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Energy Conservation Samantha Ferreyra Gabriel Godinez Noah Jacobo Sophia Valdez.

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1 Energy Conservation Samantha Ferreyra Gabriel Godinez Noah Jacobo Sophia Valdez

2 What Is Energy Conservation?  Efforts made to reduce energy consumption  Types of energy: wind energy, hydropower, sun power, and biomass energy  Energy consumption causes climate changes, pollution, and a reduction in supply of resources like water  Conserve energy by using solar panels, recycling, and reducing electricity usage

3 Solar Power The conversion of sunlight into electricity 5 types of energy o Passive solar heating o Active solar energy o Solar thermal energy like solar thermals o Photovoltaic solar power like photovoltaic panels o Concentrating solar power(CSP)

4 Biomass Energy An organic matter that can be made in biofuels, chemicals, and other materials. Good for the environment since it takes out the carbon in the air and doesn’t increase CO 2 levels Provide heat and electricity

5 Hydropower Water power Mostly used to generate energy Convention hydroelectric is hydroelectric dams Hydraulic power networks carry pressurized water and transmit mechanical power Pumped-storage hydroelectricity captures the kinetic energy in rivers or streams

6 Wind Energy Energy made from the wind Plentiful, renewable energy Produces no greenhouse gas emissions Wind turbines make electrical power Wind pumps are for water pumps and drainages

7  Energy consumption has been linked climate changes due to many electricity related machinery that produce a lot of carbon into the air  Power plants, vehicles, and factories  Power plants make up 36% of United State’s greenhouse gas emissions  Vehicles emit 5.3 lb of carbon per gallon  Factories burn fossil fuel that produces ozone

8 Increase In Energy Pollution Energy consumption makes electric and magnetic fields that cause pollution Smog and haze cause difficult breathing problems like asthma Pollution makes harmful greenhouse gas emission

9 Increase In Energy Pollution Pollution harms fish Excess heat energy and radiation leaks -Forces relocation of fish population -Changes migration patterns

10 Why Conserving Energy Helps Conserve Fossil Fuels Fossil fuel is energy and are running low Saving and consuming less fossil fuel will save more for future use Less energy used makes more fossil fuel available

11 Easy Ways To Help Save Energy Turning off the television, fan, and lights Getting portable fans Replacing old incandescent lights bulbs with CFLs Sealing off unused areas can reduce or eliminate heating and cooling in these spaces

12 Help Families Save Energy and Money: Give To EESI

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