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When Did It Happen, Paul Revere?

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1 When Did It Happen, Paul Revere?
Your names:

2 1735 What is Boston like when Paul Revere is born?
What page? 263 Description? There are 42 streets, 4,000 houses, 12 churches, 4 schools, many horses and dogs, and about 15,000 people. There is plenty to see; many ships coming and going, and street vendors

3 1756 How does Revere respond when French soldiers and Indians attack the colonies?
What page? 265 Description? He grabs his belongings and goes to Fort Henry on Lake George.

4 1773 On the night of December 16, Revere and the other Sons of Liberty are very busy in the Boston Harbor. What are they doing? What page? 267 Description? They paint their faces, pretending to be Indians, and march on board the British ships and dump the tea in the harbor.

5 1776 On the night of April 18, Revere is sent to Lexington and Concord
1776 On the night of April 18, Revere is sent to Lexington and Concord. What happens on his big ride? What page? Description? He forgets the cloth to cover the oars, leaves his spurs at home, is chased by two British officers, is detained and questioned by a British patrol. He is let go without his horse but finally arrives in Lexington on foot.

6 1783 By the end of the war, Revere is 48 years old. What does he do?
What page? 276 Description? He goes back to silversmithing, opens a hardware store, sets up a foundry, makes church bells, and sets up a copper rolling mill.

7 1810 What is Boston like now that Revere is 75 years old?
What page? 278 Description? No one counts the streets, the horses, or the houses; everyone is busy putting up new buildings and making the city bigger.

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