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(Satellite, fiber and Wireless) INDIA – AFRICA UNION ICT Initiative

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1 (Satellite, fiber and Wireless) INDIA – AFRICA UNION ICT Initiative
Pan African e-Network (Satellite, fiber and Wireless) INDIA – AFRICA UNION ICT Initiative By V. PONRAJ Director (Technology Interface) President’s Office Rashtrapati Bhavan NewDelhi –

“…In honour of Indo-Pan African partnership our Government has decided to provide seamless and integrated satellite, fiber-optic and wireless network connecting 53 African countries for Tele- education, Tele-medicine and e-services. This will connect 5 Universities, 53 Learning centres, 10 Super specialty hospitals and 53 Patient-end locations in rural areas… Pan-African Parliament can form task teams for the speedy and smooth implementation of the program. We can jointly work together…” His Excellency Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam The President of India During the inaugural session of the Second PAN-African Parliament session of AU on 16 Sept 2004

53 PAN-African countries are to be connected through Satellite, Fiber optics links. The network will primarily provide tele-education, tele-medicine Internet, videoconferencing and VOIP services and Supports e-governance, e-commerce, infotainment, resource mapping and meteorological services Connectivity. Heads of States Connectivity - Internet, VOIP and videoconferencing. $50 Million budget for its installation, initial operation and maintenance for 3 years.

4 PAN-AFRICAN NETWORK – Overall Architecture
VSAT Network 53 Heads of States Network Voice Over IP Video Conference Internet HUB Tele-Education 53 Learning Centers 5 Universities (3+2) Tele-Medicine 53 Remote Hospitals 10 SSHs (7+3) Common Outbound 1 mbps (Broadcast) ( ) kbps (Return bandwidth)

It is proposed that out of 53 telemedicine terminals, 43 are fixed terminals installed in Remote Hospital and 10 are mobile terminals installed in mobile vans. 10 Super Specialty Hospitals will have the capability to provide the Continuing Medical Education (CME). 5 Tele-education studio’s with post production setup, Non-linear editing facility at each of the universities and the appropriate Data centers. The network is designed to have 169 terminals and a central hub to deliver the services mentioned above. Use of INTELSAT/Other till INSAT capacity is available through RASCOM The Pan-African Hub will be linked with Indian Universities and Super Speciality Hospitals through Under-Sea Cable (Fiber Optics). The probable countries that have technical merits for establishing VSAT hub are Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Botswana. Will be operational by 3rd Quarter of 2006

6 PAN African - Heads of States Network
Connecting 53 countries Heads of the state and national parliament VSAT based connectivity Enables Virtual Meeting and discussion Collaboration Secured File sharing leading to e-governance VOIP Network Multimedia interaction INTELSAT 904 – 60degree/ RASCOM Satellite University University University HUB Station PAN Africa

7 PAN African - Tele-Education Network – Overall Architecture
INSAT 3A INTELSAT 904 – 60degree University University HUB Station Ahamedabad India VSAT Hub at Selected PAN-African Country Three African Universities connected to HUB through 2 mbps broadband/VSAT 53 VSAT based Remote Virtual Class Rooms in 53 Countries University University ISRO Hub at Ahamedabad Two Universities connected to ISRO through 2 mbps broadband University HUB Station PAN Africa SAT-3/WASC/SAFE CABLE ROUTE

8 PAN African - Tele-Education
CONNETIVITY Satellite, Broadband, Wireless Communication Provides a highway for reaching Quality Education to all Tele-Education Delivery System Digital Library integration Content management Internet Resource availability Remote Virtual Classroom Cost effective Connectivity Universal Tele-education System Multi-Class Environment Seamless – two way connectivity Synchronized multi-media delivery Collaborative environment A remote teacher can become a teacher to all remote Virtual Classrooms Unique, Innovative and Creative Content and assimilation through animation Lectures Laboratory Library Books Internet Quality Content Generation

9 PAN African - Tele-Education Network Tele-Education Delivery System
5 Universities 53 remote Virtual Classrooms Easily scalable University Studio Internet B a y N e t w o r k s Broadband Remote Class / Teacher Remote Class / Teacher Remote Class / Teacher

10 PAN African - Tele-Education Network Architecture requirement
SAT-3/WASC/SAFE CABLE ROUTE HUB Station PAN Africa Bangalore India INSAT 3A INTELSAT 904 – 60degree University Indian University Studio /Data Centre Africa University Studio /Data Centre Africa University Studio /Data Centre 2 Mbps Return bandwidth From 53 Remote VSATs each Min 384 kbps – Max 512 kbps Min 4 simultaneous link at a time Unicast /Multicast support 2 Mbps 2 Mbps 2 Mbps Fiber/VSAT SAFE Cable - Min 4 MB – MAX 8 MB VSAT Hub at Selected PAN-African Country Three African Universities connected to HUB through 2 mbps broadband/VSAT 53 VSAT based Remote Virtual Class Rooms in 53 Countries Indian University Studio /Data Centre Africa University Studio /Data Centre 2 Mbps Uplink bandwidth From HUB Min 5 mbps – Max 10 mbps Broadcast /Multicast DVB/IP 53 PAN-African Countries will be connected through VSAT Terminals in one identified location per country for setting up Remote Class Rooms

