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Marketing in Digital Age Building the Right Mindset.

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1 Marketing in Digital Age Building the Right Mindset

2 About Us Seminar Presenter Tommy Weng (General Manager) John Ling (Creative Director) Merx Motion E-business consulting Internet applications.

3 Past Clients

4 Why Merx Motion Corporate e-business solutions: Scale is too big Too expensive to implement Merx Motion invested heavily on R&D to bring a fitting e-business solution for SME

5 Marketing in Digital Age Theories and Case Studies

6 Differences between Traditional and Digital In your opinion, what separates traditional marketing and marketing in digital age?

7 On-Demand Marketing What is new? On-demand centre to store your business information Information stored can be retrieved anytime through the internet Why is it special? Convenience for your customers and yourself can maximize your sales and save you cost

8 On-Demand Marketing What is new? Computers can now take care of repetitive communications requests Why is it special? Saves costs by answering your customers questions once and for all

9 On-Demand Marketing What is new? You can now track customers service sessions and purchases You can record almost anything that they do on your on-demand marketing center Why is it special Understand of what your clients need and offer what your clients want.

10 On-Demand Marketing Assisting Traditional Marketing

11 Deficiencies of Traditional Marketing 1.Aggressive yet passive 2.Cannot deliver timely information 3.Cost of marketing media

12 Aggressive yet Passive Aggressive People can t turn it off even if they don t wish to see it anymore Passive People have to wait for the AD even if they want to see it

13 Aggressive yet Passive On-Demand Solution Always allow your customers to access your information No longer in the hands of fate

14 Un-Timely Information After delivery, you cannot change/update the information After development, you cannot modify your contents Your customers may not receive the most timely information as a result

15 Un-Timely Information On-Demand Solution: Always provide the latest contents for your customers to access Only have to update your information at one place

16 Cost of Marketing Media Billboard Ad: $3000-$5000/month Yellow Page : $1200/yr for smallest Ad Flyer: 40 cents per flyer, $1200/campaign Newspaper Ad: $1500/week TV Commercial: $ a lot Radio Commercial: $1/sec $2000- $3000/campaign All info provided are for reference only

17 Cost of Marketing Media On-Demand Solution: Smaller ad space Single page flyer Minimize mailing expenses Minimize reprints of catalogues or brochures

18 On-Demand Marketing Satisfying your customers in digital age

19 Your Customers in Digital Age Busy Won t call you during regular hours Demand 24/7 info delivery channel Resourceful Can find competitor as easy as they find you

20 Your Customers in Digital Age Limited physical compare shopping 70 % general customers shop online before purchasing in store (UCLA) Internet influenced US$130 billion offline purchases in 2003 (

21 On-Demand Marketing Advanced Applications

22 ATM Machines Banking Systems Access your banking information anywhere in the world at any time Transactions are recorded in real-time

23 ATM Machines Advanced machines combine with internet Internet allows the communication with servers instantly

24 ATM Machines Real-time teller services without the hassle No more line-ups for customers Win-win situation for both banks and customers

25 Cross Marketing Convenience Chain Store Seems to know what customers want before they walk in Knows exactly what else to sell when you purchase an item

26 Cross Marketing Advanced Point-of-Sale System Record what people buy Record customer age group Record daily weather Automatically record time, date, and location of store

27 Cross Marketing Use data to: Place products in stores Display in-store marketing messages Create better service

28 Challenges for SME How to scale down what big corporations do to fit SME Using cost-effective on-demand application Most commonly accepted on-demand application is the browser Use browser to access the Internet Website is the key for SME

29 SME Applications (Solutions for Us, the Small Guys)

30 Own a Website Show of hands for business owners who own a website

31 What is Stopping SME I can survive on current customers Local businesses do not need global exposure Some SME may not be able to handle more businesses

32 67 % Small businesses find that Internet has made impact on their business (

33 75 % Business owners find Internet saving them money and time (

34 Client Case Study Client wishes to sell to Costco Costco requires vendors to have quality websites Website is developed in 2 weeks Client successfully strikes deal with Costco and Best Buy

35 What is Stopping SME Expensive development and maintenance costs Difficult to track return on investment Little manpower to maintain website

36 US$62,000,000,000,000. 0 0 Online retail sales in US for the past twelve months (2003 Q3 to 2004 Q2)

37 Client Case Study Client spends thousands to print catalogues with minor adjustments To save that cost, client asks to build an online catalogue to save costs By referring business buyers to their website, client saves printing costs while delivers latest information

38 What is Stopping SME I would rather be in touch with customers personally Websites may take away potential sales I can make personally A good sales agent may be able to persuade customers to make a purchase

39 2:1 Number of offline sales to every online sale created by website

40 70 % General customers who research online before purchasing in store (UCLA)

41 What Caused the Misconception? SME owners normally view websites as marketing channels Customers may not view the website if they are not looking for it

42 Marketing Centre Website is not a marketing channel; it is an on-demand marketing centre in the digital age

43 On-Demand Marketing Centre Similar to ATMs Allows real-time business transactions Can be easily accessible Saves time and cost by delivering right information

44 On-Demand Marketing Centre Similar to Seven-Eleven marketing Records transaction information Gathers statistics of visitor traffic Helps businesses provide personalized cross-marketing

45 Building On-Demand Centre Three areas to building the right website: Look Functions Costs

46 Look Website design is the digital storefront of your business

47 Web Design Design should represent scale and industry of company Identity should carry from physical form to digital form 65% function; 35% design Focus on building a useful website

48 Functions 5 recommended features for SME

49 Content Management System Allows easy update and maintenance of website contents Right placement of right content is critical for on-demand service Content must be complete

50 Online Catalogue One of the most valuable commodities for goods industry Must deliver capability to: Search Compare Sort Cuts cost of printing monthly catalogues

51 Reservation System Equivalent to online catalogue for service industry Allows convenient planning of service sessions Lower the number of tasks for general administration

52 Personalization Consumers are used to user accounts and passwords Expectations are for the website to provide easy, personal access Personalization builds brand loyalty through convenience Personalization can achieve customer retention

53 Mailing List Sending newsletters over e-mail allows customer retention and repeat/recurring purchase Your previous customers should be your most potential lead Do not send newsletters too frequently

54 Costs Right amount of budget for the right marketing centre

55 Web Development Cost Small businesses must focus on flexibility to grow and expand Professional web development should offer expertise insight on marketing in digital age

56 Promote Your Marketing Centre Drive customers through right marketing channels

57 Promotional Tips If your business is oil reserve, your website should be your pipeline Put your web address on every promotional tool Submit to local or professional listings Train your existing customers to use your website

58 Integrate Website with Your Business Provide value by integrating website with services

59 Client Case Study Service industry client signed up for a website Website would save costs 30 minute-phone calls for service information that can be placed online Website saves both time and money

60 49 % Small businesses save costs through websites

61 Client Case Study Client builds an online catalogue Online catalogue is well-maintained with complete information Using online catalogue functions, client uses website to check for his product information in-store

62 Conclusion Explore the possibility of digital marketing

63 Conclusion Digital age enables on-demand marketing Applications of on-demand marketing includes ATM, and advanced POS system Build the right marketing centre through design, functions, and cost Promote your website Integrate your website with your business

64 Thank You Use your website to get to where you want to be

65 Contact Information

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