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© SKF Group Industrial Market, Strategic Industries Railway & Off-highway Business Unit.

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1 © SKF Group Industrial Market, Strategic Industries Railway & Off-highway Business Unit

2 © SKF Group Speaker 25 min Rakesh Makhija President Strategic Industries 15 min Rutger Barrdahl Director Railway and Off-highway 5 min Key business message & Summary 15 minQ&A 15 min Ole K Jødahl Director Industrial Drives CMD 2013

3 © SKF Group Overview Provider of innovative, sustainable solutions to the mobile industrial machinery market Design partner of the global technology and market leaders Creating value over machine lifecycle through industry expertise Leader in wheelset bearings, axleboxes and drive system bearings to the global railway industry Industry leading in railway services, sensorization and condition-based maintenance SKF offers global railway operations maximized performance, safety and minimized lifecycle cost RailwayOff-highway CMD 2013

4 © SKF Group Meeting the growing challenges … … of modern farming … … with SKF Agri Solutions Mud, dust and debris Rain and runoff Corrosive chemicals Precision farming Long periods of inactivity followed by intense work schedules Rising fuel costs New regulations on reducing harmful emissions and noise Protecting the health and safety of workers Designed for reality Lab and real life tested solutions Solutions for virtually any agriculture machine and application Agricultural challenges CMD 2013

5 © SKF Group SKF Agri solutions Y Bearings Agri range CAHB Actuators Lub Systems Steering Units Mud Block Seals Agri Hub AH1 Agri Hub AH2 Agri Hub AH3 The agriculture business is expected to grow at an annual rate of 6% CMD 2013

6 © SKF Group Customer value and benefits Relubrication-free, cost-effective, integrated For OEMs A cost-effective solution Higher product quality and reliability Stronger market image Supports sustainability efforts For end users Avoid soil erosion Increased farm productivity Relubrication-free Reduced environmental impact Easy to install/replace Reduce maintenance and ownership cost SKF Agri Hubs - Relubrication-free, cost-effective, integrated CMD 2013

7 © SKF Group Construction and mining machinery challenges Meeting the growing challenges … … of OEMs and Users … … with SKF Solutions providing... Multi-purpose machines Tough environmental conditions Productivity increase Smart resources exploitation New markets adaptation Fuel efficiency Stringent emission regulations Owning & operating cost reduction Operator safety & comfort Application optimized design Friction optimization Contamination resistant Reduced maintenance Increased reliability CMD 2013

8 © SKF Group SKF solutions for demanding Construction Machinery Applications CMD 2013

9 © SKF Group Hydraulic cylinders seals Guide ring Wiper seal Rod seal Buffer seal Piston seal CMD 2013

10 © SKF Group Railway challenges Meeting the growing challenges … … of OEMs and Users … … with SKF Solutions providing... Liberalization of railway operations Urbanization will increase global demand Requirements on local production and support Aging fleet especially in emerging markets. High safety requirement Increased maintenance intervals Bearing life prediction Reliability in operations Life cycle management Increased performance CMD 2013

11 © SKF Group SKF solutions for railways Axleboxes Axlebearings Axletronic AMPEP – High performance plain bearing Axletronic systems Sensors IMxR monitoring system Multilog Gearbox bearings Motor bearings BOGIE Slewing bearings Suspension tubes DRIVE SYSTEMS Wheel flange lubrication systems CONDITION MONITORING OTHER APPLICATIONS Articulation joints OTHER APPLICATIONS BEARING DESIGN & CONSULTANCY Training Bearing refurbishing Bearing investigation Bearing exchange Bearing re-lubrication Bearing Condition Monitoring OTHER RAILWAY SERVICES Axlebox overhaul Suspension Tubes overhaul Drive system bearings overhaul CMD 2013

12 Railway Service operations in SKF Luton Pinerolo Gothenburg Tver Nankou Perth Melbourne Bogotá CMD 2013

13 © SKF Group Improving bearing performance to achieve longer maintenance intervals 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 1.2 Million km Reduced Fretting Corrosion Low Friction Seal - I Low Friction Bearing SKF Insight Low Friction Seal - II Better Grease High Performance Cage New Heat Treatment Selective Surface Treatment Improved Grease Retention Maintenance interval CMD 2013

14 © SKF Group Two variants for railway industry Smart end cap for freight cars Integrated in bearing for passenger applications CMD 2013

15 © SKF Group SKF Insight - Extending maintenance intervals and hence reducing operator cost ! Temperature Operational Life Condition Good Worse Time Conventional Sensors Listen & Feel SKF Insight CMD 2013

16 © SKF Group Rail Condition Monitoring Overview Currently, our condition monitoring products are used or installed in 27 railway projects around the world. Brazil Spain Australia Italy Germany Sweden France Portugal Poland TurkeyChina North AmericaSouth Korea India CMD 2013

17 © SKF Group Recognised by leading industry players Best Technology supplier award from Siemens Large Drives for Railway SKF wins AGCO Fendt supplier award for innovation in Agri market CMD 2013

18 © SKF Group Key business message – Railway and Off-highway The Agri and Railway industry will continue to grow in the coming years. Construction and mining remain uncertain in the short term. SKF is well positioned to grow with our global presence, both in our manufacturing footprint as well as our local sales presence. Our new offers are in the forefront with the technical trends and demands from the market. CMD 2013

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