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Shivam Concrete Technology & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd

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1 Shivam Concrete Technology & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd
5 A One Stop Solution Provider For Enhancement of Serviceability and Life of Structure

2 Introduction Vision: To be a leader in providing all possible solution in field of Enhancing Serviceability and Life for all type of structures Mission: To satisfy client by providing effective solutions through continuous innovative and faster (In – time) execution of project through strong planning AND being quality conscious About Us: Shivam Concrete Technology & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is realization of dream of Mr. Laxmikant Thakkar (Managing Director) to increase life and utility of structure by  providing best possible treatments for strengthening/rehabilitation based experience and scientific analysis. At Shivam Concrete Technology we thrive to give best services in most professional way. We provide services ranging from Visual Inspection to Modern Testing (NDT), Drafting strengthening/rehabilitation proposals to carrying out the rehabilitation work.

3 Introduction It was very modest beginning of Shivam Concrete Technology & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. It started with proprietor concern  "SHIVAM CONSTRUCTION'. In early days it use to carry out repair works of Bridges, Aqueduct & Overhead tank by Guiniting. But following His dreams and Vision of providing best service it is now change it focus to become one stop solution provider for all rehabilitation needs of structure. Now it is has been providing best treatments e.g. Polymer Modified Cement Mortar, Fibre reinforced repair mortar, Polymer Cement Grout, Wrapping, Corrosion Inhibiting, etc. Till date it has carried rehabilitation of over 90 bridges under Shivam Construction for various agency e.g. National Highway Authority of India and State Government by serving Clients like L&T, IRB, NCC, Sadbhav Engineering, Dosal, Patel Engineering, M/s Khurana  and many more. As of now we have inspected and design rehabilitation proposal for more than 50 bridges for L&T (NHAI Project), IRB (NHAI Project) and Public Works Departments. And carried out testing NDT testing for over 35 bridge and Bridge Load test for 16 bridges for L&T, Madhucon Projects Ltd., C V Kand Consultants and PWD. 3 3

4 Services Offered SCTCPL Testing Execution Consultancy
Bridge Load Test Strength (USPV, Rebound hammer, Core Test) Testing GPR of existing structure (details of reinforcement, voids, etc.) Corrosion (Half Cell, Carbonation, etc.) SCTCPL Execution Consultancy PC/Epoxy grouting Rehab Proposal Epoxy/PMC mortar Cost Estimation Railing/Expansion joint Tender Preparation Strengthening & Presstresing Structural Modification Jacketing External Prestressing Wrapping (Glass/Carbon) Extension of Existing Structure Bearing Replacement 4

5 Our Role We shoulder the responsibility and be a part of the Team
SCTCPL Designing Rehabilitation Proposal Getting Approval of Rehabilitation Scheme from IC Testing of New and Existing Structures Cost Estimation Execution Resolving Technical Issues Speedy and Quality Work Committed to complete work in time Which Saves Time and Money 5

6 Structural Repairs Repair Materials Repair Techniques
Cementious grouts Chemical Grout (Epoxy,etc.) Fibre (Glass/Carbon) wrap Sealants Membranes Corrosion Inhibitors Protective Coatings Repair Techniques Replacement of structural components Pressure injection Grouting Polymer Modified Cement Mortar Concrete Overlays Structural upgrades Corrosion mitigation Wrapping

7 Strength Provide solution to all the needs of rehabilitation and strengthening of various structures (consultancy to execution) Strong execution capability along with in depth planning (Has completed rehabilitation of 4 major bridges and 4 minor bridges, spread across distance of 50 kms, in record time of 2.5 months. Replaced the 6 bearings of Major bridge within 7 days) Vast Experience of rehabilitation of over 90 bridges and 15 overhead tanks and are into rehabilitation business for last 18 years Has capability to carry out work in most changeling conditions as well as carrying out most changeling work Provides highest customer satisfaction (Approaches the work with equal focus on the needs of customer/client and structure) Owns enough equipments, machineries and labour force to simultaneously carry out rehabilitation of more than 2 major bridges

8 Accomplishments At Shivam Concrete Technology, we are dedicated to take challenging task and complete it in time. Following exemplify the same: Took are rehabilitation work of old Tapi bridge, where 20ft of flowing water and height of 60ft presented challenging environment to work. The work was entrusted by UP State Bridge Corporation Completed difficult task of rehabilitation of 8 bridges in 2.5 months for Sadbhav Engineering. It help them to complete the project in time Completed most challenging task of rehabilitation a Span and bearing replacement of Balaram Bridge in 20 days (which normally takes 2 months). It was critical for completing the project in time Helped client with technical assistant to save bridges which were to reconstructed, hence saving money and time Completed rehabilitation of Banas Bridge (approx length of 600mts) in 3 months where each span’s height was 10 mts.

