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Third-Year History Introductory lecture 29 September 2011.

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1 Third-Year History Introductory lecture 29 September 2011

2 Cores and Electives Eight modules over the year For dual honours, least two modules in History and two in your other principle subject BUT… Normal expectation in History is four modules: two taught modules and the dissertation (a double module) Different patterns for students of Major and Minor History

3 Taught modules Focus and specialisation c.1000AD to c.1950AD Britain, Europe, Africa, Asia, USA Military, social, political, etc histories

4 Studying Third-Year History Allow time for reading, writing and thinking Allow 10 hours per module per week Complete at least 40% History over three years to do PGCE

5 History Dissertations – why? Normal culmination of undergraduate History studies Substantial research element Lectures, workshops and supervisions

6 Dont Panic… Tutors are there to help Library and Blackboard resources: IT helpdesk Tackle work in manageable chunks One-to-one supervisions to support your dissertation

7 StARs St udent A cademic R epresentative s Represent disciplinary year- group Alison Leese Important to feedback in this year

8 If things go wrong… Personal tutors History tutors Director of Undergraduate Studies in History 2011-12 is Dr Shalini Sharma Extensions can only be granted by Shalini!

9 Essentials Email – check your Keele email account, at least once per day Diary or wall planner – make sure you know assessment deadlines Alarm clock – you cant afford to oversleep!

10 Then what? Third-year exams finish on Friday 4 May 2012 229 days from now Careers? Further study?

11 And finally… You can email any member of staff in History about their taught modules or about the Dissertation – we will be happy to advise you. The reply may not be instant, but it will arrive!

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