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Presented by: Dan Ohrem Project number 9 Fast Forward ten years 5/26/11.

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1 Presented by: Dan Ohrem Project number 9 Fast Forward ten years 5/26/11

2 Where I will be living In ten years I see my self living in Denver. The reason I see myself living here is I would love to play for the Denver Out laws a Major League Lacrosse team, and I love skiing which there are a lot of mountains in Denver so skiing shouldn’t be a problem.

3 Educational Background After graduating from high school, I will attend Hofstra University and receive a degree in Sports Finance. I want to do this so maybe one day I can ether own a sports team or be a big part of one.

4 Career Background I will be working as a Major league lacrosse player earning a annual salary of $20,000 a year but that is not enough if I want to have a nice house and live some where nice so I will have a second job being a gym teacher. Being a gym teacher will bring money in for me and it will be fun at the same time. Denver Out Law highlight’s

5 Family Life I am one of five family members I have a older brother Pat and I also have a older sister Sam, my dad Paul and my mom Melanie. I am the youngest one in the family. But we all have a lot in common one thing that all of us share is that we play lacrosse a lot, we are a huge lacrosse family I have been playing since I was in kindergarten and same with my brother and sister. We all play lacrosse year round, it never gets old.

6 Hobbies and Interests In my free time I usually stay active so I don’t get out off shape in the off season, you will find me at the local work out center lifting weights or running on the treadmill. When I am not working out I will be hanging with friends or just staying home and playing video games and watching tv.

7 Travel Within the next ten years I would love to go to Canada so I can see all the nice views such as Niagara Falls and where the lacrosse world games were held. Another place I would love to go to would be the California, it has everything you need and want surfing, snowboarding and much more. This two places are something I really would love to do within the next ten years of my life.

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