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Session 281 Comparative Emergency Management Session 28 Slide Deck.

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1 Session 281 Comparative Emergency Management Session 28 Slide Deck

2 Session 282 Session Objectives 1.Define the International Financial Institutions 2.Describe the Emergency Management Efforts of the World Bank

3 International Financial Institutions International banks made up of two or more national governments Use public money to provide technical and financial support to governments Instrumental in funding development and other expansive infrastructure projects Often lend to countries affected by conflict or disaster Session 283

4 IFI Disaster Lending Loans to developing nations are essential to the success of programs and vital to any level of sustainability or increased disaster resistance IFIs are not relief/response agencies, and do not make loans to pay for response costs Session 284

5 The World Bank $20B in development assistance provided annually Owned collectively by almost all countries Consists of five separate institutions: –International Bank for Reconstruction and Development –International Development Association –International Finance Corporation –Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency –International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes Session 285

6 WB Project - Bogota Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project To assist Colombia in: –Strengthening disaster risk management capacity –Reducing vulnerability in key sectors The changes include: –Revise the extent of works to reflect a reduction of the number of retrofitting or rebuilding works –Increase the construction of new buildings where this is found to be more efficient than retrofitting old buildings; and –Make appropriate changes to the environment and social safeguards arrangements Session 286

7 WB Post-Disaster Loans WB may participate in long-term recovery planning efforts early in the disaster response Certain recovery efforts will need to begin immediately, and will be in the scope of the WB WB participates in assessment and planning to ensure projects include risk information and mitigation and land-use planning measures Technical experts may be provided. Session 287

8 Haiti – WB Rationale WB has been a longtime partner with Haiti US$307 million provided since 2005 WB experience with 67 earthquakes WB leading Post-Disaster Needs Assessment Cooperation with the UN and EU to: –Determine socio-economic development impact –Develop recovery strategies –Provide assistance to strengthen national disaster risk management system Session 288

9 Haiti – WB Objective The Project Development Objective is to support [ Haitis] early sustainable recovery efforts, in the aftermath of the earthquake, through selected interventions to rebuild key institutions and infrastructure. Session 289

10 Haiti – WB Project Components Re-establishing key economic and financial functions of the Government ($10 Million) Emergency Rehabilitation of Selected Public Infrastructure ($35 Million) Institutional Support, Reconstruction Planning and Project Management ($5 Million) Session 2810

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