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Student-Athlete Compliance Orientation 2012-2013 Education Meeting.

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1 Student-Athlete Compliance Orientation 2012-2013 Education Meeting

2 Presentation Outline Ethical Conduct Social Media Recruiting Amateurism Extra Benefits Eligibility – Practice & Competition – Academics – Outside Competition Financial Aid

3 Ethical Conduct Canisius College and the NCAA requires you to act with honesty and sportsmanship at all times – Applies to student-athletes, coaches, and athletics staff Always be forthcoming with information and avoid intentional violations of NCAA regulations

4 Sports Wagering Can lose eligibility if you: Engage in sports wagering activities at the amateur, collegiate of professional level Provide information to individuals involved in sports wagering activities Impermissible activities include: Fantasy leagues that require an entry fee March Madness pools Purposely affecting the outcome of a game Providing information about your team, teammates or other student-athletes

5 NCAA Drug Testing Zero Tolerance Policy You are liable for any substance you ingest Review list of banned substances If taking medication or supplements, discuss with training staff Will lose eligibility if you: Refuse to sign drug testing consent form Do not follow protocol if/when selected for testing Test POSITIVE for a banned substance

6 Drugs/Alcohol Policy Testing may be done at any time throughout the year Prohibited at all Canisius athletics events and NCAA-sponsored events Sport specific policies Training staff and Student Handbook as a resource

7 Social Media Avoid posting inappropriate items on you facebook, twitter, etc. Represent yourself, your team, and Canisius College in a positive manner Impermissible Topics – A prospects visit to campus – A prospect joining your team or potential contribution – Insider information on your team, teammates or other student-athletes – Endorsements of commercial products and services, restaurants, etc.

8 Social Media Best Practices Common sense Keep profiles locked Prospect Interaction Okay to say no to your coach Twitter Fails

9 You are in a unique situation as a student-athlete and a very visible representative of Canisius College and athletics. Please be aware how your words and actions will affect your school, your team, and your reputation.

10 Recruiting Only coaches and athletics staff may be involved in the recruitment of prospects. As a student-athlete you may not: Contact or evaluate prospects off campus unless it is unavoidable or due to previously established relationships Telephone or use social media to contact prospects at the direction of your coach Speak to the media about a prospects potential enrollment at Canisius and/or potential contribution to your team

11 Recruiting Student Hosts & Campus Visits Expected to act with integrity and ethics Do not use host money to buy gifts/souvenirs Do not provide drugs and/or alcohol to prospects Avoid activities that are inappropriate and/or illegal Student Host Activity Summary form

12 Amateurism You will lose that status if you: Accept pay/promise of pay in that sport Verbal or written agreement with an agent Competed with a professional team Accept benefits from an agent/runner Accept pay for promoting a commercial product and/or service Allow your name, picture, or likeness to be sold commercially or used to promote a commercial product To remain eligible in intercollegiate athletics you must retain your amateur status.

13 Amateurism LSU MFB - CB Tyrann Mathieu Honey Badger Cease and Desist MBB Enes Kanter Kentucky Recruit Ruled permanently ineligible

14 Student-Athlete Appearances All appearances at non-Canisius sponsored events must be approved by Compliance: No class time missed Cannot use name, image or likeness to promote commercial ventures If fundraising event, money must got directly to Canisius, charity, or non-profit agency No co-sponsorship or promotion by commercial groups

15 Employment No limit on legitimate employment earnings, provided you: Register job with Compliance; Are paid for work actually performed; and Are paid going rate for similar services in the area Fee-for-Lesson Register job with Compliance Cannot use Canisius facilities Cannot provide playing lesson or run personal camp Paid only by individual or family

16 Extra Benefits Defined: Any special arrangement provided by an employee, staff member or booster to a student- athlete, prospect or family members not recognized by NCAA rules. Benefits that are not available to the general public or student body. Can lead to major violations.