9 Quality…. Our focus is to satisfy client by providing high standard quality of work. We ensure quality by following international & national standards and using high quality of raw materials, following is the list of it: Standards: IRC SP 37 IRC SP 40 IRC SP 51 EN 1504 Guide to Concrete Repair and Protection (Australian) Member of International Concrete Repair Institute Raw Material Suppliers: Fosroc BASF Atul (formerly known as Ciba Atul) Bosch We have library of over 400 books, journal, case studies, seminar & codes 9

10 Served…. L & T IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd.
Nagarjuna Construction Company (NCC) Dodsal Private Limited Sadbhav Engineering Ltd U P State Bridge Corporation Ltd LG E & C – Patel J/V Madhucon Projects Ltd. D R Agarwal Infracon Pvt. LTD. M/S Harcharan Singh & Co. Apollo Hospital (L&T) Public Works Department, Gujarat State 10

11 Projects Completed (Consultancy)
Bridges: Condition survey of 6 existing bridges of Palanpur – Swaroopganj Section, NH – 14 for L&T Condition survey of 32 existing bridges of Bhaurch – Surat Section, NH – 8 for IRB infrastructure Condition survey of Borim bridge on Zurai river in Goa for CV Kand Consultants for NHAI Condition survey of Major bridge at Seoni in Madha Pradesh for Sadbhav Engineering for PWD Condition survey of 6 bridges of Gujarat State Highway for PWD Condition survey of various bridges and aqueducts for PWD, Gujarat Buildings: Condition survey of fire damaged Warehouse for Conchem Pvt. Ltd. 11

12 Projects Completed (Testing)
New Bridges:- Quality Assurance NDT Testing for quality assurance of concrete work of all newly constructed bridges of Palanpur – Swaroopganj Section, NH – 14 for L&T Bridge Load testing for quality assurance of 14 newly constructed bridges of Palanpur – Swaroopganj Section, NH – 14 for L&T Bridge Load testing for quality assurance of 2 newly constructed bridges of Jaipur – Agra Expressway, NH – 11 for Madhucon Projects Ltd Existing Bridges:- Strength and Condition Assessment NDT Testing for Strength and Condition Assessment of 6 existing bridges of Palanpur – Swaroopganj Section, NH – 14 for L&T NDT Testing for Strength and Condition Assessment of existing Borim bridges at Goa for C V Kand Consultants Pvt. Ltd NDT Testing for Strength and Condition Assessment of 4 existing bridges of Gujarat State Highway for Public Works Department (PWD) 12

13 Projects Completed (Rehab)
Palanpur to Swaroopganj Section, NH14 Strengthening and rehabilitation of various bridges for L&T East West Corriodor, Package VI Rehabilitation of various bridges for DIC – NCC Joint Venture East West Corriodor, Package V Rehabilitation of various bridges for Jilin - Sadbhav Joint Venture East West Corriodor, Package III Rehabilitation of various minor bridges for DIC – NCC Joint Venture Surat Manor Tollway project, Package I Repair of bridges (Wanki, Bam, Mirchholi, Kha, Rayam, Mindhola, Kaveri, Kharera & Ambica) for Dodsal Private Ltd Surat Manor Tollway project, Package II Repair and rehabilitation of existing bridges for LG E&C – Patel (J/V) Repair & Rehabilitation work of existing Tapi River Bridge for UP State Bridge Corporation Ltd 13

14 Projects Completed (Rehab)
Public Works Department Gujarat State Flyover to Petrochemical from NH 8 near village Ranoli (Vadodara R&B Department) Purna River Bridge (Navsari R&B Department) Auranga River Bridge (Navsari R&B Department) Tan River Bridge (Navsari R&B Department) Zerva River Bridge (Vadodara R&B Department) Aani River Bridge (Vadodara R&B Department) Orsang River Bridge (Vadodara R&B Department) Various aquaducts on Ukai & Damang ganga L.B.M.C Special Repairs to Earthquake affected buildings (Bhuj, Ahmedabad & Bhachau) for Garrison Engineers, Indian Army 14

