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System Center Reporting Through the BI Stack

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1 System Center Reporting Through the BI Stack

2 Agenda General Overview System Architecture Data Architecture
SharePoint Site Architecture Demo Questions

3 General Overview The Microsoft BI Stack enhances reporting from System Center. We will layout the advantages of using the BI Stack included in SharePoint 2013 and SQL 2012 to build very comprehensive dashboards.

4 System Architecture Server Architecture Software Database servers
SharePoint content Data Mart Tabular databases SharePoint servers Foundation Server Application Server Microsoft SQL 2012 Database service Analysis Service SharePoint 2013 Application service PowerPivot service Excel service SQL Reporting Service Visio Service

5 System Architecture

6 Data Architecture Service Manager DW IT Data Warehouse SSAS Tabular
Configuration Manager Cube Operations Manager Cube Warranty information Hardware Details User Information (HR System load) Network Architecture (Infoblox) SSAS Tabular Hardware / Software Tabular

7 SharePoint Site Architecture
Site Settings PowerView Library Performance Point Services PowerPivot Services Excel Services SQL Reporting Services BI Data Services Add BI Semantic Model content type to Library Settings Can have multiple per site Organize by data being analyzed Security by User or Group


9 Questions

10 Contact Info Kim Hughes – John Parker –

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