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Why I like/dislike this book. I like this book because its a powerful novel of friendship set among terror of present day Afghanistan. I didnt like the.

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2 Why I like/dislike this book. I like this book because its a powerful novel of friendship set among terror of present day Afghanistan. I didnt like the rising action of my book because Tamanna was forced an arranged marriage and I didnt like that part in my book because Tamanna did not have a say or approve of this.

3 Plot Line-Introduction. The conflict is man vs. man because Yasmine and Tamanna are running and hiding away from Tamannas uncle so Tamanna wouldnt get killed. Yasmine is from England and her parent are from Afghanistan but moved to England for education and schooling and to raise Yasmine but now she is getting older and more responsible so her parents decided to move to Afghanistan and teach. Now they are very successful teaching at the university in Afghanistan but only the farther is aloud because there is this law that the woman is not aloud to be in a room with other men besides her husband or farther/older brother in the same room.(besides her house) But now Yasmine meets a new friend (Tamanna) and they became very close with each other so close that they treat each other like family and Yasmines farther is now teaching both of them but all of that is ruined when Tamannas uncle set up an enraged marriage for her.

4 Plot Line-Rising Action But the man that is marring Tamanna saw her limping and thought that she is sick and week just because of her uncle abused her and now she is a disgrace to her family and now her uncle has to kill her so Tamanna ran away and hid where nobody can find her except for Yasmine.

5 So Yasmines parents went out onto the street to talk to Tamannas mother is secret without anybody knowing beidess Yamine to talk about moving back to England and taking Tamanna with them so she can have a fresh new start with rights and freedom. Tamannas mother was very sick and weak but very happy to hear this. She said she ran away and hid from her uncle so Yasmines parents went out onto the streets and went looking for her, but her uncle knew some Taliban men and sent them to go look for a young girl in a brand new blue burka (which Yasmine has gave to her)and there parents didnt know that the Taliban went looking for them to because they thought they were spies for the International Security Assistance Forces. So her parents went out on the streets and look while Yamine stayed at home waiting. But her parent has been spotted by the Taliban and started shooting. Yasmine ran out onto the street looking for her parents. Now her parent had been shot only twice but there was some American soldiers passing by to help.

6 So they took them to Kandahar city for help right away they flew in a helicopter but Yasmine had a few words to say to her parent I will find Tamanna and bring her to Kandahar City where I will meet you then we can go to our real home back in England. She said with tears runny down her face. Her mother agreed and talk to the soldier what is there plan. And the soldier said were not aloud to take you with us because it will be kid napping according to the Afghani people. But ill send you by car.

7 Plot Line-Climax So Yasmine was sent by car to Kandahar City but before that she asked the car driver to stop her at her house. She gabbed what ever looked really important like passports and her farther notebook and a lot of American dollars. And then she went to look for Tamanna she cheeked the entire house even her bedroom she was hiding underneath her bed for hours hopping that she would finally find her and explained what is happening and what has happed. Now they must hurry into the car to Kandahar City to meet her parents before anyone else can see then. This car ride would take them about 7 hrs to drive to Kandahar City the driver over herd what there saying, so he stopped the car and kicked them out because he didnt want to drive a daughter of a spy. So he turned around and was going to tell them where they were. So they rolled in dirt and mud so that they couldnt recognize them. After days of walking and a little bit of resting on the way a huge sand storm came and injured Tamanna but Yasmine only had a couple scrapes but Tamanna was badly injured they were on a trail leading to the city when they saw a army truck. Tamanna and Yasmine felt hope once again so both of them stopped in the middle wear the truck was driving so they truck would stop before them.

8 Yasmine said in Dari(one on the two official languages in Afghanistan) her is the girl Yasmine her British parents are in Kandahar City waiting for her. (Yasmine would find another way to her family but Tamanna need help right away, thats how much they cared for each other,so Yasmine and Tamanna are switching identities) the soldiers knew exactly what she is talking about because they were told to look for her and bring her to the airport to meet her parents there, so they took Yasmine(Tamanna) to the airport and flew her to England where her parents were.

9 Plot Line-Resolution And Yasmines real parents thought that her real daughter was dead because of an explosion and the real Tamanna didnt remember a thing because she was knocked out from the sandstorm. But know a soldier had recognized Yasmine and he is now sending her home and calling her parents the great news. Now finally Yasmine and Tamanna can get a education and have rights and freedom!

10 Theme map The closets friends are like family so treat them like family.

11 What comes around goes around. Put the ones you love first. If you work hard in life you will get rewarded in life If you work hard for something it pays off in the end.

12 Yasmine protects Tamanna because she is badly injured. Yasmine would do anything for Tamanna's safety. Yasmine tried to find a better way to her parents without getting seen by the Taliban. Yasmine switched identities with Tamanna so she could get help right away because she is badly injured.

13 Protagonist Yasmine nice Thought- ful sweet caring kind British back ground Afghan -i wealthy

14 Antagonist Tamanna Uncle Mean harsh Not a loving person Not appeali ng smart bad

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