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All About Me By Lacy Voorhies.

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1 All About Me By Lacy Voorhies

2 My Family Dad- Alan (Supportive) Brother- Matt (Funny)
Sister- Takota (Athletic)

3 My Interests Watch action movies Play video games Play outside

4 My Favorite Music Pop: Maroon 5, Daughtry, Lifehouse
Country: Brad Paisley, Toby Keith Rock: Finger Eleven, ACDC

5 My Goals Goals in One Year Goals After High School Goals in 5 Years
Keep my Honor Roll grades Go to Zane State College Have a nice house in the city Have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Become part of the NHS Get a good job Being able to support myself well Eventually become a successful video game designer

6 Uniquely Me I can sit cross-legged on any chair and not get uncomfortable I can sleep sitting up in my bed I never rode a rollercoaster until after I became a teenager

7 Changes I Would Make About Myself
I would like to make myself better at sports I would like myself to be able to remember more things when I study I would like to make it to where I don’t worry about every little things that goes wrong

8 Places I Would Like to Visit
San Diego, California Tokyo, Japan Orlando, Florida

9 People I Would Like to Meet
Jason David Frank- Actor/MMA Fighter Chuck Norris- Actor Adam Levine- Singer (Lead Singer of Maroon 5)

10 My Pets Beagle dog- Dan Australian Shepard/Corgi dog- Zyler
Cat- Midnight

11 My Friends

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