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Coalfields Expressway & ADHS Corridor Q

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1 Coalfields Expressway & ADHS Corridor Q
CFX/Corridor Q Briefing May 13, 2014 Mandy Cox CFX/Corridor Q Program Manager

2 Coalfields Expressway Corridor Q
Overview of the CFX and Corridor Q Coal Synergy Procurement Environmental Status Funding Status Individual Construction Segment Status

3 This visual depicts the location of CFX and Corridor Q (Wise, Dickenson and Buchanan).
Multi-state transportation initiatives. Corridor Q in Orange extends into Kentucky CFX in Green extends into WV Approximately 7 miles are dually designated as CFX (US Rt. 121) and Corridor Q (US Route 460).

4 Corridor Q (US 460) Appalachian Development Highway System
National Highway System Centerpiece of Appalachian Regional Commission’s Economic and Social Development in 13 state Appalachian Region 127.5 miles - VA/KY to Interstate 81 near Christiansburg Approx. 14 miles remain uncompleted in VA. Five Construction Segments 2 miles completed to rough grade (Hawks Nest) 7 miles under contract (460 Phase I and II) 5 miles negotiation stage( CFX/Q Connection and Poplar Creek) Kentucky has 16 of 17 miles under construction 100% Federal Funds thru MAP 21 Sept 2013 ARC concurred with VDOT’s request to reinstate a connection between CFX and ADHS Corridor Q 100% federal funding for ADHS with MAP 21 (July 2012) runs out in 2021. VDOT is moving forward with plans to complete Corridor Q by 2021 in accordance with its April 30, 2013 Completion Plan submitted to ARC as required by MAP 21. ADHS Program Manager, Ken Wester, came from D.C. to Southwest Virginia just last week to get a status update and field tour. 17 miles of Corridor Q in Kentucky remain uncompleted miles currently under construction.

5 Coalfields Expressway (US 121)
Congressional High Priority Corridor & National Highway System 50 miles-US Rte 23 near Pound to WV line near Slate, VA Currently 8 construction segments 2 miles Constructed to Rough Grade Hawks Nest Approx 12 miles – Under PE Design Pound Connector (partially funded) Doe Branch (fully funded) Approx 20 miles – Negotiating PE Design Cranes Nest (partially funded) CFX/460 Connection (fully funded) Poplar Creek (Working with Programming Division to align allocations with anticipated spend plan.) 65 miles of CFX in WV (Raleigh, Wyoming and McDowell) … 8 miles open to traffic 8 miles to rough grade or under construction 13 miles final design underway/compete 2 miles under construction 36 no work to date

6 Regional Connectivity
The CFX is a 116 mile, 4-lane limited-access highway running from Rt. 23 near Pound, VA through to Paynesville, West Virginia. The Coalfields will connect Interstates 64 and 77 in West Virginia to Route 23 in Virginia, which links to interstates in Kentucky and Tennessee. CFX would be an economic lifeline to a region that continues to suffer economically because it never had adequate roads and it will be an economic boost for the economy of Virginia.

7 Coal Synergy: Only Practicable Alternative
Construction methodology common to the mining industry Large scale earth moving equipment Incidental coal recovery Saves 45% of the costs Provides adjacent flat land to help the region diversify its economy and reduce dependence on coal (Southern Gap Development) “A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…” VA Coalfield Economic Development Authority And coal synergy is the answer. By partnering with coal companies, VDOT can build CFX for about half of the cost of traditional construction methods. The project can be accomplished economically and responsibly, following strict environmental regulations. By working with the coal industry to build CFX, the state also can set the stage to help the region diversify its economy and become less dependent on coal in the long term. Savings also realized for 460 Connector Phase II Large scale earth moving equipment – depending on equipment spread 14,000CY/Day NOTE - VCEDA Info: The Virginia Coalfield Economic Development Authority is a regional economic development organization created by VA’s General Assembly in 1988 to enhance and diversify the economic base of the 7-county, one city, coal-producing region. The region includes: Lee, Wise, Scott, Buchanan, Russell, Tazewell and Dickenson Counties and the City of Norton. With Coal Synergy $2.8 Billion Without Coal Synergy $5.1 Billion VS. Note: 2013 estimated costs of CFX, connectors, and connections to Corridor Q.

