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Welcome to Suffolk County Community College

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1 Welcome to Suffolk County Community College

2 Icebreaker Activity -Technology Survey
Stand up Sit down if you did not use a computer at college Sit down if you did not use a computer in high school Sit down if you did not use a computer in middle school Sit down if you did not use a computer in elementary school Sit down if you did not use a computer in kindergarten Sit down if you did not use a computer before kindergarten

3 “We’re lost but we are making good time. -Yogi Berra
Our future students “We’re lost but we are making good time. -Yogi Berra

4 Library Resources @ SCCC

5 Key to Research – Finding the Right Tool
Easy to find information on the internet Not always easy to find quality information on the internet Students do know the difference Not everything is published on the internet Librarians teach how to find and evaluate information that is relevant to task at hand

6 SCCC Library Collection

7 SCCC Library Collection
Purchase and organize materials for the academic departments – each department has a library liaison Over 200,000 Volumes Over 5,000 Media Titles Over 450 Periodical Subscriptions Over 2,500 items on Reserve Usage statistics Over 20,000 Books Circulated Over 12,500 Periodicals Circulated Over 2,000 Interlibrary loan requests filled

8 Electronic Resources @ SCCC Libraries

9 Electronic Resources @ SCCC Libraries
Subscribe to over 70 databases Access to 97,194 electronic journals and 41,081 Electronic books Customized library pages for each department Electronic library services – chat reference, interlibrary loan, etc. Usage statistics Over 200,000 database sessions in – over 60% of the users are off campus Over 1,000 Electronic Service Requests – Reference, interlibrary loan, login troubles, etc.

10 Media Services Media equipment (slide projectors, tv/vhs, dvd, cd players, smart cart) and media titles available for classroom use Select from over 5,000 media titles or bring in your own title.

11 Library Teaching Program

12 Library Teaching Program
Credit bearing classes – LIB101 & LIB103 Freshman Seminar library orientations Subject specific classes Over 1,000 library classes taught in One on one help at the reference desk – Over 40,000 served in

13 Cultural/Academic Events in the Libraries…
Copyright workshops Plagiarism/Academic integrity workshops Research skills workshops Writer’s Café- SCCC and local authors Filmmaker’s series – Faculty, student and local filmmakers Student sponsored activities – Hunger 101, Counter Recruitment, Gay & Lesbian Professionals, etc. Center for the Holocaust, Diversity & Human Understanding Center workshops Annual Intellectual Freedom conference Women’s Week Activities Poetry Smackdown

14 How can the library help faculty?
We provide access to research materials We help faculty create research assignments & provide customized library instruction We provide one-on-one reference service in person, by phone and through chat/ We deliver media titles and equipment in the classroom We provide a space for academic forums

15 New Library Initiatives

16 New Library Initiatives
New Learning Resource Center at Eastern Campus Planning phase for new Grant Campus Library Expand “Ask a Librarian” chat reference service Faculty/Student Collaborative Lab at Ammerman Electronic Reserves Online “library lectures” for DE classes Direct patron interlibrary loan New Library Web site Library Mobile web site

17 Library FAQs Your library card is your ID card (students can get their card at the Ammerman library) Students will need their IDs to check out books and use the academic computer center You can access library databases from home with your SCCC login There is always reference help available during the semester The is no charge for printing, but there is 20 page limit per print job Libraries have become the “campus publishers” - please help by providing printer friendly handouts

18 Academic Support Services

19 Communication – SCCC Portal/Email

20 Leading Edge Technology

21 Wireless Technology

22 Technology Classrooms

23 Distance Education

24 Distance Education Distance Learning Classroom Courses Online Courses
Web enhanced courses

25 Educational Technology Unit
Student technology orientation General purpose and subject specific computer labs Faculty can book labs on a first come, first serve basis

26 Skills Centers

27 Students with Disabilities
Some students require special services such as note-takers, readers or sign language interpreters

28 Faculty Training

29 Campus Teaching Learning Center
Meet other faculty Learn new teaching techniques Attend workshop Series Enhance your professional development Work on your new projects with the help of a professional assistant

30 Workshop Series Online Quizzing Active Learning Smart Classrooms
Promoting Academic Integrity Dealing with Disruptive Students PowerPoint Learning Styles

31 Faculty Training Adjunct Faculty Development Fund (after three semesters) Admission to courses (after two semesters)

32 Continuing Education

33 Methods for Incorporating Technology in the Classroom
Create web pages for course outlines and assignments Web enable your course Use media, presentation equipment, software or web pages relating to your discipline

34 Pop Quiz -Fill in the Blanks
I believe the _________________ is destined to revolutionize our educational system and that in a few years it will supplant largely, if not entirely, the use of text books. ______ ______________ (year) (author)

35 Pop Quiz -Fill in the Blanks
I believe the motion picture is destined to revolutionize our educational system and that in a few years it will supplant largely, if not entirely, the use of text books. Thomas Edison (year) (author)

36 Quick Library Demo & Questions

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