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Speakers 25 min Rakesh Makhija President Strategic Industries

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0 Industrial Market, Strategic Industries
31 March 2017 31 March 2017

1 Speakers 25 min Rakesh Makhija President Strategic Industries
15 min Rutger Barrdahl Director Railway and Off-highway 15 min Ole K Jødahl Director Industrial Drives 5 min Key business message & Summary 15 min Q&A CMD 2013

2 Agenda Strategic Industries agenda & overview Significant news
Strategy and market direction Value and Cost leadership Asset Life Cycle – ‘every business must have a service business’ SKF BeyondZero Outlook and key business message CMD 2013

3 Industrial Market, Strategic Industries
Net Sales 2012 = SEK 20,204 million No. of employees = 19,096 Full responsibility for sales to both OEM and end users, as well as business development, manufacturing, and engineering % of net sales by geographical area (2012): Middle East, Africa Asia, Pacific Europe North America CMD 2013 31 March 2017

4 Film 31 March 2017

5 Voice of the Customer – what is important to them
Energy efficiency Reliability Cost reduction Uptime Partnership CMD 2013 31 March 2017

6 Significant news 31 March 2017

7 Aerospace Significant news
Long-term contract worth SEK 900 million with Turbomeca Awarded key bearing programs with the industry leaders (Pratt GTF, Bell 525, Eurocopter X4, Safran LEAP X) Renewed long-term agreements with major partners such as GE and Agusta- Westland SKF Aerospace Innovation Centers with Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, and a co-Chair with INSA Lyon dedicated to the study of lubricated interfaces in aerospace In France, SKF and INSA Lyon have jointly created a Chair dedicated to the study of lubricated interfaces, to explore the identification, modeling and understanding the behavior of lubricants in lubricated interfaces under extreme conditions. In the USA, SKF has partnered with Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, to develop applied research initiatives, pursuing advancements in composites, steel and heat treatments, testing and sensor technology. CMD 2013 31 March 2017

8 Railway Significant news
Start up of production and global launch of a new range of Tapered Roller Bearing units (AAR) for freight cars, strengthening our role in the large freight wagon markets. Major orders of wheel set bearings (TBU) for very high speed trains (>300 km/h) in China, with the customers Tangshan Loco and Changchun Railway Co. Very strong overall growth in our Chinese railway business for passenger train applications. CMD 2013 31 March 2017

9 Renewable Energy Significant news
Three-year agreement signed with Siemens Windpower for supply of the new generation SKF Nautilus bearings Success with SKF WindCon systems to Vestas Services in multiple markets Supplier and development partner to David Brown Wind for gearbox development for a multi- megawatt offshore wind turbine model SKF in forefront development in the ocean energy market with supply agreements with several manufacturers of wave and tidal turbine devices Launch of the SKF Wind Industry Quality Standard CMD 2013 31 March 2017

10 Traditional Energy Significant news
Extended service contract with two major oil producers on the Norwegian shelf, SEK 40 million over 5 years Service contract with major USA oil & gas pipeline (20,000km) in the US, 3 years SEK 20 million Contracts for condition monitoring, bearings and maintenance services with a major Latin American oil company for SEK 20 million over 3 years Supplying Magnetic Bearing technology for two new major off shore projects in Australia for the Ichthys Gas Field CMD 2013 31 March 2017

11 Industrial Drives Significant news
Received large prototype orders from major Chinese and American air-blower customers for our new high speed permanent magnet motors using magnetic bearings Tripled seal sales to a leading German gearbox producer. We are the main seal supplier to several of their manufacturing locations New product start of Full Complement Cylinder Roller Bearings in a market that was traditionally dominated by our competitors in Germany CMD 2013 31 March 2017

12 Precision Significant news
Large order achieved in material joining applications for Automotive industry, to supply SKF Electromechanical Cylinders (based on SKF superior roller screw technology) Global launch of new telescopic pillar for ophthalmic and infant care devices Initiated Super Precision bearings production in Charleston, US to better serve the North America machine tool market Machine Tool Competence Centre in Shanghai CMD 2013 31 March 2017

13 Lubrication Significant news
Photo: BEUMER Group GmbH & Co. KG Equipped BEUMER belt conveyer complex for unloading iron ore vessels in Malaysia with 100 SKF automatic lubrication systems Secured Oil Circulation System and Grease lubrication systems for three new machines at Metso Paper Sweden AB Supplying 25 Automatic Lubrication System including installation, testing and documentation to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration CMD 2013 31 March 2017