17 Extra Benefits Getting a car ride with an ex-Canisius coach Receiving free tattoos Giving a recruit left over host money Free meal from a booster Access to club/VIP level Getting into a 21+ bar/club when underage Cash or Gift cards Discounted services Car or use of one Loans Academic assistance (other than normally available to students) Reduced housing or meals

18 Extra Benefits Welcome to Tattoo U Ohio State Football Major Infraction University of Nevada, Reno Mens & Womens Golf Several years of impermissible benefits

19 Extra Benefits Consequences: Immediately ineligible upon receipt of benefit May request reinstatement – no guarantees, conditional reinstatement Negative publicity and image

20 Eligibility To be eligible for practice : Complete Compliance education session and required paperwork Medical clearance Enrolled full time & pay university fees New student-athletes: certified as final qualifier through the Eligibility Center – May practice up to 21 days (recruited) or 45 days (non- recruited) if awaiting final certification

21 CARA Countable Athletically Related Activities In Season 4 hrs/day 20 hrs/week One day off Out of Season 8 hrs/week 2 hrs of skill instruction Two days off Vacation/pre-season periods Required activities: practice, conditioning, weight lifting, team meetings, game film

22 Voluntary Workouts At your discretion, provided: Initiated solely by you Cannot report back to coaches or other staff No penalty for not participating No rewards for participating Strength & Conditioning coaches Sport Coach presence prohibited Safety Exception: WCW, MSW, WSW, DIV, WSY Summer Individual: MGO, MCC, WCC, MSW, WSW, DIV

23 Eligibility To be eligible for competition : Meet all practice requirements Certified to graduate within five years Five to play four Meeting all academic & PTD requirements Transfer requirements (if applicable)

24 Academics Successful completion of credit 6 credits per term 18 credits in past two regular terms 24 credits during freshman year Cumulative GPA requirements Entering Soph: 1.8 Entering Junior: 1.9 Entering Senior: 2.0 Canisius requires a 2.0. May use summer classes to raise GPA.

25 Academics PTD requirements Entering Junior: 40% & declare major Entering Senior: 60% Entering 5 th Yr: 80% Use academic advisors and campus resources. Contact advisors before: Scheduling courses Program changes Withdrawing from a class Team Travel Your responsibility to speak to professors about travel/missed classes Make arrangements for missed assignments and/or exams Discuss at start of term – Travel Contracts

26 Academics Florida State Seminoles MFB, MBB, WBB, M/WSW, M/WTR, MBA, WSB, MGO Widespread academic fraud – 61 athletes UCONN Mens Basketball Poor academic performance (APR) Post season ban

27 Outside Competition Cannot compete as a member of any outside team in a non-collegiate amateur competition Other than basketball: May compete during an official vacation period outside of sports playing season Exceptions Individuals/Not Representing Canisius: must have coaches and Compliance approval National Teams Olympic Trials/Games World Championships & Tryouts

28 Outside Competition Basketball Summer Leagues Period: June 15 – Start of classes NCAA certified leagues Compliance approval Volleyball (2) & Soccer (5) May compete after May 1 No missed class Compliance approval WVB: outdoor doubles only Discuss any opportunities with Compliance prior to participation.

29 Financial Aid Can cover tuition, room and board, books or any portion of these costs Notify SWA or Compliance of any outside scholarships or aid (non- institutional) Renewals/Non-renewals every year Given notification if your aid is not renewed Appeals process outlined in Student Handbook

30 Financial Aid For student-athletes that demonstrate special financial need Potentially eligible if receiving pell grant and/or atheltics aid Can be used for: Medical insurance Glasses, contacts, hearing aid Family emergencies Clothing Special Assistance Fund

31 Questions? Additional Resources Student-Athlete Handbook Compliance Office Athletic Training Staff Academic Advisors NCAA Information Director of Compliance: Toni Rogers 716-888-8483 585-478-8988

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