8 Coal Synergy Southern Gap Development Site
Three Phase Development Site developed with coal synergy Buchanan County investment made based on CFX/Q infrastructure 1,300 Acre Site versus 90 Acre total within county Proposed Local Access Road for connection with CFX/Q Call Center that employs 320 , housing, ball park, fair grounds and small race track This is phase I of a phased development site. It now has housing, fire station, call center, fair grounds, ball park and small race track. Phase I 400 Acres: Residential, recreation and industrial Phase II 400 Acres: Industrial and Manufacturing Utility construction underway (water and sewer, electric and fiber conduit) The construction and ongoing existence of the Coalfields Expressway (CFX) will inject hundreds of millions of dollars into the CFX Corridor and provide jobs for workers in construction, retail, service, and warehouse industries. Based on 2013 Economic Impact Analysis…the annual economic impact for CFX in VA is $69.7 million that sustains 372 jobs in 2035 after construction is complete. Return on investment is $3 to $1 During Construction: 29,359 construction jobs over 17 years VA economic impact - $4.1 billion After construction: 372 new service jobs Annual VA impact $41.4 million Plus $28.3 million annual savings from travel efficiencies

9 Construction Segments
This visual depicts the phased approach to completing these two transportation initiatives. The two largest, Cranes (in blue) and Elkins (in purple) will be subdivided to facilitate financing. The Dark Green depicts the proposed Local Access Road to Southern Gap Development.

10 Three Procurement Vehicles
PPTA Comprehensive Agreement – CFX Pound Connector – Alpha Natural Resources PE Underway Cranes Nest – Alpha Natural Resources Currently negotiating PE Task Order Doe Branch – Alpha Natural Resources Hawks Nest – Alpha Natural Resources Dually Designated as Corridor Q Complete to Rough Grade Poplar Creek –Bizzack Construction PE task order negotiations complete Elkins – Bizzack Construction Rockhouse – Bizzack Construction Traditional Design-Build – CFX & Corridor Q 460 Connector Phase I – Under Contract Final Grade for 460 Connector Phase II, CFX/Q Connection, Hawks Nest Sole Source Design-Build Using Coal Synergy – Corridor Q 460 Connector Phase II (Rough Grade) – Under Contract Projects advanced by task order which limits obligation to only that work currently underway. We are utilizing 3 procurement vehicles: 1. Comprehensive Agreement to design build and maintain CFX Traditional D-B Sole Source D-B These vehicles allow us to advance each project in a phased approach and as noted, limits our obligation to only the work currently underway. The phases utilized for advancement are: PE CN to rough grade CN to final grade.

11 Environmental Status Section I – first 2 miles of the Pound Connector
Final EIS of CFX completed in September, 2001 and Record of Decision issued by FHWA in November, 2001 Original alignment in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) has been revised to align with mineral reserves owned by coal synergy partners. NEPA environmental reevaluations for CFX divided into five (5) sections.    Section I – first 2 miles of the Pound Connector Reevaluation completed and signed by FHWA January 8, 2009 Section II – remainder of Pound Connector and Doe Branch Coordinating with FHWA and COE to update Environmental Assessment Section III(A) – Hawks Nest Reevaluation completed and signed by FHWA on March 26, 2008  Section III(B) – Poplar Creek and Elkins Reevaluation expected to be complete in July 2014 Section III(C) - Rockhouse Reevaluation completed and signed by FHWA October 29, 2008 460 Connector Phase II and CFX/Q Connection Environmental Assessment completed and signed by FHWA on January 24, 2010 The reevaluations were coordinated with FHWA and are based on independent utility and logical termini as well as the degree of variation of each section from the original EIS. All evaluations have been completed except for Section II and III(B). VDOT is closely coordinating with FHWA and COE to develop these documents.

12 Status: CFX Pound Connector
Mileage: 6.8 miles Estimate: $140 million (Rough and Final) Current Stage: Preliminary Engineering PE Begin Date: December 2011 PE Completion Date: July 2014 Anticipated DB Begin Date(Rough Grade): Spring 2015 ( NEPA Section I) Private Sector Partner: Alpha Natural Resources These next few slides provide a more detailed status of each construction segment such as mileage scoping estimate schedule. For the sake of time, I will not spend a lot of time on these unless you have a specific question or would like me to.