14 Strategy and market direction
31 March 2017

15 SI agenda – short to medium term
Making growth happen – profitably Every business must have a service business Manufacturing Development – cost, quality, and safety Execute SI organization efficiency programs – footprint, stock optimization, and cost reduction China, Germany, USA, and India M&A SKF BeyondZero portfolio Building a great SI organization – meritocracy, excitement and vibrancy Value and Cost Leadership – the road to sustained leadership CMD 2013 31 March 2017 15

16 Capture the full potential of the asset life cycle
Concept evaluation & simulation Detailed calculations & virtual testing Design validation & real testing Series production Factory Acceptance Test > OEM Asset Idea Design Develop Manufacture OEM Supply End User Install End User Install Commissioning > Site Acceptance Test Asset Register development & spare parts plan Maintenance strategy deployment Operate Monitor Maintain Repair Restore Operator Inspections (technology & processes) Condition Monitoring & prognostics Remote Diagnostics & Onsite Investigations - Maintenance & Reliability Engineering Mechanical Services / Troubleshooting Root Cause Failure Analysis Reliability analysis & improvement assessment CMD 2013 31 March 2017

17 Asset life cycle management for wind industry
Design and develop Engineering Consultancy Services Calculation and simulation tools Design development partnership with turbine manufacturers R&D and testing activities Manufacturing and testing Customized mainshaft solutions (Nautilus, Self aligning / CARB and rigid) Industry specific gearbox offerings; (HC-CRB, separable HC-CRB, black-oxidized) Generator solutions; (XL-hybrid bearings, Insocoat bearings) Sealing solutions, Lubrication systems Specifications (Active involvement in standardization committees and other industry bodies) Maintenance & Repairs Bearings & seals replacement parts Gearbox Spare part kits Gearbox refurbishment services Logistic services Installation Alignment services Bearing mounting services Operate and Monitor WindCon monitoring system Remote monitoring services Lubricants Mechanical & Training services Asset Efficiency programs CMD 2013 31 March 2017

18 Value built around Asset Life Cycle Management
END USER OEM Manufacture Repair Redesign Develop Operate Monitor Maintain Design Install Idea CMD 2013 31 March 2017

19 Value propositions for wind aftermarket
Spare parts Driveline services Condition based maintenance Remote monitoring & Asset Management Services CMD 2013

20 Availability – Spare Parts Management Program for wind
SKF Spare Parts Management As wind farms age, the O&M cost increase In order to maintain turbine performance and reliability, a Spare Parts Program is needed to ensure Availability of key and critical components Short lead times and committed service levels Spare parts for gearboxes, main bearings, generators,… Bearings Housings Seals Lubrication systems Lead time Availability CMD 2013

21 LCOE reduction by early involvement!
Levellized Cost of Energy (LCOE) - Driveline services for wind SKF driveline services Actively develop and implement new, efficient solutions and services Root cause failure analysis on large drive train components like main shaft and gearbox Development of upgrade packages Wind turbines specific improvement programs LCOE reduction by early involvement! Offer Drive line service offers: Upgrading instead of replacing Bearing remanufacturing Application analysis Training CMD 2013

22 Reduce maintenance – Condition Based Maintenance for wind
Page 22 Reduce maintenance – Condition Based Maintenance for wind Condition Based Maintenance Clear industry trend to equip multi MW WTGs with condition monitoring systems Large utilities upgrade their wind farms with CMS Market focus still on hardware Values lies in the efficient remote diagnostic capabilities and expertise. WindCon + Active WindCon Vattenfall – Vestas V80 – Esbjerg Sweden CBM enables value positioning in terms of: Upgrading customer assets Increasing power output Increasing uptime Maintenance cost Availability CMD 2013 31 March, 2017 31 March 2017

23 Electrical Motor Monitoring Turbomachinery & Pumps
Oil and gas services Maintenance strategy Mechanical Support Alignment, Balancing Condition Monitoring Electrical Motor Monitoring Advanced Diagnostics Turbomachinery & Pumps Maintenance complexity Business impact 1 2 3 4 SKF services directly to Oil & Gas Asset management and maintenance optimization, Reliability services, Condition Monitoring and Advanced Diagnostic services: Mechanical support, Training. As well as hardware and software solutions to support all our services. All these services are presently being delivered on North Sea facilities by our teams in Aberdeen and Norway. CMD 2013 31 March 2017

