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1. 2 First BIMSTEC Energy Ministers Conference: October 4, 2005. Declaration regarding Hydro Power Reiterate that all hydro POWER projects,irrespective.

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2 2 First BIMSTEC Energy Ministers Conference: October 4, 2005. Declaration regarding Hydro Power Reiterate that all hydro POWER projects,irrespective of their size, are clean and renewable sources of energy and developing the hydro potential of the BIMSTEC region would facilitate economic development of the concerned area in particular and the region in general. Resolve to develop the full hydro-power potential of the region ensuring that concerns of rehabilitation and environment are addressed adequately. Agree to share and strengthen our capabilities in the field of planning,design and construction,operation & maintenance and renovation of hydro power stations.

3 3 Appreciate the ongoing cooperation among the member countries for development of various hydro projects and call upon all the member countries to further enhance cooperation. Plan of Action: India to host a workshop on Sharing of experiences in developing hydro projects – Hence, this workshop.

4 4 INTER-COUNTRY COOPERATION IN HYDRO SECTOR At present, India has cooperation in the field of hydro power with: BHUTAN NEPAL MYANMAR


6 6 H.E. POTENTIAL IN BHUTAN Total Potential -30,000 MW Feasibile Potential - 23,760 MW Present Hydro Installed Capacity - about 470 MW (pre-Tala HEP) - about 1490 MW (post Tala HEP)

7 7 MAJOR RIVER SYSTEMS IN BHUTAN Torsa Wangchu (Raidak) Sankosh Manas

8 8 AGREEMENTS / MOUs WITH BHUTAN Umbrella Agreement concerning cooperation in the field of Hydroelectric Power- July,2006 MOU regarding the preparation of DPRs for Punatsangchhu (Stage-II) and Mangdechhu H.E. Projects- Jan,2005 MOU regarding preparation of DPR for Punatsangchhu Stage-I project- Sept2003. Agreement regarding the execution of Tala Hydro-electric Project- March, 1996.

9 9 AGREEMENTS / MOUs WITH BHUTAN Agreement on Trade and Commerce between India and Bhutan- Feb,1995 Agreement regarding the execution of Kurichu Hydro-electric Project- Feb,1994 Agreement regarding the execution of Chukha Hydro-electric Project- March, 1974.

10 10 INDO-BHUTAN COOPERATION PROJECTS CONSTRUCTED /BEING CONSTRUCTED WITH INDIAN ASSISTANCE Projects in Operation 1.Chukha( 336 MW) – Commissioned: 1986-88 2.Kurichu(60 MW) – Commissioned: 2001-03 Projects under Construction 1.Tala(1020 MW)- Partially Commissioned (6 Units of 170 MW each commissioned)

11 11 INDO-BHUTAN COOPERATION PROJECTS DPR prepared 1. Punatsangchu-I( 1095 MW) 2. Wangchu( 900 MW) 3. Bunakha( 180 MW) 4. Sankosh(4060 MW)- Multipurpose DPR under prepartion 1. Punatsangchu-II( 1000 MW) 2.Mangdechu( 360/600 MW) Pre-feasibility Report Prepared 1.Manas(2800 MW)- Multipurpose

12 12 UMBRELLA AGREMENT BETWEEN INDIA AND BHUTNA Signed in July 2006 Both Governments have agreed to facilitate, encourage and promote development and construction of hydropower projects and associated transmission systems as well as trade in electricity. Projects to be developed both through public and private sector participation and would be governed by separate project implementation and power purchase agreements. For projects to be implemented jointly, suitably

13 13 empowered joint group would be set up to facilitate identification of projects, preparation of DPRs and selection of agencies for speedy implementation of projects. For construction and operation of hydro projects in Bhutan by public sector and government owned agencies, India shall facilitate availing of facilities including financing from Financial Institutions in India and deployment of human resources. Government of India has agreed to a minimum import of 5000 MW of electricity from Bhutan by the year 2020.

14 14 NEPAL

15 15 H.E. POTENTIAL IN NEPAL Total Potential - 83,000 MW Exploitable Potential- 43,000 MW Present Hydro Installed Capacity - about 565 MW

16 16 MAJOR RIVER SYSTEMS IN NEPAL Kosi Gandak Karnali Mahakali Southern Rivers

17 17 AGREEMENTS / JOINT COMMITTEES WITH NEPAL Treaty signed in 1996 concerning the Integrated Development of the Mahakali river including Sarada Barrage, Tanakpur Barrage and Pancheshwar Project. Joint Group of Experts(JGE) for Pancheshwar Project. Joint Team of Experts(JTE) for other Hydro Projects in Nepal. India-Nepal Joint Committee on Water Resources (JCWR). Umbrella agreement on power exchange between India and Nepal. Setting up of Joint Project Offices.

