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Final Year Returners Meeting 2013 BSc Management/ Management (specialism) Anna Goatman Programme Director.

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1 Final Year Returners Meeting 2013 BSc Management/ Management (specialism) Anna Goatman Programme Director

2 Congratulations… …youve made it to the final year!

3 Academic roles 2013-14 Dr Ilias Petrounias Director of Undergraduate Studies Dr Anna Goatman Programme Director BSc Management Dr Reza Salehnejad Programme Director IBFE Dr Antony Potter Programme Director IM & IMABS Penny Young Programme Director BSc Accounting

4 Register by the end of September or there will be a fine!

5 Choose your courses by 4 th October 2013 Move to a timetabled seminar/workshop if you are in a holding class (SEM0 or WSP0) Request programme changes as soon as possible via The Undergraduate Office, D20 Remember: Pre-requisites must be passed at 40% or more (not by a compensated fail)

6 Management specialism *and meet any other requirements specified in the Programme structure If you want a specialism, you must Choose (at least) 40 credits at level 2* Choose (at least) 60 credits at level 3* Specialism details are available on the Online Undergraduate HandbookOnline Undergraduate Handbook

7 Student Charter States what we expect of you and what you can expect from us

8 Attendance and engagement As a student I will: Attend, and prepare for, all my scheduled teaching sessions and other learning events, such as induction and meetings with academic advisors. (University of Manchester Student Charter)

9 Attendance and engagement Seminar and workshop attendance will be monitored Spot checks may be carried out in lectures Students can be prevented from taking exams on the basis of poor attendance If you are absent, make sure you complete an absence from class form If you experience mitigating circumstances you must inform the Assessment and Student Support Office (D14), complete the necessary paperwork and provide evidence

10 Places to study MBS East C11 is a Group Study Room available 10-4 that can be booked via D20 – you need to book and leave your student card at D20 Dont forget you can book rooms in the Learning Commons for group work

11 Feedback Feedback comes in many forms. Informal advice and discussion during a lecture, seminar, workshop or lab Online exercises and quizzes delivered through the course Blackboard space Responses to your emails and questions from a member of staff, including feedback provided to a group via an online discussion forum Specific course related feedback sessions Written and/or verbal comments on assessed or non assessed coursework Written and/or verbal comments after you have given a group or individual presentation Generic feedback posted on Blackboard regarding overall examination performance Group and individual discussions/meetings with your Academic Advisor Discussions and meetings with your Programme Director To get meaningful feedback you must engage in your education.

12 Office hours Office hours are times when academic staff are available to meet students Please make use of this opportunity Academic staff should display their office hours on their door

13 Academic malpractice The University regards plagiarism and other forms of academic malpractice, such as collusion and fabrication or falsification of results, as serious academic offences. Further information about avoiding academic malpractice is available from The Online Undergraduate Handbook.The Online Undergraduate Handbook. Dont cheat. Its not worth it

14 Degree weightings Year 2 25% Year 3 75% Year 1 Zero

15 Employability Make the most of the careers service careers service Continue to work on your PDP Think about what you can do this year to improve your CV

16 Academic Advisors It is important that you maintain a good relationship with your Academic Advisor If you need a reference, your Academic Advisor is the first person you should ask

17 Sources of information and support Academic Advisor Course Coordinator Programme Director Assessment and Student Support Centre (D14) Undergraduate Office (D20) E-Bulletin University email account The Online Undergraduate Contains lots of information about stuff you need to know!


19 Work hard – this year is worth three quarters of your final degree mark If you find yourself in need of help or support, please ask

20 Good luck for the forthcoming year

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