11 Tele-Education System
PAN African - Tele-Education Network – Studio Configuration (Teacher End) Internet Tele-Education System University Studio Teacher PC Tele-Education System Data Centre Data Tele-Education Server (Tele-Education/ Content Management/ Digital Library Server Software) Web Server/ Application Server/ Data base Server Clustered /Load balanced Audio Mixer Video Switcher SAN S/W PP/NLE Backup Library Video SAN Storage NAS G/W Audio

12 PAN African - Tele-Education Network – Remote Classroom Configuration
Student End VSAT based Remote Class Room Configuration INTELSAT 904 – 60degree University Remote Class rooms are connected through VSAT for each PAN-African Countries VSAT/IDU/ODU – 2.4 mtr C-band Switch/ Personal Computer Web Camera/ DVCAM Video Capture Card Wire Less Mike, External Speaker LCD Projector Remote Class Room – Tele-Education Software 384 kbps – 512 kbps return bandwidth University University HUB Station PAN Africa SAT-3/WASC/SAFE CABLE ROUTE

13 PAN African Network – Tele-Education ( Data Centre and Remote Configuration)
Router MODEM Internet University DATA Center NAS Gateway 1 TB File Storage Block I/O SAN Storage SAN S/W 10/100/1000 S/W Central HUB Fiber Cable Remote 1 Remote 2 Remote . . N Web Server Cluster Application Server cluster DB Server 53 Remote Virtual Classrooms in 53 PAN African Countries each

14 PAN African Network – Digital Library
Tele-Education System

15 Virtual University - Through Universal Tele-Education
Universities Other Institutions International Institutions CORE COMPETENCE Central HUB of all Universities Coordinate Organize Schedule Broadcast Manage Maintain Infrastructure - Storage Delivery through E-learning Tele-education Remote Class rooms Online Tele-Education Virtual Interaction Live sessions Effective Two way communication Synchronized Multimedia Collaboration Identification of Experts Content Development Content Generation Content Workflow Content Deployment Delivery through e-Learning Tele-Education Digital Library Affiliated Colleges Study Centres Learning centres Individual Students Village Panchayat Knowledge Centres Beneficiaries VSAT for Remote Access, BROADBAND FIBRE OPTICS to to connect major cities WIRELESS for Last mile

16 PAN-AFRICAN NETWORK (Satellite, Fiber Optics and Wireless)
TELE-MEDICINE Fiber - Backbone VSAT - for Remote access Wireless - for Last mile Super specialty hospitals Pan-African VSAT Hub Patient end hospitals 10 (3 India +7 Africa) Super specialty Hospitals in the Cites; 53 Rural Health Centers

Remote Hospitals Video Conferencing Pathology Cardiology Super Speciality Hospital Reaching the un-reached Extension education for Doctors in rural/remote areas Rural/ Remote/ Inaccessible Panel of Doctors

18 A typical Telemedicine Centre in operation
in Southern India

19 TELEMEDICINE Station in India
Video-Conferencing Unit Tele-Medicine Unit A typical Telemedicine Centre in operation in Southern India

20 TELE-MEDICINE Configuration
Patient-End Configuration C Band Antenna and ODU VSAT IDU (IP Based) LAN Switch Multimedia Computer Other Medical Devices 12 Lead ECG IP Based Videoconferencing Equipment Printer Video Screen/Projector for CME UPS VOIP phone

21 TELE-MEDICINE Configuration
Doctor-End Configuration C Band Antenna and ODU Multimedia Computer IP Based Videoconferencing Equipment LAN Switch VSAT IDU (IP Based) VOIP phone UPS CME Facility Telemedicine Server

22 TELE-MEDICINE Configuration
CME Configuration Ethernet Switch TV Monitor 2.4m/3.8 m Antenna & ODU LCD Projector Video Camera (Common for TM & CME) Document Camera Microphone 2 Nos VSAT Modem Telemedicine Computer A V M I X E R

India Submitted its proposal to African Union by MAY 2005 African Union has constituted a Technical Committee to study, review and suggest during JUL 2005 AU Technical Committee consists of 21 organisations from AU and other world wide institutions such as AU, WHO, ATU, ITU, AVU, NEPAD, RASCOM, URTNA, UEMOA, INTIF, PAPU, ECCAS, IGAD, CONESSA, ADB, CTO, WHO etc had detailed deliberation with the representatives from the Government of India (Ministry of External Affairs, President’s Office, ISRO, TCIL and IGNOU). AU Technical committee recommended for the projects adoption. In its recommendation to AU, the committee observed that Government of India has provided a great proposal which is in line with the mission and objectives of the African Union and provides tremendous potential for achieving the MDG (Millennium Development Goals) through the use of innovative ICT. Signing of MOU between AU and India is in process and it is expected to be completed by OCT 2005 and then the project starts and will be completed with in 12 months time.

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