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Inanimate Alice.

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1 Inanimate Alice

2 Hi my name is Alice. I’m 16 years old.

3 I’m in Samoa in a city called Apia.

4 A I’m living in a fale near the beach. My bedroom is very nice. When I look into a big window , I see a beautiful view. c Q

5 A c Q I can see my mum Ming and john fighting on the ruff sand. Suddenly I hear Ming say “we are over” and John saying “well fine”., [

6 A c Q I ran away as fast as a wind . I can hear Ming and John scream my name at the same time. [ U

7 A c Q [ U O I then get tired . There is a tree right next to me , so I sit next to it . I start crying . I don’t want my parents to split up I say as I cry.

8 A c Q [ U O B Then I look at my Baxi. I see Brad , ‘he says get them back together or else something bad will happen.”

9 A c Q [ U O B I run and I see a moon wave coming towards me from far away. I hear Brad again he says GO GO run to the fale . E

10 A c Q [ U O B When I get to the Fale , I see my parents . I run to them and hug and kiss them. E

11 A c Q [ U O B I see the moon wave getting closer and closer. I then look to the side. I see a big mountain ,we then get in the car and we go up. E I

12 Thank You For Watching By Viola- Editor and Leader Bernadette- Slideshow and Games Pearl- Music and Sounds Henrica- Images Special thanks to Mr Wood and Shawn.

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