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Elements of Literature Over : The Sniper

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1 Elements of Literature Over : The Sniper
By: Ben

2 Introduction- I am going to tell you about the story “The Sniper” by Liam O'Flaherty. I will show you a plot diagram of the story, the setting, point of view and the theme of the story also so you may get a better understanding of the story.

3 Plot Diagram- Climax Rising Action Falling Action Exposition
Dénouement Inciting Incident Resolution

4 Exposition- Introduces the story to the reader like:
Ex: Republicans and Free Staters are in a civil war Ex: Two snipers are on top of the roofs

5 Inciting Incident- The first problem in the story.
Ex: Republican sniper gets shot at by free stater sniper.

6 Rising Action- All the actions that happen up until the climax.
Ex: Republican sniper shoots man in armoured car and old lady. Ex: Gets shot by Free Stater sniper and Republican attends to his wounds.

7 Climax- The peak of what is going on in the story.
Ex: Republican Sniper devises a plan to trick Free Stater Sniper

8 Falling Action- All of the actions that happen up to the resolution.
Ex: Republican Sniper puts plan into action Ex: Puts arm over edge and when Free Stater shoots at Republican then drops his to the street Ex: When Free Stater sees this he stands up and the Republican shoots him with pistol

9 Resolution- The answer to the Inciting Incidents problem.
Ex: Free Stater Sniper falls for trick and Republican Sniper shoots the Free Stater

10 Dénouement- Wraps up what went on in the story.
Ex: Goes down to see who the other sniper was and if he knew him. Ex: The Free Stater Sniper that he shot turns out to be his brother.

11 Characterization- In “The Sniper” the characterization is indirect. The sniper thinks throughout the story about what the other sniper is doing. He also thinks of plans to kill the other sniper and thinks about what his mission is also.

12 Setting- “The Sniper” takes place in Dublin, Ireland. At the time there was a civil war going on between the Free Staters and the Republicans. An example of the civil war was they tell you there is a waging civil war going on. Another example is when the Republican shot his enemy he went to his dead body to see if he had known him before the army had split.

13 Point of View, Narration, and Voice-
The point of view of the story is 3rd Person limited. I chose this because the narrator is on the outside looking in and uses “he” and “his” throughout the story. The point of view is limited because the narrator never tells us what the other people are doing throughout the story, and he is always focused on the republican sniper.

14 Theme: In civil wars, even families can be split and turned against each other.
I chose this theme for this story because its goes along with what happens in the story. In the story, the snipers that tried to kill each other ended up being brothers that had been split because of the civil war. That is Why i chose my theme.

15 Conclusion- Throughout this powerpoint i have told you about the plot diagram, the setting, point of view and the theme. I hope that this presentation has given you a better understanding of the story “The Sniper.”

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