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Elluminate at GSE. GSE Admissions Office… hosts virtual open house sessions and yield events for fifteen GSE programs.

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1 Elluminate at GSE

2 GSE Admissions Office… hosts virtual open house sessions and yield events for fifteen GSE programs.

3 Deans Office… has used Elluminate for virtual tenure review sessions.

4 The technology worked beautifully. Thank you SO MUCH for your attentive and careful stewardship of this process. This was a very high-stakes event and you did an amazing job of making it work so well.

5 Joe Blatt… brought Hollywood producer Leslie Greif to talk to class about educational media (twice).

6 I was really happy with the outcome: the students were eager participants, as you could tell from their great questions; Leslie seemed to enjoy himself; and we surfaced a lot of themes and ideas relevant to the course. This was one of the most successful [web] conferences I have seen in our years of using this technology here at HGSE.

7 Office of Student Affairs… runs online chats with admitted students leading up to the start of each new school year.

8 Pakistan conference… was simulcast for eight hours to accommodate overflow viewing at multiple campus locations.

9 Thank you very much for your care and support. The conference was a huge hit and many people benefited because we could do the Elluminate session.

10 Stone Wiske… ran a day-long seminar with educators in Australia.

11 My Elluminate session with the Australians last night went very well. All of your consultation in advance helped me design a process of interaction that seemed to keep people engaged. And Gino's preparation with Doug and me resulted in a totally smooth experience technically. You were absolutely right that I needed a driver - just too much to keep track of the substance and all the little buttons at the same time….I think your combination of pedagogical and technological consultation is really excellent!!

12 Ilona Holland… virtually hosts advisor and section meetings from her home in Delaware (when she is unable to be on campus).

13 Richard Elmore… presented virtually to members of GSEs Principals Center nation-wide community.

14 CEPR and River City Project… are examples of groups who have used the platform to train volunteers and product users.

15 [I liked] being able to speak, listen, type, show some reactions (applause, confusion). This was such a cool thing to participate in.

16 WIDE World… hosts marketing-based webinars.

17 Jal Mehta… brought DC chancellor Michelle Rhee into the classroom virtually to answer student questions.

18 PPE LESN Institute… connected faculty and TFs with participants around the world during this five- week fully online executive education offering.


20 COACHE… uses the platform to extend their outreach and recruit new customers.

21 [I liked] emoticons and the ability to use text or VOIP.

22 Harvard University Library Conference… offered simultaneous delivery of recent residential conference to virtual attendees around the world.

23 Chris Dede… was the first GSE faculty member to conduct a class session virtually during a classic New England snow storm.


25 Field Experience Program… holds annual webinars to connect on-campus students with mentors throughout the world, using break-out spaces to enable students to privately interact with mentors.

26 This Elluminate session is key to the success of the distant interns in the FEP and could not be done without support!

27 Kathy Boudett… ran a class session online on short notice due to a snowstorm during the 2011 January term.

28 Everything went incredibly well today! Thank you for all of your help! Anne … was just masterful at leading the three-hour session and getting people to participate. This recording is a great model of how to effectively lead online classes.

29 Daniel Wilson… taught a three-hour class session, including a live video feed, from Italy.

30 Kathy Boudett… offered virtual follow-on sessions to participants of her residential institute.


32 Technology, Innovation, and Education program… fielded questions from virtual guests at a recent on-campus alumni event.

33 Thank you so much for all the energy, creativity, and dedication you put into making yesterdays TIE alum reunion a truly worldwide event! I am so pleased that we were able to cover Chris and Davids wonderful presentation in such depth, to provide it in real time to our alums in many places, and to hear back from them via the Elluminate chat.

34 Tom Hehir… used Elluminate during class sessions to provide back-channel conversation between students and TFs.


36 Kurt Fischer… piloted use with his residential course so TFs could field student questions in the moment without interrupting the lecture.

37 GSE quantitative methods courses… offer virtual office hours for students.

38 The introduction of the bamboo pen tool allows for more interactive use of the whiteboard space.

39 Off-site trainers… provided training to physically present staff.

40 I really like this technology. I loved being able to review the slides, chat, and listen to the conversation as needed.

41 Four GSE faculty… hosted a hybrid institute with students in Greece (part took place in Greece, part took place online).

42 It was a wonderful experience… I look forward to participating in more events such as this one.


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