18 18 PROJECTS IMPLEMENTED WITH INDIAN ASSISTANCE Name of the Project Installed Capacity (MW) Year of Commissioning POKHRA11968 TRISULI211969 WESTERN GANDAK 151979 DEVI GHAT14.11983

19 19 PROJECTS UNDER DISCUSSION AT VARIOUS LEVELS Multipurpose Schemes Karnali Multipurpose Project (10800 MW) Sapta Kosi High Dam Multipurpose Project (3300 MW) & Sun Kosi Storage-cum-Diversion Diversion Scheme Pancheshwar Multipurpose (5600 MW) Other Hydro Projects under consideration Burhi Gandaki (600 MW) Upper Karnali (300 MW)


21 21 H.E. POTENTIAL IN MYANMAR Total Potential – 39,720 MW Present Hydro Installed Capacity - about 747 MW Capacity Under Development - about 10,400 MW

22 22 MAJOR RIVER SYSTEMS IN MYANMAR Ayeyawady Thanlwin Sittaung Chindwin

23 23 INDO-MYANMAR COOPERATION IN DEVELOPMENT OF H.E. PROJECTS Design & Engineering of Sedawyagi HE Project was carried out by CEA. A no. of G&D Stations have also been set up by Govt. of India in connection with Tamanthi project. A Technical Team comprising officers from CEA, CWC, GSI and WAPCOS visited Myanmar in Mar., 2001 in connection with the development of Yeywa project (700 MW).

24 24 INDO-MYANMAR COOPERATION PROJECTS Pre-Feasibility Report has been prepared by NHPC for Tamanthi HE Project (1200 MW) and submitted in April, 2005. A Team comprising officers from MEA, CEA and NHPC visited Myanmar in May, 2006 in connection with exploring further cooperation in Tamanthi HE Project.

25 25 TAMANTI HE PROJECT PFR prepared by NHPC in April 2005. Multipurpose storage project on river Chindwin Mutual Benefit Project:- Benefits of power, irrigation, navigation and flood moderation to Myanmar and benefit of import of power to India. After DPR is prepared, discussions can be held regarding implementation of the project Further scope for development of Stage-II (about 400 MW) and Stage-III (about 700 MW) projects on the downstream of the Stage-I project.


27 27 Issues involved in exploiting hydro power potential in BIMSTEC Region Himalayan Territory – Difficult terrain and inaccessible sites. Geological difficulties and uncertainties. Engineering challenges in construction of projects especially the tunnels. Complexities involved in construction of Storage Projects – land acquisition, resettlement & rehabilitation issues, dam safety concerns and apportionment of costs between various components like power, irrigation, drinking water, flood moderation, navigation etc.

28 28 Countries like Bhutan, Nepal and Myanmar possess significant potential but have comparatively low domestic demand. India is a major market for power – demand in India is rising steadily. Construction of Trans-national grids for export/ import of power – technical, planning and operational standards of the national grids to be harmonised for removing barriers to grid interconnections. Arranging financing for hydroelectric projects. Requirement of competent and skilled manpower for construction and operation of projects.

29 29 SERVICES THAT CAN BE OFFERED BY INDIA FOR DEVELOPMENT OF HYDEL RESOURCES Systematic assessment of hydro power potential & Identification of projects Preparation of Pre-feasibility Reports (PFRs) Carrying out of detailed Survey & Investigation Hydro Power Planning and carrying out of Power Potential Studies Preparation of Detailed Project Reports

30 30 Detailed Design and Engineering. Construction/ Monitoring of large/medium Hydel Projects. Renovation & Modernisation and uprating of existing plants. Facilitate availing of finances from FIs in India. Deployment of skilled technical and managerial manpower. Organising training of manpower to impart requisite skills.

31 31 CONCLUSION Tremendous scope of inter-country cooperation for exploiting hydel potential in BIMSTEC countries for mutual benefits. India can render assistance in developing hydro potential of BIMSTEC countries from Concept to Commissioning. MoU/Agreement(s) could be reached amongst BIMSTEC countries to enhance cooperation in the field of hydro power.

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