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Senior Year Is Here! Class of 2014

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1 Senior Year Is Here! Class of 2014
Presentation to Seniors - Auditorium Merrie Desormier A-L Tera Koentges M-Z September 12, 2013

2 SENIORITIS? Senior year matters! Relax Be Positive
Work hard, stay focused! GRADES MATTER, even more than test scores Stay organized Be Balanced Make Memories! Senior year matters!

3 BE AWARE OF DEADLINES Senior year is all about DEADLINES – for college apps, financial aid & scholarships, changing courses, ordering your announcements, and completing all your requirements to GRADUATE!

4 LIFE AFTER EHS What are your plans? College/University
Vocational or Technical College Military Job/Career “Gap” Year “I don’t have a clue…”

5 Graduation vs. College Entrance Requirements
High School Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2014 High Education Admissions Requirements (HEAR) *Entrance requirements may vary between colleges English………………4.0 Math………………….3.0 Science………………3.0 Social Studies……….3.5 PE…………………….0.5 Fine/Practical Arts…0.5 Electives…………… 8.5 TOTAL… 23 English……………..…4.0 Math……………………4.0 Science………………..3.0 Social Studies…………3.5 World Language Electives……………

6 A Few College Quirks CU-Boulder: World Geography highly recommended
Arizona: Public universities require 4 years of math and 1 year of Fine Arts Kansas: Public universities require 1 year of Computer Technology University of California System: requires 2 sequential semesters of a Visual/Performing Art California State System: requires 1 year of biological science and 1 year of physical science. Also requires 1 year of Visual/Performing Art Change of Program: Notify colleges if you make changes to core classes after you have applied and/or been admitted


8 CCHE Index Adams State College 80 Colorado School of Mines 110
Colorado State University Colorado State University—Pueblo Fort Lewis College Mesa State College* Metropolitan State College of Denver University of Colorado—Boulder 103 University of Colorado--Colorado Springs 92 University of Colorado—Denver University of Northern Colorado Western State College *Applies to students admitted to four-year programs only


10 September Register to retake ACT/SAT/Subject Tests
Finalize your list of colleges & their app deadlines Finalize teacher/counselor recommendations – fill out survey on Naviance. Continue working on your application essay Research/apply for scholarships – Check Deadlines – most are due Dec.-Feb.) Check out military academy and ROTC deadlines Peter VanBuskirk – September 17th at 6-8pm

11 Peter VanBuskirk November 20th at 6-8pm EHS Auditorium $5.00/person for presale $10.00/person at the door A former Dean of Admissions at Franklin & Marshall. He is an EXPERT in the college admissions process. He offers great insight into what colleges are really looking for and what they want to see.

12 October Prepare Early Decision/Early Action applications for November deadlines. Request transcripts and teacher recs. from Naviance. Polish your application essay. Visit with College Representatives when they visit EHS Complete the CSS Profile Form if your colleges require it for application/financial aid College Fairs

13 November Turn in applications before Nov 22th to process before winter break. Obtain worksheet for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at December Complete Applications Get ready to submit your FAFSA can be completed on or after January 1, 2014.

14 Workshops for Seniors to Help in the College Application Process
September 24, 2013 – Assistance will be provided to those students who still need help finalizing their college lists. October 1, 2013 – Common Application - Ensure you have successfully completed your Common Application October 8, 2013 – Parent and student work session October 15, 2013 – Parent and student work session October 22, 2013 – Student work session October 29, 2013 – Financial Aid November 5, Scholarship Search November 12, 2013 – Scholarship Search


16 How many colleges should I apply to?
A solid college list includes: “Sure Admit” Schools (1-2) Good Match Schools (3-4) Reach Schools (1-2) Now we’d like to take just a moment to remind students about the importance of creating a good and balanced “list” of colleges. A balanced

17 Types of Applications Online (preferred method) – through the college
Common Application – Go to – used by close to 400 colleges – look for supplement

18 Application Options Regular Decision Rolling Admissions
Early Action (EA) Early Decision (ED) Restrictive Early Action (REA)

19 Dissecting a College Application
Application Form – Biographical Data Application Fee – ranges from $0 - $75 Transcript – GPA, class rank, courses Test Scores – ACT/SAT ( Essay – Check prompts carefully! Letter(s) of Recommendation – 1 or 2 teachers, counselor Audition/Portfolio/Interview – specific to certain colleges

20 College Application Process
YOU Complete application (on-line) Pay application fee Submit essay (if needed) Request letters of recommendation and follow-up (if needed) Request test scores from testing agency – check college! Request Transcript & pay fee ($5) to EHS College and Career Center EHS Counseling Send Transcript Send Test Scores (*) Send Letters of Recommendation, if needed School Profile

21 Online Application Helpful Hints
Proofread before you click submit, you are committed. Use your full legal name. Use and check your account. Have an appropriate name. Social Media counts!


23 Letters of Recommendation from Counselors and Teachers
Teachers and Counselors At least two weeks prior to due date: Step 1:Complete the Teacher/Counselor Recommendation Form in the “About Me” Section of Naviance. These are required by most teachers and all counselors in order to write letters of recommendation for students. Step 2: Ask the person face to face. Step 3: Request through Naviance Step 4: Send a thank you note HELPFUL HINTS Only ask for what you need and no more!!!! Teachers can say no Teacher may not turn them until the deadline When asked in Naviance if you want to see the letter say NO Now we’d like to discuss the important issue of letters of recommendation—both from Counselors and from teachers. Many colleges want to know what other people, counselors and teachers specifically, say about students. Thus, some students will need to request letters of recommendations from teachers and counselors. Students should check the individual college websites to determine if they need letters of recommendation. The colleges using the Common Application, typically require one counselor letter and two teacher recommendation letters. If a student determines that they need a letter of recommendation from their counselor, they must follow the protocol listed above. To request a letter from a counselor, you need to ask one month before the letter is due, and complete required forms: A student self-assessment and résumé. (copies of these documents are available on our counseling website and on the Family Connection website.) Families can also access “protocol for Requesting a letter of recommendation from your Counselor” on the FHS Counseling and Family Connection websites which outlines the this process.

