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Dr. Maureen OBrien, Ph.D. Duquesne University Click here for instructions.

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1 Dr. Maureen OBrien, Ph.D. Duquesne University Click here for instructions.

2 Navigation through the course will occur by clicking on the following action buttons located in the lower right corner of each screen: The HOME button will be placed in the center of each slide and will bring you to the Table of Contents for further navigation. The NEXT and BACK buttons will move you through the course content. The EXIT button will be placed at the end of each Unit and will return you to the course menu.

3 This course is meant to be self-paced, though there will be opportunities to interact with your local and global JPIC groups. Course content and activities should be completed in the order that they are presented to maximize student success. The Table of Contents will be your starting point for each Unit

4 Each type of course activity has a unique icon located in the upper right corner of the screen. In this course you will: Global discussion Watch video Online journal Local discussion Read online ReflectCreate doc Quiz/test


6 The unit is divided in several components. Start with 3.1 Description of Learning Journal OR click on the link below to navigate to the component where you left off. Revisit as needed. 3.3 Description of Learning Journal 3.4 Learning Outcomes 3.5 Preparatory Reading 3.6 Preparatory Questions 3.7 Micro-Lecture 3.8 Reading 3.9 Discussion Questions 3.10 Closing Exercise

7 Your Learning Journal is the place to record your responses to questions placed in each unit, as well as any notes that you take on the readings or in group discussions. These may be hand written or typed into a computer. If you type, please remember to save your work. Whenever possible, we encourage you to share your Learning Journal with other students in your own group and in other groups through the courses online networking sites.

8 By the end of this unit, students should have: Studied a real-life example of JPIC ministry and considered what it reveals about spirituality Learned how TR can be an important means of formation and transformation for ministers Considered their own theological priorities and metaphors for TR, and compared these with the assigned readings

9 Read the short account by Fr. Benedicto, a Spiritan priest, of his ministry of reconciliation in Angola. Spiritan Case on Spirituality of Reconciliation

10 Reflection and response to the following questions is an important way for you to begin thinking about the content of the upcoming unit. Please record your responses in your Learning Journal or hand write them in a notebook if you prefer. You are not expected to share this information with others unless you choose to do so. Learning Journal

11 What do you think helped Fr. Benedicto to pursue his mission to the soldiers despite his doubts about how they would respond to him? Go to Learning Journal (MS Word)

12 How do you think Fr. Benedicto would define spirituality, based on his account? How would you define it? Go to Learning Journal (MS Word)

13 View the Lecture (03:15) Read the Text of the Lecture

14 Critical Concepts Instructors Notes Krisak, Anthony F. Theological Reflection: Unfolding the Mystery. Ed. Robert J. Wicks. Mahwah: Paulist, 1995. 308-28. Print. Go to Duquesne Universitys E-Res

15 Reflect and respond to the following questions in your Learning Journal as you work through this unit. Learning Journal Then, please choose your response to one of the Discussion Questions that is especially important to you. Paste that response into a Wiki posting in order to promote and participate in a larger discussion with other students, locally and internationally. Wiki All of your Discussion Question responses should be brought into your Group Meetings.

16 At the beginning of the article, Krisak proposes the metaphor ask of theological reflection is to peer into ones house of experience through that window of theology and begin to articulate what is being observed in this relationship of a God- with-us (309). What would be a better metaphor to use for TR in your own culture? metaphor Go to Learning Journal (MS Word) Go to Learning Journal (Wiki)

17 In Krisaks discussion of tools for theological reflection, choose one tool (experience, self- awareness, text or community) and consider how your own formation so far in religious community has shaped your understanding of it. Go to Learning Journal (MS Word) Go to Learning Journal (Wiki)

18 In Krisaks description of major themes from Christian tradition for TR (creation, vocation/calling, soteriology, incarnation and justice), choose one that you would like to discuss with Fr. Benedicto. How does that theme help to illuminate his mission to the Angolan soldiers? Go to Learning Journal (MS Word) Go to Learning Journal (Wiki)

19 After completing the reading and participating in the group meeting and Google Group discussion, take time to write in your Learning Journal in response to the following questions. You are not expected to share this information unless you choose to do so.Learning Journal

20 After the reading and discussion, take time to write in your Learning Journal: Has your understanding of the critical concepts changed through your learning during this unit? If so, how? What one or two important questions or insights will you carry forward from this unit, and from Part 1 as a whole? Go to Learning Journal (MS Word)

21 A figure of speech to represent an idea by using another similar one. For example, to say that church leaders should have large ears (as will be discussed in a Unit 4 reading) is to indicate that, like a rabbit, the leaders should be able to hear and listen well.

22 If you are ready to respond to the Discussion Question most important to you: Click here to go to the JPIC 200 Sign in so that you can post your entry. Choose the appropriate Unit Number Click reply to add your entry.

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