13 Status: CFX Cranes Nest
Mileage: 15.3 miles Subdivided into three 5 mile construction segments with independent utility 3 bridges: Georges Fork Height 180’ Cranes Nest Height 220’ Russell Fork Height 340’ Estimate: $690 million (Rough and Final) Funding: $10 million - Limited Preliminary Engineering (PE) Only PE Begin Date: August 2014 PE Completion Date: August 2016 Current Stage: Negotiating Contract Private Sector Partner: Alpha Natural Resources Estimate is large but note it will require 3 structures and is 15 miles. We plan to subdivide in to three (3), five (5) miles sections.

14 Status: CFX Doe Branch Mileage: 5 miles
Estimate: $81.5 million (Rough and Final) Approx. 2 miles within existing mine permit – provides additional savings Current Stage: Preliminary Engineering Begin PE: December 2011 PE Completion Date: June 2014 Private Sector Partner: Alpha Natural Resources Note the per mile scoping estimate is smaller than previous two sections…approx 2 miles within existing permitted mine. The portion of roadway that intersects with the existing permit will result in reduced costs to tax payers…. Already permitted and impacts mitigated. Revise permit to a post mining land use of public use/ public road. (reclamation cost savings from AOC which is transferred to public).

15 Status: CFX/Corridor Q Connection
Mileage: 0.3 miles Cost Estimate: $24.5 million (Rough Grade) Anticipated Begin: Spring 2015 Anticipated Completion: Spring 2017 Current Stage: Negotiations for Design Build Contract to Rough Grade Coordinating with FHWA type of connection via Safety & Mobility Analysis Private Sector Partner: Alpha Natural Resources Note this connection now qualifies for 100% federal funding thru MAP 21. As stated previously…. Sept 2013 ARC concurred with VDOT’s request to reinstate a connection between CFX and ADHS Corridor Q.

16 Status: CFX/Q Hawks Nest
Mileage: 2.0 miles Cost: $10 million (Rough grade on existing mine permit) Began: April 2008 Current Stage: Rough Grade Construction Complete Completion Date Finish Grade: Summer 2019 Private Sector Partner: Alpha Natural Resources Note the large cost savings due to the alignment within an existing mine permit.

17 Hawks Nest Section of CFX and Corridor Q

18 Status: CFX/Q Poplar Creek
Mileage: 4.5 miles Cost Estimate: $248 million (Rough and Final Grade) Anticipated PE Begin Date: May 2014 Anticipated Completion Date: Summer 2021 (Rough and Final Grade) Current Stage: Contract Negotiation for Preliminary Engineering Private Sector Partner: Bizzack Construction Company Poplar Creek Bridge – Height 310’

19 Status: CFX Elkins Mileage: 11 miles
Coordinate Construction with WV CFX Current Stage: No funding Private Sector Partner: Bizzack Construction Company

20 Status: CFX Rockhouse Mileage: 5.0 miles
Coordinate Construction with WV CFX Current Stage: No funding Private Sector Partner : Bizzack Construction Company

21 Status: Corridor Q 460 Connector Phase I
Mileage: miles Budget: $129 million Contract : $94 Million Traditional Design Build Begin Date: Summer 2009 Anticipated Completion Date: June 2015 Current Stage: Under construction Tallest Bridges in Virginia, 265 feet D-B: Bizzack Construction Company

22 Corridor Q 460 Connector Phase I

23 Status: Corridor Q 460 Connector Phase II
Mileage: 6.2 miles Budget: $125.4 (Rough Grade) Contract: $108 Million Contract Executed July 2013 Coal Synergy Construction Anticipated Completion Date: Spring 2018 Current Stage: Preliminary Engineering Private Sector Partner: Bizzack Construction Company

24 Status: Finish Grade Contract
Mileage: 8.5 miles Hawks Nest CFX/Q Connection 460 Phase II Cost Estimate: $52.3 million Traditional Design Build Competitive Procurement Anticipated Begin: Spring 2018 Anticipated Completion: Summer 2020 The current plan is to utilize the local access road to the Southern Gap Development site to maintain traffic flow until the final section of Corridor Q (Poplar Creek) is completed in 2021.

25 Coalfields Expressway Corridor Q
Questions The current plan is to utilize the local development road

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