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1 HALF YEAR RESULTS 30 JUNE 2004 Presented by Koh Mei Lee PPB GROUP BERHAD

2 Group Financial Highlights Dividend Share Information Corporate Developments Prospects For 2004 agenda

3 Group Financial Highlights

4 financial results Jan to June 20042003Change RM mil % Revenue5,3974,252 26.9 Profit from operations275287(4.2) Profit/(loss) from investing activities 206 233.3 Share of associates45434.7 Finance costs (8) (6) 33.3 PBT 332 3300.6 PAT2462431.2 Earnings1711691.2

5 financial results Jan-JunFull Year % (All figures in RM million)20042003 Change Non-Current Assets3,5433,5130.9 Current Assets2,6032,29013.7 Less : Current Liabilities (1,173) (980)19.7 Net Assets 4,9734,8233.1 Financed By : Share Capital491 - Reserves2,5902,4973.7 Shareholders Funds3,0812,9883.1 Minority Interest1,5101,4831.8 Non-Current & Def. Liabilities 382 3528.5 4,9734,8233.1 NTA per share (sen)6216023.2

6 financial ratios Jan to June +1%

7 segmental results comparison Sugar & cane Flour, feed & grain milling Oil palm plantations Edible oil refining & trading Waste management & utilities Cinemas PropertyOthers Jan to June Y2003 Y2004

8 segmental revenue contribution Jan to June 2004 RM5.4 billion

9 operating profits contribution Jan to June 2004 RM281million

10 PBT for 5 years 18.3% Average growth for 5 years

11 Cash and borrowings

12 Dividend

13 dividend record DividendNetPayout ratio per sharedividendCompanysof Companys GrossNetpaidearnings Year(sen) (RM million) (%) 200410.08.650.97766.78876.3 (based on enlarged capital) 200325.020.5100.675139.29972.3 200246.543.0210.968216.23197.6 200120.015.868.688139.90949.1 200020.015.858.139117.12849.6 199924.017.363.58593.62467.9

14 Share Information

15 share information RM4.78 RM4.62 RM3.86 RM8.05 RM6.15 RM6.50 Average Daily Volume HighLowClose 152,000 340,000 +41%

16 share performance Yr2003Yr2004 RM5.30 RM6.40 +21% 733 828 +13%

17 Corporate Developments

18 major acquisitions and joint ventures PPB completed the privatisation of FFM Berhad by way of a members scheme of arrangement under Section 176 of the Cos. Act, 1965 offer was for 1 new PPB share plus cash of RM2.00 for every 1 FFM share additional 102,126,817 PPB shares were listed on Bursa Malaysia on 25 August 2004 PPBs share capital increased to RM592.7 million FFM became a wholly-owned subsidiary of PPB

19 major acquisition and joint ventures On 9 June 2004, FFM Group expanded its wheat flour milling activity to Thailand through the acquisition of 43.35% interest in Kerry-Glory Flour Mills Co. Ltd for a total cash consideration of Baht 329,454,414 equivalent to RM30.7 million. On 7 May 2004, PGEO Group entered into a JV with KOG Investments Pte Ltd, Spore to construct and operate an edible oils and fats processing facility in Rotterdam, Netherland through KOG Edible Oils BV (KOGBV) at a total cost of Euro 27.7 million. PGEO Group subscribed for 35% interest in KOGBV for a total cash consideration of Euro 4.2 million.

20 Prospects for 2004

21 prospects for 2004 Groups profit for 2004 is likely to match that of year 2003

22 Thank You

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