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Please sign in on the paper cart near the front door. If you have not already sent a text, please do so to get classroom reminders and updates.

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2 Please sign in on the paper cart near the front door. If you have not already sent a text, please do so to get classroom reminders and updates. Text @burrus to 980-365-6544

3 Together We Create Success! Students Teachers Parents

4 By being here tonight, you show us that you are interested in your childs education. Our ultimate goal is to see your child graduate from high school and college! We appreciate your support!

5 Mrs. Cuddington is our wonderful assistant. She takes care of all of us.

6 The purpose of Parent Orientation is to familiarize parents with the second grade curriculum. This is not an appropriate time to conference with your childs teacher. The Second grade curriculum is comprised of several subjects: Reading Writing Math Social Studies Science

7 Kindness Lets Explore Around the Town Look Again Courage Americas People

8 FluencyComprehension Love of Reading

9 Fluency is the ability to read a text accurately and quickly. Fluent readers read aloud effortlessly and with expression. Reading sounds natural Fluent readers do not have to concentrate on decoding words. Less fluent readers must focus their attention on figuring out the words, leaving little attention for understanding the text. Fluency develops over considerable time and through substantial practice.

10 Words per minute

11 Making Connections Predictions Summarizing Adjusting reading speed Clarifying Visualizing Asking Questions

12 FictionNonfiction Fairy Tales Folktales Fables Fantasy Biographies Informational Articles or Expository Text

13 First Quarter Expectations Letter formation-use legible handwriting with proper spacing Correct capitalization and punctuation Spelling of high frequency words and words with patterns. Sentence structure-use complete sentences Proper story sequence Advanced vocabulary

14 Begin sentences with capital letters Use end punctuation for the 4 kinds of sentences Correct word order in sentences Plural forms of commonly used nouns Common, age appropriate contractions Generate synonyms for commonly over used words

15 Write a story with simple details focused on one topic (seed story) Develop paragraphs Planning and writing a 1 st draft Legible manuscript and begin cursive 2 nd semester 4 th quarter begin showing students alternatives to dialogue

16 The Investigations curriculum takes seriously the time students need to develop a strong conceptual foundation and skills based on that foundation. Each unit focuses on an area of content in depth providing time for students to develop and practice ideas across a variety of activities and contexts that build on each other.

17 Counting Coins and Combinations Shapes, Blocks, and Symmetry Stickers, Number Strings, and Story Problems Pockets, Teeth, and Favorite Things How Many Floors? How Many Rooms? How Many Tens? How Many Ones? Parts of a Whole, Parts of a Group Partners, Teams, and Paper Clips Measuring Length and Time

18 We learn about character traits. Respect Responsibility Honesty Caring Justice and Fairness Citizenship Courage Perseverance Hope

19 Communities Here and There Looking at Communities Community Needs and Wants Exploring Maps and Globes Exploring Our Country and State Our Countrys Government and History Looking at Our World

20 Exploring Where and Why – Hands On Social Studies Program

21 Globes

22 Maps

23 Atlases

24 Literacy Library

25 Changes in Weather

26 Changes in Properties (Matter) Solids Liquids Gases

27 Concepts of Sound

28 Animal Life Cycles

29 AcademicsGeneral Midterm Progress Reports Report Cards- quarterly First Quarter Conferences School Website Twitter @CCES_Dragons Facebook- LikeClear Creek page and Clear Creek PTA page Ms. Burrus Wiki Page Email or phone call Agenda Sparkys Newsletter Spotlight on Second Grade Daily Folder

30 Please see your childs teacher to sign up for First quarter Conferences. We each have a sign up sheet. First come, First serve!

31 All conferences must be scheduled. Teachers are not allowed to have impromptu conferences before, during, or after school. It interrupts instruction and proper supervision of students. Our Principal Mrs. Debbie Heath

32 Reading Math Facts Homework Packet

33 Every day… Check your child's book bag and daily folder. Make sure your child reads aloud to an adult and practices their math facts. Allow time for your child to get adequate sleep. And…

34 It shows support for your childs school and community. It provides money for programs, supplies, and items that benefit your child. All you have to do is fill out a simple form and pay $6.00. Attendance at meetings is not required, but would be greatly appreciated. Do it tonight before you leave! See your childs teacher for a form.


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