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2011 Embedded Systems Software Training Center What well be teaching.

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1 2011 Embedded Systems Software Training Center What well be teaching

2 A GENDA What are the embedded systems? What are wireless technologies? Embedded System Development Specifics What is Software Engineering? Embedded Systems Software Training Center (ESSTC) curriculum

3 W HAT ARE THE EMBEDDED SYSTEMS ? Embedded systems: Computer system designed to do one or a few dedicated and/or specific functions often with real-time constraints. Embedded as part of a complete device often including hardware and mechanical parts Embedded software Software for embedded systems Equipment (hardware) and software part of the product shall be considered together with equipment

4 W HAT ARE THE EMBEDDED SYSTEMS ? Examples of application of embedded system devices Multimedia equipment (TV, video, digital cameras, audio equipment). Computer and network peripherals (routers, printers, scanners, disks) Home appliances (microwave ovens, rice cookers, washing machines, dryers, air conditioners) Telecommunications terminal equipment (telephones, answering machine, cellular phone) Transportation equipment (automobiles, traffic lights, control / rail vehicles, aircraft, ships) Equipment / FA industrial control (control plants, machine tools, industrial robots) Welfare equipment / medical equipment (blood pressure, ECG, X-rays, CT scans) Military / space (rockets, satellites, missile)


6 W HAT ARE WIRELESS TECHNOLOGIES ? Wireless network technologies WiFi IEEE802.11x Bluetooth ZigBee IrDA NFC

7 W HAT ARE WIRELESS TECHNOLOGIES ? Bluetooth protocol Characteristics Range up 100 m, Piconet up to 8 devices Data Rate up to 24 mbit/sb (BT 4.0) Multi-tier, 28 profiles Applications Mobile phones (headset, dial-up, transfer of contact details, calendar appointments, etc.) Wireless devices like the mouse, keyboard, printer, camera Multimedia devices Serial port-like communication with bar code scanners, and traffic control devices. Short range transmission of health sensor data from medical devices Wireless bridge between two Industrial Ethernet networks. …

8 W HAT ARE WIRELESS TECHNOLOGIES ? ZigBee protocol Characteristics: Low-cost, Low-power Range up 10 m Multi-tier, 5 profiles Applications: Home Entertainment and Control Wireless Sensor Networks Industrial control Medical data collection …

9 E MBEDDED S OFTWARE D EVELOPMENT S PECIFICS Embedded Software specific Resource constraints Cost limitations especially for the mass products Low RAM, CPU usage Time constrains (real time response). Low power consumption, operating environment (e.g. temperature), weight Real Time OS are used Quality and Reliability Malfunction of the equipment directly related to system malfunction Higher cost of recovery system Customer expectations for equipment reliability

10 E MBEDDED S OFTWARE D EVELOPMENT S PECIFICS Embedded software development challenges Require deep knowledge of the protocols and standards Co-design and concurrent development of hardware and (potentially) Cross development Support of variety of platforms (hardware, OS). Variety of used processors is much more wider then x86 family Interoperability with other components and implementations

11 E MBEDDED S OFTWARE D EVELOPMENT S PECIFICS Fun of Embedded software development Purely algorithmic programming Low level of abstraction in difference with.NET, Java, Web etc. Direct work with hardware and OS entities Allows to work on variety of platforms (hardware, OS) Kind of hacking and reverse engineering sometimes Allows to apply all the analytic skills and knowledge Allows to understand deeply how your device works – phone, gadget, computer We work on the border of software and hardware, but we dont use soldering iron Our target is not tiny assembler written code, it can be even RDBMS for small devices

12 W HAT IS S OFTWARE E NGINEERING ? Legitimate engineering discipline The application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software; that is, the application of engineering to software (IEEE definition) Recognized profession Applies Computer Science theory and practical result The aim is: solving of the customers problems with computing means Quality is the crucial point

13 W HAT IS S OFTWARE E NGINEERING ? System approach Analysis Identify activities and objects Define the system boundary Consider nested systems, systems interrelationship Synthesis of solution Creation of solution for system from subcomponents solutions

14 W HAT IS S OFTWARE E NGINEERING ? Engineering approach

15 ESSTC C URRICULUM Syllabi Real-time OS software development 6 lectures, 6 workshops Bluetooth/ZigBee software development 2 lectures, 10 workshops SE/PM/QA basics 10 lectures, 5 workshops Circumstance of Japanese automotive industry Japanese style of project promotion PLM/PDM/ALM

16 ESSTC C URRICULUM Schedule y20112012 m910111212345678 SE/PM/QA real-time OS Bluetooth/ZigBee PLM/PDM/ALM circumstance of automotive industry Japanese style of project promotion phase 1phase 2phase 3phase 4 T est1T est2T est3T est4

17 ESSTC C URRICULUM Groups structure for Phases 2-4 Class typeWorkshop group (10-15) Lecture group (10-15) Free lecture group LecturesMandatory Free WorkshopsMandatory TestsMandatory

18 ESSTC C URRICULUM Authors DSR Corporation OTSL Inc Teachers DSR corporation Japanese companies Sources Universally recognized textbooks (USA, Japan) Software engineering standards (ISO, IEEE-SA etc.) Protocol standards Materials of Engineer Human Resource Development Program (NEXCESS), Japan Practical skills of software engineering

19 ESSTC C URRICULUM Requirements to Students Computer science basics C basics (for workshops) Desire for learning

20 ESSTC C URRICULUM Students applications email: Personal info 1. Name (ФИО) 2. Department (Факультет) 3. Major (Специализация) 4. Academic year (Курс) 5. Average grades (средний балл) 6. Email Course site:

21 DSR C ORPORATION Founded in 1998 in USA, Denver, CO Has the development branch in Voronezh, Russia from 2004 (50+ engineers) Getting bigger continuously Directions of software development: Embedded systems, Wireless networks.NET, Web applications Enterprise systems Mobile applications Among customers and partners (Embedded systems and Wireless network) CardAccess (USA), Panasonic (Japan), Casio (Japan), OTSL (Japan), Fujitsu (Japan), Brycen (Japan), It/Henge (Japan), Claridy (Taiwan)

22 OTSL I NC Resides in Nagoya, Japan. Has offices in Tokyo, Okayama, Miyazaki Business domains: Embedded systems, Short Range wireless Consultation & Education Among customers Largest Japanese Car manufacturers Alliance ZigBee Alliance, JASPAR, TOPPERS, ZigBee SIG Japan, AUTOSAR, FlexRay Consortium, Bluetooth SIG


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