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The Five Ss.

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1 The Five Ss

2 Resistance to 5S Implementation
What’s so great about Sort and Set in Order? The fact remains that 5S implementation is needed when the factory is not neat and organized. Why clean when it just gets dirty again? Sometimes people accept dirtiness as an inevitable condition in their workplace. They say that cleaning it up would do little good since it would soon get dirty again. This logic doesn’t hold, however, when we look at the negative impact of a dirty work place on the quality and efficiency of the work

3 Resistance to 5S Implementation
Sorting and Setting in Order will not boost output. Production workers assume their job is to make things, not organize or clean things. This is an attitude that needs to change as workers learn how important the Sort, Set in Order, and Shine activities are to actually maximizing output. We already implemented Sort and Set in Order People some times think that rearranging things a little and putting them into neat rows one time is all there is to it. However, such “orderliness” only scratches the surface.

4 Resistance to 5S Implementation
We did 5S years ago This is heard most often from people who think the 5Ss is a fad rather than a continuous activity. 5Ss is actually a basis for making all other improvements. We’re too busy for 5S activities 5Ss is one of the first things passed over when work gets busy or production priorities become critical. Since 5S is fundamental to factory operations, putting it off for too long a period can have negative consequences.

5 Resistance to 5S Implementation
Why do we need to implement the 5Ss when we are so successful today? It can be difficult to implement the 5Ss or any improvement program at companies that are currently profitable. If you tell workers that it is more efficient to keep only one box of parts on hand at each operation, they may respond by saying”Yes, but we’re doing all right, and this is the way we’ve always done it.

6 Resistance to 5S Implementation
These types of resistances are common in the early stages of 5S implementation. If we ignore such resistance and plow ahead with implementation, the result is likely to be nothing more than superficial improvements. Instead, we need to address these concerns directly. In order for the 5Ss to work, everyone needs to truly understand just how necessary they are.

7 Benefits of 5S Implementation
5S should have many benefits for you. It will give you an opportunity to provide creative input regarding how your workplace should be organized and laid out and how your work should be done. make your workplace more pleasant to work in. make your job more satisfying. remove obstacles and frustrations in your work. help you know what you are expected to do, and when and where you are expected to do it. make it easier to communicate with people you work with.

8 Benefits to Your Company
Zero changeovers Zero defects Zero wastes Zero delays Zero injuries Zero breakdowns Zero complaints Zero red ink

9 Benefit to Your Company
Zero changeovers bring product diversification. To remain competitive, companies must reduce changeover times to zero, increase changeover frequency, and become more adaptive to product diversification. The 5Ss help lower changeover time by reducing material and tooling searching times and raising overall operator efficiency.

10 Benefit to Your Company
Zero defects bring higher quality Defects result from many causes including attaching the wrong part and using the wrong jig. Sort and Set in Order prevent these kinds of errors. Further, keeping production equipment clean reduces equipment-operation errors and enables faster retooling. These and other effects of 5S implementation all add up to fewer defects.

11 Benefit to Your Company
Zero waste brings lower costs In-process and warehouse inventories The use of excess amounts of space for storage Stand-by waste while waiting for equipment to transport items Searching waste, when items are hard to find. Motion waste, in side-stepping poorly located equipment and supplies

12 Benefits to Your Company
Zero delays bring reliable deliveries Factories that lack thorough 5S implementation tend to produce defects no matter what they try to do to prevent them. Deadlines are missed due to wasted motion and too many errors and defects while products are being reworked Zero injuries promotes safety Injuries can be expected when items are left in walkway, when stock is piled high in storage areas, or when equipment is covered with grime, cutting shavings, or oil.

13 Benefit to Your Company
Zero breakdowns bring better equipment availability When daily maintenance tasks are integrated with daily cleaning tasks, operators notice problems before they cause a breakdown. In this way, equipment is more consistently ready for use. Clean, well-maintained equipment breaks down less frequently and is also easier to diagnose and repair when breakdowns do occur.

14 Benefits to Your Company
Zero complaints bring greater confidence and trust Factories that are virtually free of defects and delays are also free of customer complaints about product quality. Products from a neat and clean workshop Are defect-free Cost less to make Arrive on time Are safe to use Zero red ink brings corporate growth Companies cannot grow without the trust of customers. The 5Ss provides a strong base upon which to build customer trust and loyalty.

15 To Be Competitive, Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before!

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