24 Magnetic Systems services
Installed base: Large installed base and growing Worldwide organization Activities: Field support service (tuning, commissioning, assistance) Spare parts Retrofit and upgrades Maintenance & training Success factors: Short lead time and service level commitment Competent service organization New Collaborative Business Model 31 March 2017

25 Traditional Power services
Probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) is a systematic and comprehensive methodology used to evaluate risks associated with complex engineered systems and facilities. In a PRA, risk is characterized by two quantities: the magnitude (severity) of the possible adverse consequences, and the likelihood (probability) of occurrence of each consequence. SKF (ERIN) has established a proven track record as the leading provider of Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) consulting services to the power industry. CMD 2013 31 March 2017

26 Lubrication - service Rautaruukki Steel Mill, Raahe, Finland
20,000 lubrication points automated by SKF “Ruukki Metals OY has signed a lubrication service contract with SKF in Finland. The service covers several areas of the mill and is worth 500,000 euro” Ruukki CMD 2013 31 March 2017

27 Lubrication – Top of Rail (TOR) Conditioning Systems
We undertake full responsibility for installation, commissioning, including civil works. CMD 2013

28 The SKF BeyondZero portfolio
31 March 2017

29 The SKF BeyondZero portfolio – Strategic Industries
ELI spherical plain bearing Cylinder lubrication unit Food line Y-bearings Titanium bearings for Aerospace SKF Solar Hub Servo actuator SKF E2DGBB SKF solar linear actuator SKF Nautilus SRB + CARB High endurance Slewing bearings Energy efficient blowers SKF Flowline Active magnetic systems Dry lubrications for conveyor belts CTBU low friction seal Sour gas compressor bearings CMD 2013

30 Business Unit presentations
31 March 2017

31 Outlook and key business message
31 March 2017

32 Performance 2011 – 2013 YTD 2011 2012 Half year 2012 Half year 2013
SEKm Net sales 20 093 SEKm 10 792 SEKm 9 348 SEKm 13.9% (14%) restated 9.8% (10.2%) 9.8% (10.7%) 9.2% (11.2%) Operating margin CMD 2013

33 Market trend per industry
SI overall outlook: Modest improvement in overall business environment Speed of change will differ between segments China growth expected to improve Drive life cycle growth strategy Aerospace: Strong demand driven by single aisle demand, Boeing and Airbus, supporting a stable, high, build rate Continuing growth in RIC Railway & Off-highway: Railways: Asia coming back on growth track, Europe and USA in stable mode SKF: Continued strong Agri business Contraction in mining related business Renewable energy: SKF: Renewable Energy in a phase of business recovery, positive projections Ongoing quick globalization of industry, with new emerging markets developing Trend of expanding turbine sizes and wind industry going offshore CMD 2013 31 March 2017

34 Market trend per industry
Traditional energy: Deepwater and subsea exploration & production continue to be growth areas Natural gas boom impacting future investments in transportation (pipelines) Hydraulic fracturing technology now being implemented in UK and China Industrial Drives: Modest global business growth Energy efficiency importance increases - The BeyondZero portfolio and our new launches supports the growth SKF: New range of application specific performance solutions Precision: Moderate business recovery with higher growth in USA, China and India SKF: Increase regional manufacturing footprint SKF: Ongoing product cost reduction programs Lubrication: SKF: Increased focus on key developing segments (Agriculture, Oil & Gas) SKF: Integration and synergy-building continue according to plan SKF: Focused on key growth markets (Russia, Asia, and Latin America) CMD 2013 31 March 2017

35 Key business message – Strategic Industries
Growth drivers Every business must have a service business China, Germany, USA, and India The SKF BeyondZero portfolio Competitive advantage Life cycle management Five technology platforms Global footprint with local competence Cost efficiency Manufacturing Development – cost, quality, and safety Execute SI organization efficiency programs – footprint, stock optimization, and cost reduction Business Excellence across SI CMD 2013 31 March 2017 35

36 The Value and Cost Leadership Equation
1930 Oil & Gas Journal ad valued CMD 2013

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