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Year 9 GCSE Information Evening. What choices are available. What the process is.

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1 Year 9 GCSE Information Evening

2 What choices are available. What the process is.

3 Why is this process so important? You and your child will in the next 3 months make choices that will affect their future. We want to work with you to help and guide them to make the right choices not only for now but for the choices they may want to make ahead. Some may be unsure of what they want to do. Some may have a very clear plan for their future.

4 Why is this process so important? Its your choice But its our job to guide you.

5 Why is this process so important? We can offer you Key Stage 4 qualifications that could lead to Sixth Form at Headlands School. A College Course. A Job or Career.

6 Your options 6th form at Headlands This will allow you an opportunity to continue in the subjects that are your strengths at Key Stage Four. You will study in surroundings that you are familiar with alongside friends and staff that know you and how to support you. You will take the qualifications that will allow you to go to university or college.

7 Your options College courses There are a number of Colleges in the local area that provide a choice of courses as alternatives to A Levels and the Sixth Form Experience. Some of these courses may be an extension of choices that school provides at GCSE.

8 Your options Jobs and Careers For some students, the end of Key Stage 4 signals the end of their full time education. These students move from school in to the world of work, where there are a number of opportunities for further training and study. All of these need you to have GCSEs.

9 What you need to do. Choose the ‘right’ blend of qualifications. Be successful in your chosen courses. Good attendance at School. Good behaviour in School. The right ‘Work Ethic’. 100% Effort at all times. Set your self high aspirations and expectations. Believe in yourself.

10 Changes to assessment Our year 9s will be the first cohort who will do new GCSEs in English and Maths but haven't had the new KS2 curriculum. The content is significantly different. “big fat maths”, more challenging English. We have been preparing them for these changes during this year. GCSE preparation has already started.

11 Changes to how your child will be assessed Grading for GCSEs has changed. A* to C will no longer be how achievement is measured. A new 9 grade scale will be created with 9 representing the top grade. Current grade C will be the new grade 4 initially. Grade 5 will be about half to two thirds higher than that required for a C. (this is likely to become the new sought after level).

12 Changes to how your child will be assessed There will be greater stretch above grade 4 with 5 further grades available. Grade 7 will match grade A. Grade 9 will be for “exceptional performance” About half those who currently get grade A* will get grade 9. Grade 1 will cover the same proportion of students who currently get grade F or G.

13 What exams will your child have to sit. All students will take a GCSE in English literature and English Language. All students will take GCSE maths. All students will take at least 2 science GCSEs. These will be from a choice of Biology, Chemistry and Physics or may be core and additional science. All students will take PE leading to either a GCSE or a BTEC qualification. Ethics is compulsory in year 10.

14 What exams could I choose You will have a choice of 3 other subjects. 1 of these should be either History, Geography or a language. You may be invited to take computer science or the 3 separate sciences. If you do you will be asked to discuss this with your teacher. The information booklet will give you the choices available.

15 What exams could I choose You will have 3 GCSE blocks and you will need to choose 1 from each block. Some students may be recommended to take specific courses. We are happy to discuss these with you and your parents. Wherever possible we will try to make sure you can take the courses you have chosen. Its important to put a clear 1 st and 2 nd choice in case you can’t do what you first wanted.

16 What is the process? Initial discussion with class teachers tonight. 19 th January Information booklets handed out (also on the website). Year 9 parents evening 25 th February. GCSE choice forms returned 2 nd March.

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