24 SCHOOLS TEACHER COUNSELOR Letters of Recommendation Required:
University of Colorado (Boulder) NO Arizona State No Colorado State (CSU app-not common app) Checklist University of California Metro State University of Denver Yes Colorado College This slide demonstrates a few popular schools that FHS students apply to and whether a recommendation is required or not. Please note that many of our Colorado institutions do NOT require letters of recommendation from teachers or counselors. Please note: It might be recommended for you if you are below the admissions requirements


26 Transcript Request Process
Complete blue Transcript Request Form (one per college) Pay $5.00 per college in Counseling Center Update“Colleges I’m Thinking About” in Naviance Complete FERPA Do not order your transcript until your application is complete, including recommendations! You can check Naviance to see if your letters of recommendation have been turned in to the Counseling Center.

27 November 1 October 1 November 15 October 18 December 1 November 8
Transcript Request Deadlines For College /Scholarship Applications If College/Scholarship Transcript Request/College forms Application deadline is: Transcript request due by: November 1 October 1 November 15 October 18 December November 8 December November 22 January 1 and December 6 February January 17

28 NAVIANCE Log on to
User Name = student ID number Password = 8 digit birthday (mmddyyyy) Letter of Recommendation Supplement for teachers and counselor List schools of interest “Colleges I’m thinking about” under “My Colleges” tab in Naviance College Representative Visits: find out when schools are visiting EHS Scholarships: Look at the scholarship list and access applications


30 For Priority Consideration
CU-Boulder December 1, 2013 (for January 15th notification) Colorado State December 1, 2013 (for Feb1st notification) UNC No Set Deadline (Rolling admission)

31 ACT Test Dates 2013-2014 Test Date Registration Late
Sept 21 Aug 23 Sept 6 Oct 26 Sept 27 Oct 11 Dec 14 Nov 8 Nov 22 Feb 8 Jan 10 Jan 24 April12 March 7 March 21 June 14 May 9 May 23 REGISTER ONLINE: no stand by testing photo ID AND printed admission ticket required for entry Photo upload is required to complete registration

32 SAT I and SAT Subject Tests
Test __ Test Date ____ Regular_ Late SAT & *Sub Oct Sept 6 Sept 20 SAT & *Sub Nov Oct 3 Oct 18 SAT & *Sub Dec Nov Nov 22 SAT & *Sub Jan Dec Jan 10 SAT Only March 8 Feb 7 Feb 21 SAT & *Sub May April 4 April 18 SAT & *Sub June May 9 May 23 *check calendar for specific subject tests REGISTER ONLINE: no stand by testing photo ID AND printed admission ticket required for entry Photo upload is required to complete registration

33 College Visits Coming Up
Colorado College – Sept 11 University of CO Boulder – Sept 12 Johnson & Wales University – Sept 12 Western State Colorado University – Sept 19 Bucknell University – Sept 23 Seattle University– Sept 24 Pepperdine University – Sept 26 American University– Oct 4 Boston University – Oct 7 University of Oregon – Oct 8 University of Vermont – Oct 8 Earlham College – Oct 10 Franklin Marshall – Oct 10 Montana State University – Bozman – Oct 10 Linfield College – Oct 10 Drake University – Oct 10 …and many many more – sign up on Naviance

34 College Visits Visit with college and university representatives when they come to Evergreen (signup on Naviance) Plan a time to visit schools you are interested in or applying to.


36 Financial Aid Types of Financial Aid
Grants Loans Work Study Scholarships Still need help? There will be a session on financial aid at the Junior College Night -Tuesday, November EHS 6:30-9pm

37 FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid
Have your parents file taxes as early as possible this year or estimate FAFSA should be completed in January or February Applying on line is the fastest and easiest way to complete the FAFSA Required for most grants, work study programs and loans Log on to and register today for a PIN

38 NCAA Student-athletes interested in playing athletics at a Division I or Division II school must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center immediately! Log on to Fill out transcript request form and turn into counseling with $5. Please see your counselor as soon as possible if you are planning to play college sports and have not registered with NCAA

39 Resources & Upcoming Events
Out-of-State Colleges hold evening Information Sessions and Interviews in metro area (check our website and theirs) NACAC National College Fair Colorado Convention Center, Oct. 5, 1:00-4:00pm. Greater Denver College Fair and Workshop Oct am-2pm Monarch H. S. Out-of-State College Nights Oct :30-8:30 p.m. John F. Kennedy H.S. Oct :00-12:30 p.m. Mountain Vista H.S. September, October and November – Tuesdays College/Career Center Workshops

40 Additional resources- Post-Graduate Center
College Representative Visits For a full list and to sign up go to Navaince Check calendar on EHS website for dates and times Resource Books and Computer Access We are excited to welcome Ms. Rachael Brughelli. She is a recent CU Leeds School of Business graduate and a great resource to help you find what you are looking for!

41 Final Thoughts Questions We’re here to help you through this process!

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