade 12 Tasks during the year = 25% Assessment during the year is internal External examination = 75% This is set and marked externally (Includes PAT – externally set and moderated)

8 Externally set Internal / School-based

9 Examinations Grades 10 and 11 Two exams: –Midyear and End-of-Year –All internal / school-based Grade 12 One/Two internal exams: –Midyear and/or Preparatory exam External Examination Duration to protect contact time –Two weeks per exam for internal examinations (according to Work Schedule) –End-of-Year exams not to start before November

10 Tests Two tests: –First and Third terms Scheduled Controlled conditions Not to be made up of a series of small tests

11 Other Tasks Not tests or exams Three tasks – one per terms 1 – 3 (see Protocol and Subject Assessment Guidelines) Controlled conditions Facilitated during class time by teacher Certain aspects could be done at home e.g. sourcing information, planning, etc.

12 Practical Assessment Task CAT and IT – see Subject Assessment Guidelines Part of End-of-Year assessment (Grade 10 and 11) and External assessment (Grade 12) 25% of End-of-Year assessment (Grade 10 and 11) 25% of External assessment – Grade 12

13 What constitutes a formal task? Vary in form and nature Can include one or more pieces of evidence Can include one or more forms of assessment Can be administered over different periods of time / stages Can include process, product, performance or combination thereof

14 Wrap-up Question and answer session

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