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Chris Lynch By: Richard and Angel.

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1 Chris Lynch By: Richard and Angel

2 Chris Lynch Biography Chris Lynch is not dead and he was born in He was born in Boston. His moms name is Dorothy and his dads name is Edward. He has two children named Sophia and Walker. He graduated from Boston University, awards were best books for young adult readers, young adults choices 1997, winner of a 1993 bulletin blue ribbon. His dad died when he was 5 years old.

3 List of Books by Chris Lynch
Lynch on Lynch Ciboria Kill Switch Angry Young Man Shadow Boxer Hot House Slot Machine The Big Game of Everything Within Your Reach Freewill World War 2 book 1 I Pledgee Allegiance Casualties Sharpshooter Free-Fire Zone Inexcusable Little Blue Lines Pieces Iceman Gold Dust

4 Sharpshooter My story is historical fiction. The setting within my story is starting off at school then led up to war. The three main characters are Caesar, General George, Morris. Try's to convince Caesar to join the war to fight for his country but he doesn’t and Morris does go to war. It is a good book to read.

5 Extreme Elvin Extreme Elvin is a realistic fiction book. The major characters in my book are Elvin, Frank, Mike and the minor characters are The mom, Sara. The main settings in my book are at the schools. This book is about this kid named Elvin, who his friends are trying to help him find a outfit for him to were to the dance. His friends names are Mike and Frank (in the book he calls them Frankie and Mikie.) So there is this big dance to happen but the day of the dance he misses the bus so he runs to school. But when he gets there he is late (tardy). So he does not get to go to the instead he has to go to detention. But when he is there he runs into a named Metzger. Metzger wants to fight him but the teacher say they have to take it outside. So they go outside but Elvin just jumps on the bus to sister school and then goes to the dance. Then he meets a girl, and the story goes on.

6 Compare and Contrast Same Different
The main characters in Extreme Elvin and Sharp Shooter are both boys. In the book Sharpshooter and Extreme Elvin are both 14 years old. In the book Extreme Elvin and Sharp shooter they both take place in a school. In the book Extreme Elvin he has a dog in Sharpshooter there are NO pets. In the book Sharpshooter it is him and his dad in Extreme Elvin it is him and his mom. In Extreme Elvin he is more confused on who everything is supposed to work why you are a teenager when you turn 14 not 13.

7 Question #1 Where was Chris lynch born?

8 Answer #1 Boston

9 Question #2 When did his dad die?

10 Answer #2 When Chris Lynch was 5 years old

11 Question #3 What's my authors name?

12 Answer #3 Chris Lynch

13 Question #1 What are Chris Lynch’s children named?

14 Answer #1 Chris Lynch’s children names are Walker & Sophia.

15 Question # 2 What are Chris Lynch’s parents names?

16 Answer #2 Chris Lynch’s parents names are Edward & Dorothy.

17 Question #3 How many awards did Chris Lynch win?

18 Answer #3 Chris Lynch won over 5 awards for writing books.


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