15 Apollo Hospital(Case Study)
BRIEF HISTORY: Apollo Hospital near Gandhinagar is having Cardic Treatment Facilities Hospital Construction’s work was awarded to L&T Hospital was having six floor to be constructed Initially Helipad was designed on land in front of hospital Later it decided to located Helipad on the terrace Hence there need of strengthening (increase size) footing and columns of 1st two floor Strengthening work was awarded to us.

16 Tapi Old Bridge (Case Study)
Apollo Hospital(Case Study) METHODOLOGY FOR REPAIR: Existing foundation was opened Additional reinforcement was tie to existing after exposing the later by chipping out them And concreting of requisite size was carried out Top surface of column was roughened and shear anchor was provided with use approved chemical Additional reinforcement was tied to the existing square column (600mm*600mm) to make it round Reinforcement from footing were extended to ground floor and from ground floor to 1st floor without disturbing existing beams on four side of columns This reinforcement were covered by shortcerting of 43 MPa Material

17 Tapi Old Bridge (Case Study)
BRIEF HISTORY: The bridge was constructed by Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad This ia an old existing bridge having 13 spans Each span has a length of 23 Mts. And carriage way of 5.6 Mts. The existing bridge is a balance cantilever and a two girder “T” type The bridge since its inception was never undertaken for any minor or major repairs

18 Tapi Old Bridge (Case Study)
CONDITIONS OBSERVED PRIOR TO REPAIR: Riding surface was badly damaged at expansion joints Some portions of slabs at expansion joints and cross girder at that points were heavily damaged Railing of the bridge was also badly damaged Leaching and spalling of concrete was observed at the bottom of girders Several cracks were observed in main girders

19 Tapi Old Bridge (Case Study)
REASON OF DAMAGES: Due to deep water in Tapi river and pier at height of 50 to go ft above water level, it was not possible to make scaffold from ground level (GL) which is 20 ft below water level Therefore inspection of bridge damages and diagnosis was not possible and it was neglected for a long time and was open for traffic which detoriated the bridge very badly

20 Tapi Old Bridge (Case Study)
METHODOLOGY FOR REPAIR: Bituminous wearing coat and R.C.C wearing coat were removed by jack hammer using compressed air All plates put on expansion joints were removed Study of damaged portion at the point of expansion joints and cross girders were carried out Old cross girders were replaced by putting new cross girders with steel and concrete insitu Broken portion of slab was recasted after welding extra Re-Bar as per design Designed expansion joints, finger type were installed as per specifications

21 Tapi Old Bridge (Case Study)
METHODOLOGY FOR REPAIR: Hanging platform for scaffold work was erected from the top of the slab Removal of leached, spalled, honey combed concrete surface was done manually and by Mechanical chippers Surface preparation was done by wire brushing and applying bond coat of Polymer Modified Cement (PMC) slurry along with coating of Re-Bar with PMC bond Coat Extra steel Re-Bar was added to original Re-Bar whose diameter was below 80% of original diameter and were coated by PMC slurry bond coat PMC mortar was applied to fill hollows and cavities manually with Masons and finished to match the existing surface

22 Tapi Old Bridge (Case Study)
METHODOLOGY FOR REPAIR: For repairing cracks V-Groove was made by mechanical cutter and filled with Epoxy mortar And then wholes of 200mm depth were drilled at a distance of 300mm on both sides of the girder With help of nipples low viscosity Epoxy Grout was grouted from top of the slab with compressed air and Epoxy pump Existing damaged R.C.C parapet was repaired using Polymer Modified Cement (PMC) Mortar Profile corrective course of PCC was laid on the top of the slab Water spout were fitted as per site requirement Bituminous mecadum leveling course was laid on the top and bridge was opened for traffic

23 Tapi Old Bridge (Case Study)
Contact Us Shivam Concrete Technology & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. 227, Panorama Complex R C Dutt Road, Alkapuri, Vadodara – Gujarat Telefax - Website- Contact Persons Laxmikant Thakkar (Managing Director) M Tapan Thakkar (Director – Finance & Projects) M

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