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1 HOW TO SUBSCRIBE AND ACTIVATE HULU ACCOUNT ? Call (toll-free) at 1-800-414-2180 visit

2 HULU ACCOUNT People who want to opt for one of the best streaming services like Hulu, first need to get a Hulu subscription and then need to activate it to start enjoying the content. Thus today we have we have few simple steps that will guide you through this whole process.


4  Switching to a new service might sometimes feel hectic as it takes the time to get started. Moreover, at times people are not able to understand the guided setup and thus are unable to go through the settings to complete the activation process.  So, to avoid this inconvenience, we have few supporting steps to guide you in subscribing the Hulu service and activating the Hulu account.


6 THE PREREQUISITES TO START STREAMING HULU CONTENT ARE  A fast Internet connection.  A video output device such as T. V, tablet, mobile phone, etc.  You need to Subscribe to Hulu.


8 STEPS TO SUBSCRIBE TO HULU SERVICE  Visit the official web page of Hulu to create an account with Hulu. Go to Click on sign up or  Enter the sign-up details asked i.e. username and password. Use your any of the emails as a username and the corresponding password for it.


10  It will lead to the creation of your Hulu account. Now go to “My account.” Select the “manage account” option.  It will prompt you to “manage add-ons” window. Else if not prompted automatically to that window then go to “My Subscriptions” click on “manage add-on” icon.


12  Select the type of contents that you would like to watch. Be a live show, a commercial or non- commercial show. Click on the “on” button to activate your choices.  For watching the same content on more than one device at a time, you need to go to unlimited screens and click on “Add this.”


14  Click on “next” to continue to another page.  Fill up your city or state Zip code. It will determine the type of your access to local shows.


16  Now enable the option to “Save temporary recordings.” It is a prerequisite for you to watch live shows else you won’t be able to watch live T.V.  Now save the changes by clicking on the “Confirm” button.  You can also utilize Hulu Help to overcome the problem you face while subscribing to Hulu.


18 STEPS TO ACTIVATE HULU ACCOUNT ON A VIDEO OUTPUT DEVICE  Try to open your Hulu account in the application.  You will now find a unique code for activation on your video device. Note it down somewhere.  Now go to an official web page of Hulu, and click on “Activate.” Sign in to the account using your login credentials.


20  Now it will prompt you to enter that unique code for activation here. So enter that code and press continue to activate and follow the on-screen guide.  Wait for a couple of minutes. After that, your video device will be linked to the account, and you can start streaming the Hulu content.


22  In case your video device doesn’t display you with the unique code for activation. Then the account can be activated by simply using any of your registered email address and the corresponding password.

23 FEW PROBLEMS THAT OCCUR WITH HULU Buffering problem: sometimes you may find that videos are taking more time to load up. It might be caused due to a slow or intermittent internet connection. So make sure you are receiving a good speed. Black screen with status code 3343, 3322, 3307, 2203, 3321: sometimes


25  Status Code 3370: If you find this error code in your chrome browser then go to “Options” in the top right corner of the Chrome browser home page. Go to settings. Select “advanced settings” option. Go to “privacy setting” select “content management.” Go to “protected content.” Click on “Allow keywords with protected data.”  Press “F5” key from keyboard to refresh the settings of the browser.

26 So today we learned to subscribe and activate the Hulu account with few simple steps. For future issues with Hulu always visit Hulu com support to get advanced troubleshooting steps to solve Hulu problems.

27 SOURCES Hulu Activate Hulu Com Activate Hulu Plus Activate Hulu Activation Code

28 Contact Us Smart Tv Help Line Toll Free (1-800-414-2180)

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