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Heart Disease is one of the most common diseases afflicting today's workers.

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2 Heart Disease is one of the most common diseases afflicting today's workers.

3 Caused by Excessive stress, Smoking, High calorie diet, Sedentary lifestyle, this disease is the no.1 killer of today's employees.

4 Blockage in Coronary Arteries OR Clot in Coronary Arteries OR Constriction of Coronary Arteries Sedentary life Smoking High Calorie diet Stress Alcohol High Cholesterol High Blood Pressure Over Weight Angina Heart Attack Cardiac Arrest Heart Failure Family ? Job ? Expenses? Peace of Mind? Family ? Job ? Expenses? Peace of Mind?

5 Only you can do something about it !!!! After all, it’s your life, it’s your family!!! You can start with a simple step. TODAY.

6 Take a brisk walk for 30 minutes per day, Every day.

7 WALKING AND CHOLESTROL – Regular walking can increase the levels of good cholesterol. WALKING AND SMOKING – Regular walking is a positive habit to replace smoking with. For over 40 years now, studies have shown walking to be the best form of exercise that people of all ages can do.

8 WALKING AND BLOOD PRESSURE - Regular walking makes the heart work more efficiently and improves blood circulation. Blood vessels become more elastic and the amount of oxygen delivered to the tissues increases.

9 WALKING AND STRESS – Walking is one easy way to deal with tension, anxiety and stress. Studies show that people who exercise regularly can cope better with stresses of life. Researchers in USA found a 14% average drop in anxiety levels in regular brisk walkers. Walking recharges our batteries after tension and stress have drained them of power and energy.

10 WALKING AND FITNESS - Regular brisk walking improves muscle tone, makes your heart stronger and gives you that bite of fitness. Do it regularly for 30 minutes every day and enjoy that feeling of fitness from within. Caution for those with knee pain: Walk at normal pace. Do knee stretching exercises as shown in next two slides.

11 KNEE EXTENSION Strengthens muscles in front of thigh and shin. 1.Sit in chair. Only the balls of your feet and your toes should rest on the floor. Put rolled towel under knees, if needed, to lift your feet. Rest your hands on your thighs or on the sides of the chair. 2.Slowly extend one leg in front of you as straight as possible. 3.Flex foot to point toes toward head. 4.Hold position for 1 to 2 seconds. 5.Slowly lower leg back down. Pause. 6.Repeat with other leg. 7.Alternate legs until you have done 8 to 15 repetitions with each leg. 8.Rest; then do another set of 8 to 15 alternating repetitions

12 Knee Flexion Hip Flexion Knee Extension Straight Leg Raises: Supine, Abduction, Adduction Calf Raises Squats Front Step-Ups Calf Raises Standing Terminal Knee ExtensionsHeel Slides Exercises for Knee Pain Relief

13 EFFECTIVE & SAFE Reduces Stress Helps quit smoking Strengthens the heart, Massages the legs Strengthens the muscles, Reduces cholesterol Improves blood circulation BUILD IT IN YOUR DAILY ROUTINE 30 MINUTES EVERY DAY

14 Strengthen your heart & your health by Walking 30 minutes briskly every day. Shared by a Caring Friend from FROPKI.COM

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